The Key To A 5th Dimensional Relationship

What Is A 5D Relationship?

Using the chakra model and the frequency associated with each chakra we can understand what type of relationship you are manifesting in any given moment. It is also important to establish that each of your chakras is also related to a specific frequency band of awareness and dimension of reality.

For the sake of this article I will briefly explain how relationships relate to the chakras. If you desire to know the minute details of what makes a 5D Relationship and how to manifest one, you can subscribe to my FREE 5D Relationship Manifestation Training by clicking HERE.

Chakras and Their Frequencies

Here is a description of the frequencies associated with the first 5 chakras. Depending on the state of the chakra, whether is blocked or in a state of harmony we will encounter different energies and qualities:


Blockages: fear, survival, not being grounded

Balanced: tantric energy, grounding, physical well being, access to the subconscious


Blockages: poverty consciousness, pain, suffering, victimization

Balanced: abundance, healthy emotional processing and expression


Blockages: control, lack of personal power, dominance, low self esteem, low confidence

Balanced: personal power, focused intent, high self esteem and confidence, mental flexibility


Blockages: grudges, judgment, betrayal, heartbreaks, guilt

Balanced: unconditional self-love, omni love, ability to give and receive love, bliss


Blockages: using the spoken word to lie or deceive, not speaking one's own truth

Balanced:  using words for manifestation, speaking your own truth, clarity of expression

3D Relationships Vs. 5D Relationships

When we talk about 3D Relationships we are referring to relationships that their source of energy primarily comes from the first three chakras. The fact that these relationships have little or a total absence from the harmonious energies emanated by the higher chakras (heart and above) means that the lower three chakras are predominantly blocked as well. The frequencies from these energetic blockages are what control the relationship and create a toxic relationship.

Thus the energy dynamics that abound in what we call 3D Relationships are drama, pain, suffering, victimization, blame, control and dominance. The lack of self-love in these relationships also makes co-dependency rampant.

A 4D Relationship is one where both partners have their heart chakra open and self-love thrives. In order to get to a 4D Relationship it is imperative to heal and transmute the blockages that clog the first three chakras as well as the heart chakra.

Once the first three chakras are in balance and harmony, their frequencies synchronize and help the heart chakra come into balance and harmony. Obviously blockages like guilt, resentment, betrayal, fear of not being loved and heartbreaks must be healed as well for the heart chakra to fully blossom.

When we enter the realm of the 5th chakra we start tuning in into our inner truth and Soul's Purpose. Therefor 5D relationships are characterized by individuals who can speak and walk their own truth within their relationships.

Ultimately what manifests is a relationship where both individuals are supporting each other's Soul Purpose.

The Key To 5D Relationships

The key to manifesting a 5D Relationship is a higher type of communication. This specific way of communication requires an energetic congruency between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It's a scientific fact that around 93% of our communication is non verbal. We communicate a great deal with our physiology, tone of voice, emotional state, psychic energy, etc. However, in most relationships the majority of people (especially men) focus on the words and disregard all the other components of communication.

If you are having a conversation with your partner but you are not fully present and emotionally disconnected, the communication will take place for the most part at the mental level of awareness (3rd chakra). Most of the time this type of communication will lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Plus the mind is where all the memories of our painful past can be accessed and this is why people tend to bring up the past during arguments, the mind is the only field of awareness that is being accessed.

Yet the most detrimental aspect of this type of communication is that it doesn't build trust, especially for women.


“When a man can listen to woman's feelings without getting angry and frustrated, he gives her a wonderful gift. He makes it safe for her to express herself. The more she is able to express herself, the more she feels heard and understood, and the more she is able to give a man the loving trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement that he needs.”

- Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray

Catastrophic Mistakes Men Make

Since ancient times men have been taught to supress and resist emotions. This indoctrination originally came from male dominated religions that purposely created negative attitude towards women like:

"Women are soulless and cannot have a direct connection to God."

"Women have inferior intellect, therefor they shouldn't have a voice, opinion or profession."

"Emotions are an aspect of the feminine and men who show emotions are to be seen as weak."

This stupidity was then passed down from generation to generation and remains as a karmic imprint encoded in billions of souls. This is the main reason why men demonstrate such a strong aversion when women are expressing their emotions.

What do most men do when women are expressing how they feel during an argument? Withdraw, become defensive or shut down.

The Consequences of Whitdrawing and Shutting Down

Men have typical defensive behaviors:




These defensive behaviors are destructive and decrease trust. When men feel they cannot make their partner happy, they become frustrated and try to distract themselves from their frustration by going into defensive behaviors.

Whenever a woman tries to express how to feels and a man shuts down, becomes defensive or withdraws this will diminish the woman's trust in that man.


“Men's greatest feeling of self-esteem and significance comes from their ability to continue loving their woman through any problem or upset.”

- Tony Robbins

Women who appear to be constantly complaining, "nagging" or expressing frustration are really trying to communicate that one or more of their basic human needs are not being fulfilled. This type of behavior is a REQUEST in disguise. If you can ascertain what basic human need is not being met then you will know exactly what to do to fulfill this need or at least ask your partner how you can fulfill this need.

For those of you who don't know what the 6 basic human needs are, here is the list:

1) Certainty/Security -assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure.

2) Uncertainty/Variety - the need for the unknown, change, new stimuli and surprises.

3) Uniqueness/Significance - feeling unique, important, special or needed.

4) Love and Connection -a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something.

5) Growth -an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding.

6) Contribution - a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others

When a woman is communicating with anger or frustration the man needs to listen intently without getting defensive, shutting down or withdrawing. Instead he needs to see her essence, step up, open his heart and say to her “bring it on! I’m here and I’m not leaving.”

Higher Conscious Communication Techniques

FIRST: See your partners behaviors as a request.

SECOND: Find out what human need is not being met.

THIRD: Become present. This means a complete connection and empathy for what the other person is expressing right now. Create an emotional connection, intellectual commitment is not enough.

FOURTH: Commit and declare your intent to meet this need. Make your partner's need a top priority.

FIFTH: Share your feelings without blaming and listen in a heartfelt way and honor his or her need to be loved.

SIXTH: Align your vision. Make sure you share a vision of a compelling future.

SEVENTH: Finish with an act of love. If you cannot end with an act of love you must go back and repeat the steps.

Listening and Speaking While Feeling

The most vital component of a 5D communication is to listen and speak while you are connected to your feelings. This type of communication will result in:

- creating empathy and rapport

- deep sense of connection

- processing and unwinding unresolved emotions

- making the other person feel heard and understood

- hyper increase intimacy and love


Imagine there is a dipstick that goes from the center of your head all the way down to your solar plexus or where your 3rd chakra is located. For some people going 2 or 3 inches below your navel provides a more visceral experience.

Place the intent to bring your awareness and presence to this area of your energetic and physical body and you are going to listen and speak from this place. At the beginning you might have to slow down when speaking but eventually it will become effortless. You will notice a slight shift in awareness and your emotional sensitivity will increase.

When done properly you will be amazed of how rapidly a shift occurs and the arguments comes to a resolution. Be aware that this will have a positive effect on the other person, often making them more conscious of what is happening within themselves and shifting their perception of the argument.

Don't be surprised if all of a sudden a person goes from blaming to taking full responsibility and coming up with the perfect solution or simply saying "I'm sorry." or even something like "Thank you so much for..." Plus this will help the other person be more open and receptive when it is your turn to speak.

What 5D Communication Did For My Relationship

Apart from creating greater feelings of love, connection, rapport, empathy and trust, I found out that the simple act of connecting emotionally to my beloved and being fully open when listening to her increased how much we enjoy each other's presence, preferences and uniqueness. Thus allowing the polarity between us as well as the attraction to become stronger.

We all crave to be listened to. We crave to feel loved and connected to our partner. I have found no better way to communicate with my beloved, resolve problems and build our trust in one another than speaking and listening while feeling/processing. And because there is such a strong feeling of connection we are having less arguments and investing more of our energy into appreciation, gratitude and allowing.

If I could describe the ultimate result of this type of communication is FLUIDITY. Our relationship now has a more harmonious flow and inter-action. The opposite of fluidity is RESISTANCE, and whatever your resist will persist. Making an effort to notice our resistance and lack of openness and FEELING THAT allows us to unwind and process that which hasn't been resolved within us.

About The Author

Gustavo Castaner is the founder of Ascended Relationships and has been a leading authority in the fields of relationship mastery, energy medicine, distance healing and DNA Activation for over 8 years. Gustavo specializes in helping people change their frequency at the quantum level so they can attract a higher vibrational grid of people, places, times, things and events. His work is done mainly through the awareness of the Higher Self and the use of Sacred Geometry Codes.