Women’s Gift and Weakness

IntuitionWomen all over the world posses an uncanny ability to see right through a man and see his potential. Despite constantly making an accurate read of the potential a particular man can have, women can fail to recognize the difference between a man that has potential and a man who is really committed to unleash that potential and actually embody it. In one of our earlier blogs we discussed the difference between men and women’s expectations in regards to marriage. If you remember most women expect a man to change but in reality few men actually put the effort, focus and energy to constantly change, grow and evolve. Yet many women will choose to stay with a man for years and even a lifetime expecting them to change or some kind of miracle to happen. I have seen many women who are brilliant, kind and charming stay with men that no longer attend their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical needs.

Conscious men are indeed a rare breed but they do exist. The key difference in a conscious man is that they will change because it is a priority for them to do so, not only because their partner wants them to. If a man can’t really listen to a woman, figure our what her needs are and what he can do to fulfill those need plus he lacks the ability to go within himself and see how an issue that is affecting his partner is also affecting him personally, he won’t change. So when a woman uses her gift to see a man’s potential but fails to recognize when a man is not committed and willing to unleash that potential, her gift will become her greatest weakness.

That being said when a woman focuses on working on herself and embodying her own personal power, this can sometimes trigger an awakening call in their partner to step up and change in the highest of ways. If a man doesn’t change after a considerable amount of time even after a woman has done the necessary work on herself, chances are he will not change and will cause stagnation in her progress. In order for you to be with the right person you have to let go of the wrong one. Staying by a man’s side with hopes that he will one day change is futile and it will only make you numb to your own needs and desires. The right conscious man is ready for every challenge and opportunity to learn, grow, change, evolve and step up as a true warrior. If you desire to be in a relationship with a conscious man who can fully embody his potential then you must have absolute certainty that you can manifest this and act accordingly.