Relationship Closure Done Right

Unless you married your high school sweetheart, you have gone through at least one or more breakups during this lifetime. One of the most important things to master in relationships is closure. Failure to bring proper closure to a relationship will manifest as non-clear beginnings. How you bring closure to a relationship will create the template for what comes next.

Despite what most people think, time doesn’t heal anything, it only allows you to suppress any unresolved emotions and numb the pain. No matter how much time has gone by or how much distance there is between you and your ex-partner, failure to clear and transmute energy cords will keep both parties connected. The very frequencies of the past energetic dynamics that didn’t work during the previous relationship will become attached and projected onto your new partner, resulting in a re-creation of the past pain and unresolved disruptive emotions, challenges and conflicts.relationship closure cutting cords of attachment

Closure does not require involvement from the other person, although when possible this can be a very powerful experience. But often due to the severe pain and drama that occurred at the moment of breaking up we require a well deserved space to:

Cut all energy cords (CLICK on the link to cut cords of attachments for free)

– Transcend our emotional pain body

– Transcend and integrate the shadow self

– Perform a soul retrieval for soul fragments that were created in moments of betrayal, abandonment, rejection, heartbreak, abuse, suffering, etc.

The key to proper relationship closure is to own the unresolved issues and undigested parts that you have in relation to the person you are with. Taking responsibility for how you are creating or co-creating whatever is manifesting as discordant dynamics in the relationship is a must. If you think the other person is completely responsible, in other words you blame them for everything, then no true or permanent healing can occur.

People who wait for a better relationship to present itself and then bring closure to the present relationship in order to go to the next one will inevitably find themselves in the same predicament from the previous relationship once the emotional chemical high begins to wear down. This is a classic relationship karmic loop and a very dangerous one because people get addicted to the chemical highs and lows.

I invite you to think about all your previous relationships and ask yourself if you see a repeating pattern. If there is one, then you must cut all energy cords with previous lovers, spouses and partners from this and previous lifetimes. Many if not most of your relationships are actually karmic relationships from previous lifetimes, incarnations and parallel universes which you have agreed to meet again in order to resolve past karma. Cutting energy cords is the first step for proper relationship closure and transcending old relationship karmic loops.

Once the cords of attachments have been cleared and the integrity of your field is pristine, your new higher frequency will attract you to a relationship that is aligned with¬† your Higher Self. When this happens, make sure you never talk negatively about your previous relationships because your new partner will subconsciously say to themselves “If we breakup, he/she could talk negatively about me.” Instead talk about what you learned about yourself and all the pearls of wisdom you discovered during those relationships. Remember, it is thanks to those previous relationships and all the growth that spawned from them that you are where you are right now. So it would be wise to meditate upon this and set the intent to send waves of gratitude to all your previous relationships as well as the highest blessings for them on their evolutionary path.