"How To Manifest a 5th Dimensional Relationship Training"


  • What keeps people stuck in 3D relationships (drama, pain, betrayal, control issues, etc.)
  • Energy blockages to manifesting a 5D relationship
  • How to raise your frequency and ascend to a 5D relationship
  • How to attract a partner based on SOUL compatibility (attract twin flames and soulmates)
  • Healing the Male-Female Rift
  • Sacred Geometry Code to Activate the Original Divine Blueprint for LOVE
  • Energy clearing for the fear of being alone and the fear of being hurt
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Meet The Founder of Ascended Relationships

Gustavo Castaner is known as the most sought after relationship energy healer and 5D relationship expert in the spiritual and alternative healing community. He is famous for creating a practical and effective guide to manifesting higher vibrational relationships that are based on SOUL COMPATIBILITY.

Gustavo has been a leading authority in the field of DNA Activation, ascension and distant healing for over 8 years.  He is a international speaker, seminar leader and relationship strategist. Gustavo is a leading expert in a variety of fields including twin flame and soulmate manifestation, energy medicine, Indigo children, emotional mastery and distant healing.

Gustavo has done over 10,000 one on one sessions and he is known to draw thousands of people from around the world to his online workshops. His most sought out workshops include How to Manifest a 5th Dimensional Relationship, Cutting Cords of Attachments and Golden DNA Activation. No matter how large the audience is, Gustavo has the ability to connect to each person’s Higher Self and perform energy clearings and DNA Activations for everyone.

In addition Gustavo has taught over 50,000 people how to connect to their Higher Self, read energy signatures and receive answers from their Higher Self. His mission is to assist people clear themselves of energetic blockages that prevent them from embodying their Higher Self, manifesting higher frequency relationships and live a life imbued with joy, peace, abundance and a sense of fulfillment. Gustavo’s vision is to see humanity’s ascension become a reality.