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Repressing Emotions and The Spiritual Bypass of Emotional Mastery

It is quite common for many of those who are on the path of self-mastery and spiritual evolution to identify with the spiritual bypass belief that mastering our emotions means not getting angry, sad or experience any of the so called negative emotions. Of course if you are human this is utterly impossible for your physiology is not capable of holding a particular state, whether it is enlightenment, bliss, gratitude or joy, at the same level or intensity for extended periods of time. Christian Pankhurst explains that there is an emotional range that is available to every single human being. An emotional range is basically your capacity to experience different levels, degrees and directions when it comes to emotions. Think of your emotional range as a beam of light that passes through a window or drop of water and suddenly expands into a rainbow. You can imagine that the different colors in this rainbow represent the different emotions available to you, some of which you don’t like to experience and others that you absolutely love to submerge in them.

repressing-emotionsThe vast majority of humans will tend to repress, hide or deny the expression of the so called negative emotions because they think this emotions are harmful. Ironically repressing emotions is more harmful to you than to expressing them. Have you ever witnessed someone who experienced a very painful or traumatic life event and for some reason they were not able to full digest, express and transcend the emotion of fear, pain, anger or sadness and in a matter of months or even weeks this person appeared to have aged drastically or suddenly became ill? This is because the act of repressing emotions will often manifest physically as a cellular repression, the energy becomes stuck and literally eats you up. We simply cannot disconnect out emotional body from our physical body, they are interconnected and affect each other. This is why often we get to FEEL our emotions somewhere in our body; like the knot in the chest or the butterflies in our stomach.

All emotions are healthy and natural, but when we choose to push them down or deny their experience they become an energy blockage where our life force energy cannot flow through. If you ever have felt “stuck” then this is exactly the reason why. Take for example the repressed emotion of resentment and how someone gets “stuck” in a past experience where he or she got hurt.

Now let us examine what happens when we repress natural and healthy emotions, some of which are commonly considered negative. Neal Donald Walsch explains that when we repress anger, which is a natural and healthy emotion, it will turn into rage or passive aggressiveness. Some people will even choose to repress joy, feeling shameful of fully expressing joy through their bodies. Below are some examples of how natural and healthy emotions transform into toxic energies:


Anger -> Rage or Passive Aggressiveness

Joy -> Neediness (trying to extract joy from others)

Fear -> Panic

Sadness -> Depression and/or Victimization

Envy -> Jealousy

The key is to OWN your so called negative emotions and express them in healthy ways by allowing yourself to experience that emotion but not live in that emotion. When you repress your entire emotional range the result will be depression, which in reality is the absence of emotion. What results is that we become or try to become robots, yet here is the dilemma: if you repress the so called “negative” emotions you are also repressing your ability to fully experience the “positive” side of the emotional spectrum.  Because of the Male-Female Rift many women will unconsciously repress the so called “feminine” emotions and men who are still identified with the Male-Image-Complex will expect them to do so because this is exactly what they do themselves.

Emotional mastery does not mean that you need to be in a state of absolute peace, equanimity, joy and bliss all the time. Rather emotional mastery is the ability of allowing yourself to full experience your full emotional range and recognizing that these emotions do exist within you. However this does not mean that when you get sad or angry you will throw yourself on the floor and start screaming like a 4 year old child. Adults can develop the skill of becoming emotionally fit and ultimately taping into what is known as the “witness consciousness” where you simply witness without identification whatever is happening for or to you. Then emotions truly become energy in motion, never getting stuck but always moving and flowing.