Vibrational Frequency in Relationships

There is an awakening happening within you and suddenly you begin to perceive reality and yourself differently. The universe seems to be interconnected and imbued with consciousness; you witness how your thoughts have always been influencing your reality and how they attract you to certain people, places, times, things and events. There is a burning desire to read books and consume knowledge on how to heal yourself, balance your energy field and manifest the reality you’ve always wanted. The interconnectedness of everything becomes an opportunity to experience things like energy healing, telepathy and intuition. Suddenly you begin to acquire knowledge, relevant information and guidance from your Higher Self. Synchronicity becomes part of your everyday reality and you are constantly communicating with the Universe, clearly reading the signs and messages that appear all around you in nature, books, conversations and events. Yovibrational-frequency-relationshipsu realize you are the master of your own destiny and you can create the reality you desire. You close your eyes, envision your brilliant future and energize this vision with joy…soon enough your vision becomes a manifested reality.

Now you desire to transform all areas of your life with this new found knowledge and state of being. But you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t resonate with much if any of this new way of thinking and being that brings you so much joy. At first you try to rescue, change and heal your partner only to realize that you cannot change him/her, that change must come from within him/her. Your partner doesn’t want to change, at least not in the way you would like him/her to do. You feel different, you see patterns in the relationship that you want to transcend because you no longer can engage or resonate with the drama, the guilt strategies, the discordant ways of manipulating, the blaming, the judging, the comfort zones or the places and events you used to enjoy (bars, watching t.v. for hours, mindless consumerism, etc.)

There is no denying you love your partner, but you feel you are growing apart and if you continue through this path you will most likely go your separate ways. A part of you doesn’t want the relationship to end, because you love your partner. Maybe you choose to stop your growth, but soon realize you feel stuck and unhappy. You know that this new way of being makes your soul become alive, this is what you have longed for your entire life. Your intuition tells you that the time has come to bring closure to this relationship but the toxic energy cords that bind you are too strong. It is evident that these toxic cords are siphoning your life force energy; you know you can clear them but at the same time you fear the unknown. Finally you find the courage to cut the toxic cords, bring closure in the highest of ways and move on to walk the higher path that has been revealed to you, a path filled with purpose, joy and fulfillment.

The Law of Frequency Resonance has become clear to you and you have realized how it was impossible to stay in your previous relationship because both of you longer resonated with each other, your vibrational frequency was no longer the same. If you had stayed in the relationship you could have suffered a bigger loss; losing your integrity, your soul’s mission and the ultimate expression of self love. Instead of seeing this relationship closure as a loss you see it as an opportunity to attract a higher frequency grid of people, places, times, things and events that resonate with your new state of being. You feel a space opening within you, a space that is ready to welcome more of Who You Really Are. A feeling of readiness, surrender and trust begins to take over you, making you eager to explore the unknown and open to the endless possibilities of meeting your soul family, manifesting your twin flame, creating unlimited abundance and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.