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7 Signs That You Have Cords of Attachment

Find out if you have cords of attachments and learn how to clear them.





Should You Be With Your Twin Flame?

Have you ever wondered if being with your twin flame is possible or even such a good idea? Then you need to read this article and find out if being with your twin flame is in your best interest.





Harmonic Resonance Codes

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.45.41 AMThe Harmonic Resonance Codes are energy mandalas that have been encoded with intents to clear energetic blockages, activate DNA and bring a harmonious flow to the entire bio-energetic circulatory system.





The Key To A 5d Relationship

5d relationship throat chakraUsing the chakra model and the frequency associated with each chakra we can understand what type of relationship you are manifesting in any given moment. It is also important to establish that each of your chakras is also related to a specific frequency band of awareness and dimension of reality.




Karma Between Soulmates and Twinflames

Image Source: Forever Conscious

Image Source: Forever Conscious


It is sad to see how many people meet their twin flames and soulmates but then can’t stay together. Online forums are filled with people sharing how their relationship karma and drama got the best out of their relationship. Some swear that they would never again be in a relationship with their twinflame due to the pain they endured.




20 Signs That You’re Embodying Your Higher Self

An_Eye_For_Synchronicity__58383_zoom How can you tell that you are embodying your Higher Self? How can you measure your spiritual progress?
Check out these 20 signs that you are embodying your Higher Self.
How many do you have? Number 9 and 15 are essential.




12 Benefits of Manifesting Your Twinflame

divine counterpartsLearn what are the 12 main benefits of being in a relationship with your twin flame.





The Relationships Frequency Matchmaker

relationship frequency matchmakerPeople often ask me: “Are you a matchmaker?” Yes, I am. But I am not your typical matchmaker. Instead what I do is help you change your frequency so that you can resonate and match the frequency of your ideal partner. You see, your twinflame/soulmate is already out there. If you haven’t met him/her then this simply means that you are not in the same frequency. Even worse is when you meet them but your energetic…




The Consequences of Guilt

Guilt-1Back in 2006 I was trying to desperately complete a relationship and move on, but despite numerous attempts there was a invisible force that kept me in that relationship. However the pain and sense of desperation created by this invisible force actually propelled me to find a permanent solution to this conundrum. I knew I had to heal something, I knew it was deep, but little did I know that it was guilt.




Relationship Closure Done Right

relationship closure cutting cords of attachmentUnless you married your high school sweetheart, you have gone through at least one or more breakups during this lifetime. One of the most important things to master in relationships is closure. Failure to bring proper closure to a relationship will manifest as non-clear beginnings. How you bring closure to a relationship will create the template for what comes next.




Connect To Your Higher Self

remote-viewingWatch this 7 minute video to learn the step by step technique on how to connect to your Higher Self, read energy signatures and receive YES and NO answers from your Higher Self. Imagine how different your life’s decisions would be if you could connect to your Higher Self and instantly know what choice is for your highest good. You can use this technique to make investment decisions or to know if a relationship is right for you.




Integrating Your Shadow Self

integrate your shadow selfWhen it comes to sabotaging behaviors, whether in relationships, finances or any other area of your life, the culprit lies in the shadow self. We all know we have a dark part of ourselves, the one that thinks those unthinkable thoughts and at times wishes the worst for other people or even ourselves. But do we really acknowledge this part of ourselves and most importantly, do we embrace it? The shadow self is the part of you that is running in reverse, it represents all the past identities of yourself that were created when you made choices that were not in line with your Higher Self and somehow you failed to resolve later on. It represents all the parts of your-Self that you are consciously or unconsciously repressing and hiding, including all the unresolved pain, suffering, fears and much more.



Relationship Mastery Part II

absolute1.net__1Is your relationship the same when you are feeling stressed, worried, drained or depressed as compared to when you are feeling joyful, grateful, ecstatic and energized? Of course not! That is why managing your state is a HUGE determining factor when it comes to the quality of your relationships. So what determines your state at any give moment?




Relationship Mastery Part I

relationship-masteryLet’s begin by explaining what relationship mastery Is NOT. Relationship mastery is not the absence of emotions and never experiencing any drama or challenges in a relationship. The spiritual bypass of relationship “mastery” will have you believe that a conscious relationship is one where both individuals are “cool, calm and collected” all the time and there are no arguments between them. This view of relationship mastery can only lead you to a numb relationship void of passion and individuated uniqueness.




Consequences of Holding Grudges in Relationships

grudgeWhen it comes to relationships everyone makes mistakes and we can hurt the other person either through our choice of words or actions. But what happens when we get hurt and we are unable to let go of the pain, let alone heal it? Holding grudges or being resentful has a devastating effect on your relationships because what you are actually doing is energizing a though-form with the very dense energies of pain, hurt, grudge or resentment. When you energize a though-form it accumulates etheric mass and it’s frequency will then affect your reality. Just like when we energize fear and then that same fear is projected onto our reality, the same goes for energizing grudges and resentment. Ultimately it becomes a…



What Are Your Reasons?

3051592_f496Are you getting into a relationship for the wrong reasons? I would say that the vast majority of people around the world get into relationships to get something out of them. Often what they desire to get out of a relationship is to fulfill their own need for love, approval and appreciation. And it is this need to seek love, approval and appreciation outside of themselves that reveals the biggest flaw when it comes to the success of any relationship. This mindset of “what can I get from a relationship?” is a reflection of lack consciousness that basically says “I want to get…




What Is Your Higher Self?

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 6.50.15 PMYour Higher Self is the part of YOU that resides in dimensions 4 and up. In order to understand what your Higher Self is of vital importance that you understand what the process of spiritual evolution is all about. To understand evolution first you must be familiar with the term involution. While evolution is going back “up” the multidimensional scale from the “lower” dimensions back to Source, involution is the process where Source individuates ITSELF in order to experience itself. “Before” anything came into manifestation Source existed only as…




Balancing Spiritual Love and Human Love

the-art-of-self-loveSpiritual love is the awareness that we are all ONE and that the nature of Source is love. Therefore we can love anyone and everyone as they are a reflection of us and the ONE/Source/God. This is a love characterized by detachment (stories, drama) and the absence of lower emotions. This is where we can surrender and love what IS and see the perfection in everything including the so called atrocities of humanity. Spiritual love comes from our connection with Source through the embodiment of our Higher Self. Human love (for intimate relationships) on the other hand is characterized by…




Where Is Your Source of Love?

young-girl-holding-heartAre you truly loving other people or are you loving yourself through them? It is quite common to see relationships filled with expectations and control issues, where each individual has an agenda (hidden or explicit) of how the other person should behave, think and feel at any given moment. If we are in a relationship and the other person does not follow our spoken or unspoken set of expectations and rules then we will most likely end up feeling disappointed and blaming them for our own unhappiness. Unconsciously we have made the other person responsible for “making” us happy, but the moment that we give up our sense of…




Vibrational Frequency in Relationships

vibrational-frequency-relationshipsThere is an awakening happening within you and suddenly you begin to perceive reality and yourself differently. The universe seems to be interconnected and imbued with consciousness; you witness how your thoughts have always been influencing your reality and how they attract you to certain people, places, times, things and events. There is a burning desire to read books and consume knowledge on how to heal yourself, balance your energy field and manifest the reality you’ve always wanted. The interconnectedness of everything becomes an opportunity to experience things like energy healing, telepathy and intuition. Suddenly you begin to…



Heal A Broken Heart

heal a broken heartYou have a knot in the pit of your stomach and an unbearable pain in your chest. You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about your ex, an endless mind chatter bombards your head and you imagine what you could have said to save the relationship and what you would say if/when you see your ex again. Finally you wake up and you dread the day ahead, you even feel anxious. Not even in the shower can you stop thinking about your ex and throughout the day every single thing reminds you of your ex: songs, movies, streets, pictures, restaurants and worse of all your every room in your house seems to have scenes of both of you playing constantly. You keep checking your…


How Frequency Affects Relationships?

panic attack1Everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50-150 Ghz. Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that depending on the frequency you have you will resonate with people, places, times, things and events that have similar frequency if not identical frequency. Two people can only get together and stay together when they have the same or very similar frequency. But what determines the frequency a person has?




Tired of Striving to Be Perfect?

perfectionistHave you ever met a perfect human being? Have you ever met someone that has never made a mistake, said the wrong thing, made a mess at one point in his/her life, screwed a relationship, failed at something or struggled with finances? Most certainly you haven’t met someone who fits this concept of “perfect” because being a human being means that you will make mistakes and face many challenges throughout your life. A very common example of the perfectionist can be seen in aspiring authors who have a phenomenal idea about a book but they constantly struggle to write the book or a single chapter for that matter because they are always thinking it’s “not good enough” or “perfect”, so they spend an entire lifetime trying to write a single book and most of them never do it.



Can a Relationship Make You Happy?

joy-activationIf you aren’t happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship. To think otherwise would mean that someone else can make you happy and although people can contribute to some degree to your sense of happiness, in no way can someone else be completely responsible for your own happiness. When you enter a relationship thinking that the other person can make you happy or can give you the love that you think you don’t have you will manifest a codependent relationship. Codependency is energy vampiring, or sucking energy from other people in various ways. Codependency happens when you…



5 Steps to Authentic Happiness

HappinessOur main goal is to REVERSE the formula for happiness and success. The formula most of us have been taught by society is: “If I work hard I will be more successful. If I am successful THEN I’ll be happier.”If happiness is at the other side of success, your brain never gets there. This formula is completely ineffective because every time your brain has a success you immediately change the goal post to what success looks like. Our brains work in the opposite order. By raising someone’s level of positiveness in the present the brain will experience what researchers call the Happiness Advantage: when your brain is positive it performs significantly better than it does in negative stress. When you have the Happiness Advantage your intelligence, creativity and energy levels rise. In fact every single business outcome improves because your brain in a positive state is 30% more productive, allowing you to work better, faster and more intelligently. When you are positive dopamine floods your brain making you happier and turns on all the learning centers in your brain.


From Victimization to Absolute Personal Power

VictimizationHave you ever felt victimized in your life or met someone who is constantly be running the “poor me” story and feels completely powerless to change their reality? Chances are you have. We all have at one point in our lives felt like victims, but why is it that some people identify with the personality of victimization while others choose to get up, reclaim their personal power and take full responsibility for the outcomes they have manifested in their lives? And why is it that people who are compassionate tend to attract victims to their lives? Or why do victims sometimes end up as perpetrators and lash out at those who are trying to help them?



Transcend the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

not-good-enough_originalThe fear of not being good enough is ubiquitous in humanity. Depending on how this fear was first experienced and what story we created around it, this fear can shape our lives and often does so unconsciously. Think about the following, when we are born, most of us feel unconditionally loved by our parents and we feel absolutely safe because we are being taken care of. When a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding or a father sees his newborn child their biochemistry changes and they are drunk with oxytocin (also called the “love hormone”). They shower us with constant unconditional love and attention. But that kind of love doesn’t last forever and at a certain point…



Clearing the Aura of Auric Attachments

auric-attachments-auric-clearingCleaning the aura of auric attachments is extremely important to maintain peace of mind, emotional health and overall state of well being. As humans we strive to embody a state of fulfillment and to be fulfilled literally means that your energy field is full of light and doesn’t have any openings that could cause energy loss. Auric attachments prevent us from being fulfilled by impeding our life force energy from flowing harmoniously through our field of awareness and instead being lost through openings. The energetic blockage created by an auric attachment will also cause a state of dis-ease when our life force becomes stuck or is pushing against the stagnated etheric mass created by the auric attachments itself. Auric attachments are seen by clairvoyants as holes or dark areas in the auric field.



Women’s Gift and Weakness

IntuitionWomen all over the world posses an uncanny ability to see right through a man and see his potential. Despite constantly making an accurate read of the potential a particular man can have, women can fail to recognize the difference between a man that has potential and a man who is really committed to unleash that potential and actually embody it. In one of our earlier blogs we discussed the difference between men and women’s expectations in regards to marriage. If you remember most women expect a man to change but in reality few men actually put the effort, focus and energy to constantly…



Surrendering To The Divine Feminine

SriYantraOne of the greatest opportunities and challenges for men (and some women) in this day and age is surrendering to the Divine Feminine. The current state of humanity as a civilization and the world we live in is a reflection of the collective consciousness that has been dominant for thousands of years. One particular aspect of this collective consciousness has been the distorted and domineering aspect of the masculine energy within society. The polar opposite effect of the dominant masculine energy has been the repression of the feminine energy both within ourselves and through the outer manifestations of reality. Nothing has been more devastating towards the…



How To Save a Marriage or Any Relationship

save-marriageWatch this 8 minute video and see how Tony Robbins helps save a marriage by simply asking a man how the 6 basic human needs are being met in his relationship. If you notice right at the beginning the key element that let us know that some of these basics needs are not being met is when the Neil shares “we don’t have many things in common”.
Here are the 6 Basic Human Needs and the questions Tony Robbins makes to find out how they are being fulfilled…




Raise Your Relationship Standards

raise-your-standardsOne of the greatest things I have learned from studying with Tony Robbins is the concept “raise your standards” and even more importantly building the foundation that will lead me to achieve those standards. If you are reading this blog you are obviously someone interested in self-growth, self-development, unleashing your full potential and because of that you probably set high standards when it comes to your health, relationships, wealth and other areas of your life. Yet setting high standards or raising your standards is only the beginning, because if you don’t back up those standards with the necessary rituals or habits, in other words if you don’t follow through with action, those standards will never become a reality.



Principles for Outstanding Relationships

outstanding-relationshipsWhen it comes to relationships, whether it is my relationship or the relationship of one of my clients I expect nothing but outstanding relationships, relationships that literally stand out and transform into transcendental relationships. The adjective transcendental can be defined as being beyond ordinary or common experience, thought, or belief. We all know what an ordinary and common relationship looks like and feels like. But what does a transcendental and outstanding relationship look like, what principles define it and what makes it go beyond any previously established relationship experience, thoughts or beliefs? Below I will share with you some of the principles that when applied and practiced will take any relationship into a state of transcendence, harmony and to a level of outstanding.



The Emotional Pain Body In Relationships

419789_362157917197264_2077408456_nTwo people can only get together and stay together if they have an identical or very similar frequency. But what determines our frequency? The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts among other things will determine the frequency you vibrate at any given moment. Your frequency becomes a direct message that you send out to the universe and the universe then reflects your thoughts back to you in terms of what you get to experience in reality. When it comes to relationships thoughts we conscious, subconscious and unconscious energize do play a major role in what type relationship we can attract or repel. But what if I told you that there is a hidden force with an even more powerful frequency than your thoughts that negatively affects your frequency, will determine the relationship you…



How To Build Rapport in Relationships

building-rapportWhen it comes to relationship success; effective and intelligent communication is king. There are things we often do unconsciously that will create a stronger connection and build rapport with the person whom we are communicating with, whether it is a complete stranger, a family member or our spouse. What if you suddenly became aware of the key verbal and body language triggers that instantly make other people feel more connected to you, attracted to you or easily persuaded by you? Imagine the impact this would have on your relationships and how you could…



Soul Mate, Twin Flame…Who Cares?

soulmates-twin-flamesQuite often I get emails from people asking me how to manifest or attract their soul mate or twin flame. Students will have sessions with me so that I can assist them fulfill this intent. And even though I believe in soul mates and twin flames, the reality is these are still labels. Labels that will often work against people when it comes to manifesting the best relationship they could ever have. So the first thing I tell people who desire to manifest their soul mate is to drop this label, because when it comes to the equation of manifesting the relationship that is for their highest good, the label soul mate or twin flame is not…



Meditation Benefits for Relationships

meditation-relationshipsWatch this 2 minute video by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer of scientific research on meditation, as he lists and explains the plethora of benefits that result from meditation. When it comes to relationships, meditation can produce outstanding positive results mainly because meditation profoundly changes our brain’s activity and how it functions under stress, difficult situations and how we regulate emotions. Scientific research has shown that frequent meditation balances and synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain and produces what is known “whole brain thinking”. In terms of relationships…




Repressing Emotions and The Emotional Mastery Spiritual Bypass


It is quite common for many of those who are on the path of self-mastery and spiritual evolution to identify with the spiritual bypass belief that mastering our emotions means not getting angry, sad or experience any of the so called negative emotions. Of course if you are human this is utterly impossible for your physiology is not capable of holding a particular state, whether it is enlightenment, bliss, gratitude or joy, at the same level or intensity for extended periods of time. Christian Pankhurst explains that there is an emotional range that is available to every single human being. An emotional range is…




Reclaim Your Personal Power

energy-cord-cuttingEnergy cord cutting is by far one of the most powerful and effective spiritual tools available for relationship mastery. Without a doubt when it comes to familial, professional, romantic relationships or even a relationship with a friend it is pretty easy to sense that we create energy cords just by becoming aware of how depleted of our own energy we can feel after an argument or heated discussion. Have you ever found yourself having an endless and constant MENTAL CONVERSATION with someone where you continued to imagine what you could have said or what you will say next time you speak with that person? This is…




A Relationship Without Arguments, Is It Possible?

Diagram of emotional intelligenceI must admit that at one point in my life I naively believed that when I finally manifested my soulmate, the relationship we would create would always be free from drama and heated arguments. For years I worked on myself energetically clearing my relationship slate: heartbreaks, betrayals, cords, victimization, guilt, abandonment, rejection, etc. My intuition guided to clear all my past relationship baggage to make space for my soulmate and be able to raise my frequency so I could attract her. That part worked like a charm yet contrary to my spiritual bypass belief there was…



No Spiritual Men Belief Syndrome

find-the-right-manHave you noticed that there are a lot of women who are interested in spirituality and self-development that are looking for a committed relationship but believe that spiritual and conscious men are nearly extinct? For over a decade I have been traveling the world participating in self-development and spiritual trainings, retreats and certifications. I have met many women who have shared with me their frustration of not finding their soulmate or life partner despite attending every spiritual workshop they can possibly go to in hopes of meeting the right man. With a very understandable belief that they will




Unfaithfulness and The Brain

BrainImage1It turns out that there is a part of your brain called the Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC) which acts as the supervising boss in your brain and
is responsible for making thoughtful and conscious decisions. What this means is that if you have low PFC activity you will be more likely
to act on your impulses and not really think about the consequences. The good news is that the PFC…




Being Present In Relationships

ET1In this 7 minute video Eckhart Tolle sheds some light on how challenging it can be to remain present when we meet humans with whom we share a lot of past (family members, wife, husband, ex-spouses). I find this video very enlightening because Eckhart Tolle reminds us that letting go of the past doesn’t mean we don’t remember what happen, instead it means that we don’t project that past onto the present moment. We are able then to remain present and avoid projections, patterns and beliefs that were created based on…




How To Experience a Relationship Breakthrough

tony-robbinsWatch this 7 minute video where Tony Robbins explains how the real challenge in relationships and every other area of life is emotional fitness. Contrary to popular belief your biography (were you came from, your environment, how you were raised, etc.) are not the most influential or determining factors. What are the patterns that make people emotionally unfit (depressed, angry, frustrated) and patterns that make people emotionally fit (passionate, playful, exuberant)? Is there a recipe to being…




Love and Relationships With Byron Katie

enlightened-mind-byron-katieListen to this 8 minute video and watch how Byron Katie explains what are the underlying unquestioned beliefs that spawn this stressful thought. If you are in a relationship and you believe you “need” the other person’s love then that signals co-dependency. When you need to get love outside of yourself this reflects that you are not fully loving yourself. The problem with getting your love or happiness from someone else as your main source of feeling loved or happy is that your subconscious will interpret this as a loss of personal power because…




Don’t Lie To a Woman

spot_liar“MRI brain scans reveal the average woman has between 14 and 16 key locations in both brain hemispheres when she is communicating face-to-face. These locations are used to decode words, tone of voice changes and body signals, and largely account for what is known as “a woman’s intuition.” A male typically has only 4 to 7 of these locations because male brains have evolved for spatial tasks rather than communication. This female “super-awareness” has a purpose – to…




Sexual Energy Cords

sexual-energy-cordsIf you have read my blog post on energy cords you are aware of how toxic these relationships can be. But there exists another type of relationship that creates energy cords that could affect your emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical health. Anytime we choose to engage in a casual sexual relationship with someone, whether it is for just one night, we create energy cords with that person. Having casual sex is not “bad”, it is simply an experience but it does have its consequences. One of the most powerful energies available to humans is




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