What Would You Do?

A dear friend has just found out her husband wants a divorce and told her she doesn’t love her anymore. She has been married for 12 years and has three kids with him. She is terrified of being on her own, she feels betrayed and is in deep pain. You know that no words can ease her pain and even though you offer her your compassionate presence and full support you wish you could do more to help her see the possibilities, the opportunities and how she has the power to turn things around and completely transform her life, possibly even save her marriage. But she is too caught up in the pain, suffering and fear. What else could you do?emotional-reaction

Your child comes home from school with tears in his eyes because the bullies have once again said very mean things to him and made fun of him in front of the entire class. You try your best to encourage him, telling him that he doesn’t have to believe the things they say, but you know it’s too late because he has already been hurt. You see how this event deteriorates his self-confidence and self-esteem. In attempts to alleviate his pain you tell him to play his favorite game and how you will take him next weekend to his favorite theme park, but nothing can ease his pain. As an adult you can clearly see the choice of not taking things personal and you can clearly see that those mean things the bullies say to him are just projections of their own insecurities but he is only a child. He keeps telling you “Mom, you don’t understand!” What else could you do?

Your best friend is struggling with his business and is constantly worrying about money. The fear of not having enough money, of not being able to pay the bills and support his family is taking the best out of him. It’s been a long time since you were able to simply hang out and have fun, he can’t focus on anything else but the fears about his business and losing money. You try to give him your best advice on how he can change his thoughts, change his attitude, try a different approach and create new habits to program his mind with success but he seems immune to any285507_369256859820703_227969163_n advice. You see the solution so clearly but he doesn’t. You know you could help him, but his ego won’t let you. What else could you do?

What if you could connect to anyone’s Higher Self and  energetically clear the SOURCE of their emotional reactions and the negative thought forms related to them? Imagine if you could facilitate an energy clearing that would bring them instant relief and shut down the negative voices in their head. Imagine that you could not only clear the soul fragments that are activated and the past identities they are emotionally energizing but you could also make them receive a download from their Higher Self with new neural cords, new templates and new soul programming that contains the wisdom they require to transcend this experience and attract new higher frequency events.

The truth is that sometimes the struggles and challenges we face in life can originate from a past lifetime event, something we inherited from our parents through the DNA at conception, a collective imprint from the matrix or a forgotten childhood experience. When we try to solve these challenges by only using our conscious mind we will more often than not be unable to go directly to the source and even less clear the issues on ALL levels of the awareness: physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is why despite uncovering unconscious patterns through years of traditional therapy and gaining awareness of what the problem or situation is, talking doesn’t clear soul fragments or the unresolved emotional energy that is stored in the person’s auric field.

By connecting directly to their Higher Self and asking for permission to do an auric clearing you can become a healing facilitator that connects to the wisest part of them, their witness consciousness who knows exactly what they require to clear, heal, let go of and most importantly how they can evolve and transcend the current reality they are manifesting. Anyone can learn how to connect to their own Higher Self and the Higher Self of other people, read energy signatures, scan the light body/chakras, identify the highest priority energy blockages and soul fragments and most importantly energetically disengage these energetic blockages permanently from all levels of their awareness.

For a limited time you can purchase The Advanced Higher Self Energy Healing Techniques where you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know on how to perform complete Auric Clearing and Karma Removal sessions. This advanced coaching program includes:

+ 4 recorded webinars
+ Detailed description of how energetic blockages are created
+ Minute details about the different types of energy blockages and how they affect you
+ How to connect to your Higher Self and the Higher Self of others
+ How to scan the light body/chakras and identify energy blockages
+ How to read energy signatures: blockages, releases, YES and NO answers, downloads
+ How to clear ANY energy blockage from all levels of your awareness for a permanent release
+ How to open and close a healing session
+ How to receive a download from your Higher Self
+ A 10 page PDF file with all the definitions, protocols and types of energy blockages.

The Advanced Higher Self Energy Healing Techniques Program is valued at $497 but for a limited time you can purchase it for only $97.

Imagine if you could work on yourself every day and clear the SOURCE of the highest priority negative thoughtforms, toxic cords, karmic loops and emotional reactions that prevent you from living your life to its fullest potential. Once you master these techniques you will be able to facilitate an energy healing session for others or yourself wherever you are. You can even use these energy healing techniques to remove blockages to manifestations that for some reason haven’t come to fruition. You don’t even require knowing what the energy blockages are, your Higher Self knows and with this technique you can clear those blockages.

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This energy healing technique can be combined with other healing modalities like reiki, massage, EFT, hands on healing or any type of counseling to amplify and get more permanent results. When you clear energetic blockages from ALL levels of the human multidimensional awareness: physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body and neural net connections in the brain the discordant energies go back to the Void and become no-thing. Otherwise the energetic blockage can regenerate, which is what happens with modalities that only work with the first 3 or 4 levels of your awareness and not all 15 levels.

One incredible feature of this energy healing technique is that you can adapt it to clear the SOURCE of any distress or dis-ease. For example you could ask your Higher Self or the Higher Self of another person to clear the soul fragments related to the source of the:

+ Highest priority negative thought forms
+ Highest priority karmic loops
+ Highest priority blind spots
+ Highest priority past life time experiences
+ Highest priority auric attachments from people, places, times, things and events

By simply doing clearings where you clear the highest priority auric attachments, karmic imprints and negative thought forms you could clear the equivalent of hundreds of past lifetimes baggage in just 20 minutes a day. Finally when you complete a session you can instantly receive a download from your Higher Self containing the greatest pearls of wisdom and golden nuggets. This allows you to clear anything, gain the necessary wisdom and avoid having to walk the karma which is the slowest way to evolve (for many people this is no longer an option because of how much karma they have accumulated.

So if you are ready to master the connection to your Higher Self and become an expert using one of the most advanced energy healing techniques then this is a must for you.