How many times have you heard someone tell you "You can't do this..." or "You can't do that..." Now think about all the times you have told your self "I can't."

The only reason people don't manifest what they desire and live the life of their dreams is because at a subconscious level the believe the thought "I can't."

Does That Sound Like You?

You Have Been Believing a Lie

Imagine how different your life would be if you didn't have the thought "I can't..." What if it was impossible for you to believe or identify with any of the following statements:













You would most definitely achieve anything and everything you set your mind to.

The truth is you were born with absolute certainty and self confidence. Just watch a child who is learning how to walk and notice what happens when she stumbles or falls down. The child doesn't beat herself up saying things like: "I'm such a failure." "What is wrong with me." "I keep making the same mistake." "I'm supposed to be walking by now." or "I am not good enough." Instead the child, if not hurt by the fall, will simply get back up and try it again until eventually she succeeds. The uber-child is relentless when it comes to accomplishing what she desires, unless someone interferes with her process.

You used to have the same level of self-confidence and you didn't know what self-doubt was. Until one day, probably one of your parents told you "You can't..." and that is when you first identified and energized this thought. Because as a child your parents equate to God and if God told you could couldn't do or be something then it must certainly be true. From that moment you believed them and self-doubt was born.

And throughout your life the constant repetition and IDENTIFICATION with the thought "I can't..." and the projections from other people have veiled you from your unlimited inner resources and personal power to create whatever you focus on. Instead anytime you think of something challenging or a new goal like manifesting 1 million dollars or meeting your soulmate almost instantly there is a voice inside your head saying "I can't..." and your brain then shows you all the reasons of why you "really" can't do that.

The negativity in the phrase "I can't" and the word "No" can actually impair your brain function. In recent studies people were put into an fMRI scanner and where shown the word "NO" for less than a second and there would be a sudden release of dozen stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters. These chemicals immediately interrupt the normal functioning of your brain, impairing logic, reason, language processing and communication. The more you ruminate these negative thoughts the more you can actually damage key structures that regulate your memory, feelings and emotions.

What Your Higher Self Thinks

Your Higher Self has no sense of limitation whatsoever and if you were to truly believe that you could manifest all the experiences, states and things you desire your Higher Self would project them onto your holographic reality. There is nothing your Higher Self can't manifest for you, in fact if you were to surrender to your Higher Self you would manifest things beyond belief. You are the only who can set the limits to what your experience of reality is going to be and those limits are set by the thoughts you believe in, energize and identify with.

Everything that has been created or achieved began with a thought, an idea. If you can imagine it, then it is possible. The first step to manifestation begins in your mind. Think about what people would have said a hundred years ago if someone had told them that you could speak with anyone in the world through a wireless hand held devise? Most certainly they would have told the other person "That is impossible, you can't do that." And now today we take cellphones for granted.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein

The Greatest Blockage

The thought "I can't" is the greatest limiting thought in humanity. It lowers your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and sense of deservedness. Your identification with this thought is the only thing preventing you from manifesting whatever you desire and what you can't even begin to imagine.

There is no reason why you should feel HESITATION, FEAR, ANXIETY, or complete PARALYZATION when the moment to take action on your dreams and goals comes. The moment you believe you can't do or achieve something you will fall into states such as:


And you will end up feeling frustrated, defeated and with low self-esteem. So it is not that you can't do whatever you envision, it is simply that you have been believing a lie. The lie that "YOU CAN'T..."

What if you could UNINSTALL the I CAN'T PROGRAM from your mind's and soul's operating system? That would mean there would be no INTERFERENCE between what you envision and what you can manifest as a reality. You would have unstoppable motivation and take relentless action until you achieved your ultimate outcome.

For this reason I created the Absolute I CAN'T Removal Session.

In This Session We Will Clear:

  • The First Analogical Experience

    With the assistance of your Higher Self we will identify the first analogical moment where you identified with the thought “I can’t” and energetically clear that event and all the analogical experiences that resulted from this.

  • Projections From Other People

    We will transmute all negative projections from other people who throughout your lifetime projected the thought “You can’t…” People will often keep hearing their parents voices inside their head, telling them “You can’t do this or that.”

  • Unplug Neural Net Connections

    Not only we will clear the past analogical experiences and soul fragments related to the thought “I can’t” but we will also unplug all neural net connections related to this thought. This is the only way permanent healing can occur.

  • Discarnates

    In addition to projections from other people, discarnates can project negative thoughtforms into your mind. Many people confuse their own voice with that of the discarnate. But if you listen carefully sometimes you will not tell yourself “I can’t…” but rather you will hear “YOU can’t…” This is a discarnate that is attached to you and feeding from your negative emotions.

  • Collective and Inherited Thoughtforms

    During the process of incarnation every human being must pass through Earth’s grids where there are a lot of collective imprints, including the self limiting thought “I can’t.” which can picked up by your soul.  Then at the moment of conception and fetal integration you will inherit through the DNA the karmic imprints from your parents, this includes their self-doubt.

  • Self-Doubt

    We will clear all soul fragments and identifications with self-doubt and the thought “I can’t.” During this soul retrieval process you will recover golden nuggets and pearls of wisdom from your Higher Self as well as receive a download of new cords, new templates and new soul programming.

  • Fear Karmic Loop

    We will transmute the source of the fear of failure and making mistakes so you can finally embody a state of courage and take inspired action.

  • Raise Your Self Esteem


    Re-pattern your self-esteem and activate your personal power at the DNA level with specific Sacred Geometry Codes and raise your standards beyond your beliefs.

  • High Frequency Magnet

    Thoughts like “I can’t” can significantly lower your frequency. Once we eradicate this thought and all its ramifications your frequency will sky rocket and you will attract a higher grid of people, places, times, things and events.

Endless Possibilities

Imagine what you could accomplished when you have an idea and instantly your thought "I CAN DO THIS!" What will happen is that your Higher Self will begin to download all the information you require to accomplish your goals and guide you to the right set of people, places, times, things and events that will help you get there.

Want to manifest your soulmate/twin flame YOU CAN. Want to triple your clients or monthly income YOU CAN. Want to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life YOU CAN.

Your brain won't even have time to come up with old excuses like "I'm too old", "I don't know anything about it." or "I have failed before." Your mind will open up to new possibilities and you will cease opportunities that in the past would have pass you by.

How The Session Will Be Done

The session will be done via Skype or GoToMeeting. First we will go through a specific protocol to clear and transmute the SOURCE of the belief "I can't." and all it's ramifications. Then I will ask you what is it that you would like to manifest the most right now in your life and we will do specific clearings and activations for this.

The investment for this life changing session is only $528. Think about what would being free from the thought "I can't" be worth to you and how easily you can manifest financial abundance if you did not identified with this thought.

As a bonus you will receive 4 Advanced Energy Healing Techniques Webinars so you can master connecting to your Higher Self, reading energy signatures and clearing the source of all NEGATIVITY in your life plus auric attachments, karmic imprints and shadow self archetypes.

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