Success Stories

When I was three years old, I witnessed the tragic death of my toddler sister. I collapsed into severe hypoarousal. I have come to understand that what my mind/body was experiencing was serve shock and immobilization. Although I survived, I did so not without cost. I couldn’t speak for a year, had heart irregularities, fainted quite frequently, and could not regulate my emotional states. My nervous system was completely dysregulated.

That was fifty-seven years ago. I have been spending many of them since then trying to understand what happened to me and how to get myself back to being me. Although many of the modalities I have utilized have been helpful in an area or two, until I met Gustavo I still lived in fight/flight and my heart felt an unceasing grief for what I had lost from my chaotic childhood. I could never think of my sister without experiencing the original loss and grief. I have had three sessions with Gustavo and am experiencing a remarkable new quality of life. In my heart there is now a sense of connection and peace about my sister. I am also seeing an amazing shift in my emotional reactions to minor and major stressors. I am much more responsive, not reactive.

Before these sessions, I saw myself as someone who would never live outside of pain. I was willing to do all I could to mitigate it, but I believed it could be managed, not healed. Now I feel differently. My life quest has been to move from “freeze” to “flow” and Gustavo enabled me to do this.

Gustavo is truly a healer. One who possesses the latest understanding of neurobiology, but also the wisdom of the ancients. I wholeheartedly recommend him!
Constance C. Jones, M.A., L.P.C.

Hello Gustavo,
I wanted to thank you for our session yesterday and explain the amazing events that I’ve experienced today, only 1 day after your auric clearing.

I happened to have Echkart Tolle’s New Earth book in my library so I started reading it last night. Thank you for the recommendation, it is an incredible book. I only read a bit last night but this morning I woke up and went straight to the pages about pain body and I devoured the information. I woke up this morning with major creative downloads for ideas for my business. This has been happening alot lately but after our session yesterday and reading the section on pain bodies, it was like ‘superspeed’. I spent over 2 hours just writing and organizing- it just all flowed and I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with the downloads! I feel so much more clear with what I’m meant to do with my work in guiding women and how to go about it – it feels like it is finally all coming together.

The other REALLY REALLY amazing thing is that I haven’t felt hungry all day and I’m NOT drawn to sugary carbs! The things I normally eat during the day and then feel guilty about have not been appealing to me at all. I even took my kids to my favourite gelato place and did NOT wish to have some! I tried a small spoonful of my son’s gelato and it was SO sweet that the tiny spoon was enough for me! Its been over a year that I’ve been struggling with candida and today it was effortless to stay away from harmful foods!

Thank you SO much!
Kind regards,

I attended your workshop today. I have been struggling for so many years with
depression. I came today with a blinding headache and as I left I felt better. By
the time I got home, I was completely relieved of the pain. I feel so much better
and wanted to let you know.
I have a similar journey as you described today.
I am a reiki master, RET Technician, I have done so many healing modalities and have
never had such good results.

Thank you again,
Robin Guyton

Hello Gustavo!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course. I think it’s amazing because I could really see progress, I really don’t know how to fully verbalize it but I could feel it in my life. Previously I was still holding on to something and I could not let go of it, and now I feel like it is possible for me to manifest the relationship I believe is there for me! And also I could see other changes in my life, so many changes that are still going on…the universe is preparing me for “something” and removing things that are no longer helpful to me. I am attracting new situations and people whose vibration is similar to mine and I enjoy this very much. I will keep you updated with my manifestation progress because I am sure it will happen, although I can’ t know exactly how it will happen…I am open to surprises.

The most interesting thing is that before I signed up for your program I used to have recurring dreams of being alone and feeling extremely lonely, abandoned and left out. But last week I had a dream and I was with someone, it felt like my soulmate! I don’t remember what we were doing because it did not even feel like we were in our human forms. I had never had a dream like this before. I never told you this but before I did the sessions with you I had a dream where I was walking through a path and a voice told me “You are not going to have any relationship unless you work on yourself.” I woke up feeling kind of sad but later on I found you and now I am having new dreams. To me this is an indication that this work and my new perspective on life is changing how I feel subconsciously about myself and what its possible, and this is being reflected in my dreams.
Thank you so much!

Many healers promise many things. Many have talent and many are successful. I know because I have worked with them. And I have had some good results. But……..the experience of working with Gustavo has completely changed how I see healing, clearing and transformation.

A superlative coach with profound listening skills and a talent for reaching the heart of any issue, he is a master at guiding and facilitating his clients through the maze of their stories. When in conversation with him you feel that you are interacting with an ancient, wise and loving soul with spiritual knowledge sourced from other dimensions. His unique ability is to safely communicate directly between his own Higher Self and yours. This, in and of itself, is remarkable.

Then there are the “codes”. Beautiful, mysterious visuals that have the uncanny ability to interact with you, entirely in line with your higher good and under the wise direction of your Higher Self. When you are working with them under Gustavo’s expert guidance you feel immediate and palpable shifts. The result is that your energetic field is cleared so that you are able to enact and receive your heart’s desires.

Work with him. Cultivate non-attachment. Wait awhile. And then watch the changes. Because they will come, so be ready.

Marsha G, (BA; BAPA; MPhil)
Certified Professional Life Coach, Teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence™, Life Activation Practitioner, Initiated Kabbalist and Wiccan Priestess, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher


Dear Gustavo,

You arrived in a critical moment of my life! I was struggling with a relationship of the past, or better, with the effects of it. And it was the umpteenth time that it was happening during my life, so I felt with no more hope in the future under that profile, and consequently I felt very sad about all the other aspects of my life.

I asked to my Higher Self to send me some help because otherwise I was deciding to give up…

I was immediately attracted by your seminar about Ascended Relationships, because I felt it was the kind of relationship that I had always been looking for a long time, but couldn’t still manifest it!

I decided to do the sessions with you. It was all so resonating within me and I so deeply wanted this work.

You explained to me many things about how we are involved in relationships not for chance, but for specific reasons. I knew about many concepts, but you were like a wizard putting all the puzzle together!!

During the work I have felt huge releasings of ancient memories and beliefs, like if there was some water washing and carrying away all that old stuck stuff, refreshing and expanding my Soul!

I had visions and went through different states of consciousness while focusing on the Codes. I felt the energy moving very fast, renewing and absolutely liberated, and causing a grand sensation of opening in the frontal lobe area and in the Heart area… a deep release and a lightening of the pain and of the pressure on the chest that I was feeling before the Work.

Yes, the greater feeling has been an expansion of the Heart Chackra and clear vision of happenings, in lightness. This state lasted in those days and in the days after, keeping me in peace for all day long, whatever was occurring around. A new certainty was arising in me to be worthy and to deserve the better in this World that could match with my needs, the certainty to be not alone and deeply supported by the Cosmos Energy, to be loved independently from having a man or not, and to feel to love myself before all!!

I could say that the fog that was surrounding me with my bad thoughts and previous feelings of lack of trust, were definitevely and finally GONE!

Thank you!

Cristina from Italy

Dear Gustavo,

I just wanted to share with you some of my incredible experiences since taking your Ascended Relationship Program this summer. First I new it would ‘work’ but I was very (pleasantly) surprised at how fast it worked :-)

The clearings that you performed were deep and very comprehensive and cleared away a lot of energetic blockages, not only to relationships with others, but to my relationship with myself. You worked on the male/female rift too. The other day I was looking through some papers and found the notes I took and had an ‘AHA!’ moment that made me smile!

Shortly after the sessions my life started to change. Your clearings helped me align with my mission and I ended up in a certification program that has now become my career. When I took your sessions I was already in a relationship. I figured the sessions would help strengthen my relationship with this person (since I truly believed he was my soulmate). This relationship fell away about a month later (much to my dismay). Although I was a bit disappointed, something even bigger happened: During my interactions with my practice partner in class (during the certification program I had signed up for) , we realized we were soulmates. We’ve been together since and are getting married. Totally amazing!

I have had people, places and things that weren’t in alignment with those old frequencies fall away and new situations came into my life that have brought so much, love, progression and growth into my life. I am also grateful that you shared the wonderful manifesting tool which I use all the time now.

This was the first time I had ever had sessions with you. You are an excellent practitioner and you make the process fun (and more importantly, safe). Thank you for offering the Ascended Relationship Program and for all the clearings your did. It totally changed my life.Monica R.

Gustavo Castaner is a peaceful warrior whom was assigned the task (and he whole-heartedly dedicated himself to) of helping to clear the Male-Female Rift on the planet. He understands the specifics of this in detail, including the DNA blockages that are behind this, and knows what requires to be done on each person and the collective to clear it. He is a devotee of the Divine Feminine. Gustavo is a very humble yet confident practitioner and is extremely focused on awakening his Great Master within. His dedication to the Great Work is impeccable…he has a tremendous skill in listening to the Intelligent Space, and he provides a safe and powerful field in which he directs with absolute certainty others in to the manifestation of their committed intentions.

T. A.

Hello Gustavo,

I just wanted to tell you about what a HUGE difference I’ve felt after working with you. The level of realizations and breakthroughs in the areas of confidence, self love, and even the fear of asking a girl out is simply astounding. I was able to ask a girl out for the first time in my life, and it went great! Issues that were plaguing my life such as low self esteem were eradicated on such a deep level that I felt so much more comfortable in my own skin. For the first time in my life I felt no need to maintain a false mask of myself and am finally able to embrace my own vulnerability. These changes in myself have positively affected my relationships with my classmates and even strangers. I clearly remember that before working with you I would feel so self-conscious and fearful around women that I couldn’t even feel any joy. I can honestly say that his recurring scenario has completely dissolved out of my life. I’m able to enjoy women as the fun and loving people they really are and this is something they definitely LOVE. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will update you of new stories in my love life!
Daron Shang

Dear Gustavo

I am writing this as a little feedback after all the great sessions and mentoring I have had the honour of completing together with you over the last six months. I feel I that have a very good base to make my evaluation now, since I have been quite active with several of the great services you offer, and also been the first student on a major mentoring project with you.

I started with the basic sessions, and realized very soon that this was the start of something great and life changing to say the least. So I decided to go further with advanced coaching, and I have been blessed and rewarded for this on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin!

First of, my experience with you as a professional healing fascilitator, mentor and now also friend, has been a true pleasure on all areas. You integrate all these factors in a very good and light manner, you can combine very quick and understandable mentoring with a light and relaxed atmosphere, and this quality shows so many benefits for both of us. I have never been a good student in school, but you make this so easy and understandable with your approach, that I have just experienced a growing will to learn and understand as much as possible. I find you to be a great and skilled teacher, and have very good detailed knowledge about what you do, and are very good at communicating this I also admire your ability to understand what to do when under different circumstances, and how you evaluate and deal with the different situations that I have presented you with.

So to my personal changes and experiences from all this:

My life is not even close to what it was six months ago, I was pretty much asleep spiritually and emotionally, on the levels that now mean everything to me. I wasn’t in touch with any of my gifts, so I will list some of the most valuable changes that has occurred:

I have rapidly discovered my ability to perform healing of myself and others, remotely or in person. Communication with higher self has gone from non-existent to a daily conscious and very beneficial connection. I have discovered that I can tap into the universal mind/Akashic reccords for knowledge and guidance from all that is. I have established a good and stable emotional pshyce, where I have a much better understanding of myself, and for other’s in general.

Manifestations are almost happening with no effort now, often happen only from having it as an idea, or a mere wish/thought. I have easily manifested a lot more money during this time then what I have spent, and even a girlfriend came along which was to me at that point almost unbelievable! Job opportunities etc, things just seem to fall in place so easy now that I am aligned so much more with my higher self.

I have remembered that I have an important mission here in to do, and I can now say that I finally have found my place, and feel that I AM doing what I came here to do, and that is priceless! I could go on and on here, but it is all about me re-alizing and re-membering what and who and how amazing I really AM, and how much that this means on so many levels !
The bottom line is that I now know that I basically have no other limits then those that I chose to manifest for myself, and I will like to thank you Gustavo from the bottom of my heart for assisting me with coming to this conclusion.

Much love and blessings to you my friend

Martin R.

This week has really been a very emotion week. I have been seeing things and situation in a deeper light with more compassion and love. I had a really need experience the other day. I’ve read a lot of books and literature about “allowing” yet never quite understood what it meant. I certainly never experienced it at this level before. but I was reading a book and pondering about what do do in my relation with my husband. And I spoke out loud to my higher self and ask ” What should I do in my situation’. Not expecting an answer right then I committed to keeping myself open and aware to how I might be directed. Then I hit the scroll button on my kindle exactly three times and looked straight to the middle of that page and it said ” let go off your resentment “. This was exactly what I need to hear. I knew it was. I since then felt a connection to another world around me. allowing and trusting that things will come your way as they are intended too and your higher self is the one to tune into. I’ve taken my meditation more seriously because I want this in my life always. Like is more meaningful. Everyday is a new experience and to see things in this new way is very fulfilling. Cant wait till next session.

D. Reneau

I recall receiving an email from you stating ” It will only get better”. At the time I was was satisfied with the mental frame of mind I was accessing. However, after this last session I am feeling a peace and stillness in my heart and mind I’ve never experienced before. I didn’t know what truth was held in your words. I am leaving for a ten day cruise with my family and I look forward to getting home and continuing what I am finding to be the most fulfilling experience of my life. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and how much you have changed my life. I know I’m the one that has to put what you say into action, but I just didn’t understand or even know how to make those changes. Thank You!!


Dear Gustavo

I want to share some of my experience since our last divine relationship session.
Things are starting to shift in me, and I think that for the first time in my life I recognize what it feels like to surrender and embrace my feminine energy.
And yes it feels very vulnerable but at the same time I feel love at a deep deep level and freedom too.

It is amazing, and I want to thank you for helping me getting there 🙂

I now understand the fear of this vulnerability/feminine in the world, and I want to help others retrieve it and embrace it.

And eventhough my Ego tries to get “back on track” and be “strong” and stand up all the time, it just gives me another chance to be more loving towards it…

Love and blessings,