How You Can Manifest
a 5D Relationship

The 5d Relationship Portal is a spiritual technology tool for people who desire to:

  • Raise their vibrational frequency
  • Attract a higher conscious relationship
  • Embody their Higher Self
  • Live to their highest potential
  • Manifest their soulmate or twin flame
  • Experience unconditional self love
  • Fully open their heart chakra
  • Clear relationship karmic slate
  • Transcend painful relationship karmic loops

Are You Stuck In a 3D Relationship?

Before you can even manifest a 5D relationship you must first be able to transcend a 3D relationship and ascend to a 4D relationship. It is much easier to understand dimensional relationships when we look at our chakras.

Each chakra is connected to a dimensional frequency band and a level of consciousness. The vast majority of humans are operating mainly from their first 3 chakras and therefor can only consciously access the first 3 levels of consciousness and dimensional reality.

Here are the energies associated with each chakra and how they affect relationships:

Root Chakra

This chakra corresponds to the physical body and the subconscious mind and it represents the 1st level of your consciousness. The root chakra holds issues related to survival, fear and sex.

People who have unresolved issues in their first chakra will experience fears like the fear of not finding love, the fear of not being loved, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of abandonment, fear of betrayal, etc. These fears will be projected onto their holographic reality and negatively influence their relationships or preventing from manifesting one.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra corresponds to the emotional body and the instinctual mind. The sacral chakra holds issues related to pain, suffering and abundance.

People who have unresolved issues in their first chakra will tend to have a dense emotional pain body that will attract them to someone with a similar pain body frequency. Their unprocessed past pain will continue to play out in their relationships and they will continue to stay stuck in a relationship karmic loop where the same type of painful events keep happening over and over again.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra corresponds to the mental body and the analytical mind. The solar plexus chakra holds issues related to self-confidence, self-esteem, control, power and victimization.

People who have unresolved issues in their third chakra will struggle with low self esteem and low self confidence. Your self esteem will determine the quality of your relationship and what kind of relationship dynamics you will tolerate.

People who consciously or subconsciously identify with the victim archetype will blame their partners for their own unhappiness and their subconscious mind will see this as a loss of personal power. In order to compensate for the loss of personal power the person will engage in control dynamics that will result in a lot of relationship drama.

These three chakras correspond to our 3 dimensional self or the Ego. They are a fundamental part of who we are BUT we are not meant to experience our entire lifetime from these lower chakras.

Instead we are meant to activate the chakras that correspond to our Higher Self (4th chakra and above) and progressively experience aspects of our higher multidimensional anatomy/awareness.

Once we can tune in and live from the higher chakras, we will inevitably experience relationships that are fueled from the energy emanated by these higher vibrational energy centers.

Unfortunately most relationships are based solely on the needs of the Ego and its desires to control, manipulate, create pain and "survive". The Ego - unaware of its infinite connection to Source - is constantly seeking love, approval and appreciation outside of itself, thus creating a unquenchable feeling of lack.

Co-dependent relationships are rampant in our society with individuals trying to extract the love the think they don't have from their partners. This leads to energy vampiring and control issues, keeping people in Ego-driven relationships.

Heart Chakra Relationships

When the first 3 chakras are mastered and transcended we can begin to activate and experience the frequencies of the heart chakra.

The way we master the first three chakras is by transmuting and healing all energy blockages that are attached to these chakras, blockages like:

- Relationship fears

- Past painful relationship experiences and the emotional pain body

- Lack, limitation, poverty consciousness

- Shadow self archetypes and personas like victimization, the rescuer, the martyr, the tyrant, etc.

- Power and control issues, including self-righteousness

As you transmute these energetic blockages and integrate your shadow self you can draw in and ACCRETE more light into the first 3 frequency bands that make up your auric field. This process of light accretion CHANGES and RAISES your vibration.

Once this happens our frequency begins to match the next higher dimensional frequency bands, the first one being the 4th chakra or the heart chakra.

Within the heart chakra lies the vibrational state of unconditional self love. When you are able to fully embody a state of unconditional love and trust, you can unconditionally love others and transcend all judgment.

Yet it all begins with self-love, for you cannot fully love another if you don't love yourself first. This is why it is really important to clear all soul fragments, karmic imprints and other energetic blockages related to judgment, fear of not being loved, betrayal, heartbreak, hatred, etc.

These are the blockages that prevent your heart chakra from blossoming and you from having the experience of unconditional self-love.

Heal Your Heart

Every heartbreak you have experienced in this or past lifetimes will create soul fragments and close your heart chakra. In order for your heart chakra to be fully open you must clear all past analogical experiences, karmic imprints and discordant beliefs about love and trust.

The embodiment of unconditional self-love leads to the experience of omni-love or the love for ALL. This stage marks the full activation of the heart chakra and you can finally embody the awareness that love is the essence of everything, including yourself.

All your decisions become aligned with unconditional self-love and omni-love, fear of not being loved vanishes and a profound sense of safety takes over the individual.

Finally you enter a relationship from a state of WHOLENESS and from this state you can truly give and receive love. At this stage you no longer resonate or engage in the dynamics of co-dependency and a sense of personal power engulfs you.

You feel confident in what you bring to the relationship and you genuinely feel worthy of receiving the BEST love from your current or future partner.

How To Create a 5th Dimensional Relationship

Once you can live from your heart chakra you will then be able to ascend to the 5th chakra. The throat chakra or 5th chakra corresponds to the frequencies of speaking and living your own truth.

By accessing the wisdom within your heart, your inner truth will reveal itself with absolute clarity and you will feel a driving force that will propel you to speak that truth.

But rather than merely speaking your truth using words you will begin to embody your truth and model it with your presence. You will be walking your truth and speaking your truth through your actions, your presence and even when you are in silence.

The need to preach or "convince" others of your truth is no longer required, for you know that those who are ready will come to you.

The clarity in your throat chakra will be projected onto your relationship. Clear communication is one of the pillars of any thriving relationship and as you enter a 5th dimensional relationship you'll begin to communicate with your beloved beyond words and directly from your soul.

When the 5th chakra is fully activated you use a language of personal power and drop all words that resonate with victimization, blame, limitation and lack. Instead you are aligned with the power of the universal OM, the ultimate power of creation.

You realize that your words are mathematical programs that can be sent into the universe to create your desired reality. And you intuitively know that questions are the key to greater wisdom and that spoken commands unleash your manifestation abilities.

Ultimately what determines the embodiment of 5th dimensional frequencies within your morphogenetic field is the fulfillment of your Soul's Purpose.

That's right, stationed in dimensions 4, 5 and 6 is what is known as your Soul Identity. This part of your Higher Self holds the awareness and wisdom to your Soul's Purpose as well as all the necessary steps you should take in order to fulfill it everyday.

To manifest a 5D relationship you must align yourself with your Soul's purpose and remove any energetic blockages preventing you from this.

5D Relationships Are Possible NOW

In order to ascend into a 5D relationship you must change and raise your frequency. There is a specific method where you can attune your frequency to embody the frequencies of a 5D relationship right now. This will create a state of harmonic resonance that will magnetize you to a person that is ready to meet you in that frequency.

What Spawned 5th Chakra Blockages?

The 5th chakra represents one of the biggest challenges when it comes to relationships. In ancient times male dominated religions purposely created and promoted distorted beliefs about women in order to control humanity.

Women were said to be soulless and bad, therefor they "could not have" a direct connection to God. Emotions were considered to be a feminine aspect and men as warriors were ridiculed, punished and sometimes even killed if they showed any so called "women's emotions".

This caused billions of men to suppress their emotions and a lot unprocessed anger resulted from this. The reason why so many men engage in violence is because of their inability to feel and process e-motions.

Throat Chakra Issues

For thousands of years and even today in some parts of the world, women were not allowed to have a profession, education, voice or opinion.

Men would look down upon women and disregard their truth. Emotional expression was seen as weakness. Due to this many women (men too) have serious blockages in their throat chakra.

These blockages are then projected onto the relationship and create useless patterns of control, dominance, competition and trust issues. Have you noticed that men tend to retreat whenever women are expressing their emotions? Every time a man withdraws from their partner when their having an argument or are talking about an issue, the woman will lose trust in her man.

In order for men and women to manifest a 5th dimensional relationship, the following is required:

- For men to allow, support and embrace the feminine essence (within themselves and through women)

- For men to surrender to the Divine Feminine and support women to speak their own truth

- For women to step up and walk their own truth

- For women to surrender to the Divine Masculine

- Both men and women require to heal the Male-Female Rift and balance their inner masculine and feminine energies

- Both men and women must let go of control, dominance and self-righteousness.

These steps will unleash the power of the 5th chakra. By frequency resonance, the individuals who consciously choose to heal the Male-Female Rift will attract a partner who is also vibrating at this frequency or is very close to it.

Sometimes men require to be in the presence of a conscious woman to be able to surrender to the Divine Feminine and experience a rebirth. Women can also experience a rebirth when they are in the presence of a conscious man.

And when this rebirth happens a 5th dimensional relationship is born. Both partners are embodying their Soul Identity (the part of your Higher Self that resides in dimensions 4-6) and as a result they are fulfilling their Soul Mission or Soul Purpose here on Earth.

Their tantric energies can now rise from the first chakra to the fifth chakra and above in order to be used as healing and manifestation energies.

How To Experience The 5th Dimension?

To understand what makes a 5D relationship a reality we must first understand what a dimension really is. When most people think of the 5th dimension or any other higher dimension they think it's somewhere "up there" and "outside" of their current reality.

All dimensions are "everywhere", even inside of you. What determines which dimension you experience is the particle pulsation rhythm, the speed and rotation of the particles that make up your auric field and DNA template.

If you could change the vibration, rotation and speed of the particles that make your auric field you would literally begin to experience a new dimension of reality without having to go "anywhere" but rather you would embody those higher dimension here and now. However most of humanity is phase locked in the frequency bands of dimensions 1-3 and therefore can only experience a limited aspect of reality.

The reason why more than 90% of humanity lives inside a frequency fence is due to blockages in their DNA, especially the 4th strand of DNA.

All dimensions and your chakras are connected to your DNA template and if you have blockages in your 4th strand of DNA then that means you won't be able to fully activate your heart chakra and accrete the light that corresponds to your higher self.

That is why it is imperative to clear DNA blockages and progressively activate your higher DNA strands so that you can begin to embody your Higher Self and attract a higher frequency relationship.

The Relationship Frequency Problem

Everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50-150 Ghz.

Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that depending on the frequency you have you will resonate with people, places, times, things and events that have similar frequency if not identical frequency.

Two people do not get together and stay together unless they have the same or very similar frequency. In order to manifest a 5D relationship then your frequency MUST MATCH a 5th dimensional frequency.

But if you have energetic blockages in your auric field, chakras and DNA then these blockages will prevent you from vibrating at higher frequency and will repel you from manifesting a higher frequency relationship.

Anything that is encoded in your field like past painful experiences, karmic imprints, the emotional pain body, beliefs, etc. will have an effect on your frequency and attract you to people who have the same or very similar low frequency imprints encoded in their field.

The Ultimate Solution To Frequency Resonance

You must clear ALL energetic blockages and subconscious beliefs at the quantum level of your awareness in order to raise your frequency and begin to attract a more harmonious grid of people, places, times, things and events.

This includes soulmates and twinflames as well as other desirable life experiences.

The key is to transmute these energetic blockages PERMANENTLY on ALL levels of your awareness. Unfortunately many healing modalities out there only work on the lower levels of your awareness (I know because I spent more than 10 years studying and practicing different healing modalities with the goal to find one that would deliver permanent results).

When an energetic blockage is cleared only on the physical, emotional and mental levels of your multidimensional anatomy but it is not cleared on more etheric levels of your awareness, the discordant energies will re-generate.

That is why it is extremely important to clear all energetic blockages from this and past lifetimes, incarnations and even parallel universes at the quantum level of your awareness.

When something is cleared at the quantum level it cannot re-generate, all the energy has gone back to the VOID and has become no-thing. Even the neural net connections in your brain related to the traumatic events are transmuted.


The 5D Relationship Manifestation Portal includes a 33 minute video healing session that combines 11 potent clearings and activations using the Harmonic Resonance Sacred Geometry Codes and energy directing techniques to deliver a truly transformative relationship frequency experience.

The 5D Relationship Manifestation Meditation Session is an instant relationship frequency changer and modulator. When used on a weekly or daily basis it produces a state of harmonic resonance by progressively bringing into vibrational alignment your relationship personal frequency with the a relationship that is in line with your Higher Self.

Every time you do the 5D Relationship Manifestation Meditation Session you will be peeling away deep layers of unresolved emotions, past traumatic events, relationship karma, negative thought-forms, karmic ties, cords of attachment and more.

Each time become lighter and attaining a new level of consciousness with the help of specific code activations that have the intent to infuse you with the blueprints of a higher loving and conscious relationship.

Here's how this program
will work for you:

1) Self Love

The heart chakra holds the key to manifesting a higher vibrational relationship. One of the BIGGEST blockages that prevents the heart chakra from fully opening is the inability to cultivate and experience unconditional love.  If you don't fully love yourself then you will never be able to fully love another person, you cannot give what you think you don't have. Remove blockages like guilt, betrayal, self-judgment and past heart breaks to see your heart chakra blossom.

2) Karma Removal

Clear karmic imprints from this and past lifetimes that keep you stuck and impede your relationship goals and overall evolutionary progress. Clear the karmic imprints that you inherited from your parents at birth so you don't have to walk THEIR relationship karma and allow you to create your own destiny. Free yourself from unworthiness, undeservedness, poverty consciousness, shame, guilt and victimization. Clear your relationship karmic slate and transcend the most sabotaging relationship karmic loops .

3) Past Lives Relationships

Think about how many relationships you've had in this lifetime and ALL the karma and painful experiences you've had during each one. Now multiply that for hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes. Many of the relationship karmic loops that are sabotaging your relationships were created in previous lifetimes and they are buried deep in your soul's memory and subconscious mind. Free yourself from past karmic ties and contracts that still bind you to previous lovers, partners and spouses.

4) Fear Transmutation

Two of the biggest fears that affect people in relationships are the FEAR OF NOT BEING LOVED and the FEAR OF NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH. These fears often will attract you to partners that will resonate with those fears and you will end up experiencing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Transcend the karmic loop of attracting partners who are not ready to open their hearts and shower you with infinite waves of love. Free yourself from the limitations of low-self esteem and unworthiness that come from the fear of not being good enough.

5) Cutting Psychic Cords

Clearing cords of attachment is the first step to freedom. Cut cords of attachments to energy vampires who siphon and deplete your life force energy. Finally bring a higher resolution to unresolved relationship dynamics and past events that keep haunting you. Cutting psychic cords is the only way to stop projecting past relationship baggage onto your new relationships. Once these cords are cleared you will allow the true spiritual ties between you and other people to blossom.

6) Transcending The Pain-Body

Release once and for all the accumulated pain from your past. The emotional pain-body is like an parasitic entity that takes over you mental and emotional bodies in order to cause more pain and suffering by triggering your partner or getting triggered by him/her. The frequency of the pain-body attracts you to people, places, things and events that resonate with your pain. Clear the pain-body so you can embody a state of equanimity and conscious presence in your relationship.

7) Transcending Co-dependency

Co-dependency is the most common sabotaging dynamics in relationships. People in co-dependent relationships are constantly trying to extract love, approval and appreciation from one another. This type of energy vampiring stems from a loss of personal power and results in control issues. When you are in a co-dependent relationship you make your partner responsible for YOUR happiness and then try to control them so that they can make you happy. Of course this never works and results in endless DRAMA. Free yourself from co-dependency and create an interdependent relationship based on higher giving love.

8) Healing The Male-Female Rift

The Male-Female Rift is the root cause of deep the seated anger, the useless competition and power struggles that people experience in relationships. Even body image distortions and obsessions can be traced back to the Male-Female Rift. Balance and embody your inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in order to experience the TOTALITY of who you are and get access to your true inner divinity.

9) Sacred Mirror Awareness

You are probably aware of that your partner will become one of the clearest mirrors, showing you what YOU need to work on, heal and unwind. This activation helps you gain inner vision clarity so that you can witness the true source of the emotional reactions that are being triggered by your partner. Finally escape the Expectation - Disappointment - Blame game and take full charge of your emotional state. By activating the mirror awareness you will stop projecting your own unresolved issues to your partner and finally see his/her true essence.

10) Transcendental Relationship

Activate the principles that make a transcendental relationship and receive the wisdom and guidance from your Higher Self on how to co-create a relationship that is infused with the frequencies of: higher giving love, trust, intimacy, joy, safety, adventure, growth and contribution. After doing so many clearings with the other activations now comes the time to receive a download of new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that are aligned with an ascended relationship.

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for only $997 $497

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11) HFR Manifesation

HFR stands for Higher Frequency Relationship. The Sacred Geometry Code used for this activation is the mandala I created for myself to attract my beloved. Connecting to Source, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine I asked to receive a download on what is the Original Divine Blueprint for intimate relationships. The frequency transmission I received was encoded in this mandala to serve as a portal for me and others to magnetize and manifest the highest frequency relationship possible in this lifetime.


5D Relationship Portal Features

Gamma, Theta and Delta Brainwave Audio Technology

The 5D Relationship Manifestation Meditation Session comes with three brainwave entrainment versions: Gamma, Theta and Delta. Gamma brainwaves (40 Hz or above) are known for enhancing memory, inducing higher levels of compassion, being anti-depressant, enhancing though-processing and focus and boosting energy levels. The Gamma version is perfect to do during the day when you need to be sharp and focused.

Theta brainwaves range from 4-7.9 Hz and are associated with increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity, unwinding unresolved emotional experiences, potential change in behavior, increased retention of learned material, hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation and access to unconscious mind.

Delta brainwaves on the other hand are the brain’s slowest frequency range cycling at a rate of 1-4 times per second (e.g. 1 Hz – 4 Hz). When Delta brainwaves increase, so does your natural ability to:  release anti-aging hormones, tap an increased amount of empathy (understanding how others feel), heal the mind and repair your muscles, and access the deepest possible states of relaxation.  Other side-effects as a result of Delta brainwaves include:  the release of natural growth hormone, the release of melatonin, connecting with your intuition and accessing deep states of spirituality.

My Best Notes

Because the 5D Relationship Manifestation Meditation Session was created to be listened to on a daily or weekly basis, I chose not to include a lot of information in the actual session. This was done for two main reasons: to save time and so that you won't go crazy when you hear the same information over and over again 😉 Instead you can sit back, surrender to your Higher Self and enjoy the journey.

But I know information is vital for your mind. Understanding how blockages are created and how they affect you can help you make better decisions in the future. For this reason I have included multiple trainings that contain the best information on relationship mastery.

Free Updates!

We recently updated the 5D Relationship Manifestation Portal from its original 2015 version. Now with the 2018 version you get more than 20 new Harmonic Resonance Codes and 3 new trainings. Whenever I decide to add a new update you will instantly be able to access the latest additions.

Plus You'll Also Get These Bonuses

  • 1

    Chakra Mastery Training

    In this 2 hour training you will clear the HIGHEST PRIORITY energetic blockages on ALL your chakras. I created 7 Harmonic Resonance Codes - one for each chakra - in order to open, balance and harmonize each chakra. In order to experience a 5D relationship you must clear the blockages that are keeping you stuck in a 3D relationship. This training will help you ascend to the frequencies and consciousness of your higher chakras. VALUE: $297

  • 2

    Ultimate Relationship Manifestation Training

    Attracting a relationship is the easiest part. However, keeping that relationship thriving with love, passion, intimacy, connection and trust year after year...that is the most challenging part. In this training you will learn what it takes to manifest and continuously co-create a higher loving and conscious. VALUE: $297

  • 3

    Higher Self Manifestation Training

    There is a BIG difference between manifesting from our EGO and manifesting from your HIGHER SELF. Often when it comes to relationship manifestation people manifest from an Ego based agenda and end up in dramatic and painful relationships. On the contrary, your Higher Self manifests in Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order. This training will help you clear blockages that prevent you from receiving clear guidance from your Higher Self and assist you in manifesting a higher vibrational relationship that is for your highest good. VALUE: $297

  • 4

    Healing The Male-Female Rift

    In this training you will learn the minute details of the Male-Female Rift and all the blockages that spawn from it. Many sabotaging patters that you have most likely experience in your personal life and in your relationship will finally make sense. You will learn about and clear things like the Failure-Guilt-Wrath Complex, the Female Image Complex (and Male Image Complex), why so many women have a deep seated anger towards men and why men behave the way they do. VALUE: $197

  • 5

    Transcending The Pain Body Webinar

    In this training you will learn everything you need to know about the emotional pain body: how it's created, the different layers, how it grows and most importantly how to transcend it. The frequency of the emotional pain body will dictate what type of partner you will attract. Couples ALWAYS have very similar pain bodies and that is why they can easily trigger each other's pain. The lighter your pain body is the higher your frequency will be. VALUE: $197

  • 6

    Manifest The ONE Technique

    You will get access to a 15th dimensional manifestation technique where you will learn how to use one of the highest frequencies codes on the planet to manifest from your Higher Self. With this code you will be able to program your chakras, auric field and DNA with the intent for your manifestation so that it can be projected onto your holographic reality.

  • 7

    Fear of Getting Hurt and Fear of Staying Single

    In this energy healing session you will clear the soul fragments and karmic imprints related to the SOURCE of the fear of getting hurt and the fear of being alone. The fear of getting hurt will most likely attract you to a partner that will hurt you (betrayal, abandonment, heartbreak) while the fear of staying single will repel you from meeting great relationship candidates.

  • 8

    Expectation Disappointment Blame Karmic Loop

    The Expectation Disappointment Blame karmic loop is the cause of feeling disappointed in relationships and not being able to truly see the essence of the other person. When you clear this karmic loop you'll be able to reclaim your personal power, transcend victimization and inspire change in your beloved without hopeless expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you go beyond a 5th dimensional relationship?

A: Absolutely! A 6th dimensional relationship would correspond to the 3rd eye and seeing the essence of reality, yourself and your beloved. A 7th dimensional relationship would correspond to your crown chakra and that would be a relationship that has achieved or attained a state of oneness. But in order to get there you must first embody the corresponding 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies. This membership will help you get all the way to a 7th dimensional relationship 🙂

Q: I'm already in a relationship, will this program work for me?

A: Yes, the 5D Relationship Manifestation Portal is not only for helping manifest relationships but also for keeping them 😉 When you meet someone and start dating, at the beginning usually things to go smoothly.

However when the chemical love high wears down and the unresolved issues start to surface this is when relationships can get tough. During this time many couples tend to break up and those that stay together will often stay stuck in relationship karmic loops and the relationship will progressively lose the passion, connection, trust and intimacy that once made it the best thing ever.

Relationships doesn't have to be this way, when you energetically clear the relationship baggage you can re-discover what made you crazy about your partner. I've been with my wife close to ten years now and I can honestly say that EVERY-THING in our relationship keeps getting better and better!

Q: How many times can I use the 5D Relationship Meditation Session?

A: The session works best when used on a day to day basis, with a few days of rest in between to allow integration. The most important thing is to follow your intuition. There will be weeks where you will do the meditation session once or twice a week and then other weeks where you will feel like doing it everyday.

The 5D Relationship Manifestation Mediation Session is a spiritual tool that can be used throughout your entire lifetime. There is always a higher level of consciousness you can experience and this session will help you in this relationship evolutionary process.

Q: Do I have to listen to the entire session every time?

A: No, actually you can easily customize the clearings and activations by simply selecting the ones you would like to do. For example, let's say that on a particular day you feel like only doing an activation for Self-Love and Cutting Cords of Attachment. All you need to do is select those activations and voila! Instead of doing a 33 minute session you can customize it and only do a 10, 15 or 25 minute session, it's your choice.

Q: Will this energy work interfere with other healing modalities?

A: No. The energy clearings and activations found inside the 5D Relationship Mastery Manifestation Portal can only increase the benefits and effectiveness of other healing modalities like reiki, hands on healing, kriya yoga, shamanic journeys or any type of meditation.

It's time to manifest the relationship you deserve. Clear your relationship slate and manifest a higher vibration relationship!