Ultimate Relationship Manifestation

If you are not ecstatic about your relationship status you are probably in one or more of the following scenarios:

1) You are single and can’t seem to find the partner you envision.
2) You are divorced and still dealing with past relationship drama.
3) You are in a relationship that once was amazing and now you have become “roommates” or can barely stand each other.
4) You are in a co-dependent and dramatic relationship.
5) You are projecting past relationship baggage to your current partner.
6) You want to get out of a relationship but you can’t (guilt, cords, fears).
7) You are tired and frustrated with relationships, have tried “everything” and have lost nearly all hope to manifesting the relationship you have always longed for.
8) You believe there are no “good” men or women out there.
9) You believe you are not good enough, pretty enough, successful enough or young enough to manifest the relationships of your dreams.

Couple CounselingThe truth is that if you are not manifesting the relationship you desire or anything else in life for that matter, there are energetic blockages preventing you from this. Unresolved energy dynamics like co-dependency, energetic cords, shame, guilt, victimization, betrayal, heart breaks, unworthiness, emotional pain body, abandonment or beliefs that are still encoded in your subconscious mind, auric field and DNA will keep you in a relationship karmic loop where the same thing keeps happening over and over again.

If you tried affirmations, psychotherapy and/or visualizations but none of this has worked for you is because these issues go deeper than the first 3 layers (physical, emotional and mental) of your multidimensional anatomy. The only way to get permanent and effective results is to get to the energetic core of the issue and transmute it on ALL levels of you awareness. This is possible when you work directly with your Higher Self and raise your frequency to attract a new grid of people, places, times, things and events that are in line with your highest good.

It all comes down to frequency, whatever you desire to manifest in life you require to vibrate at that specific frequency in order to attract it. Two people can only get together and stay together if they have an identical or very similar frequency. The best relationship of your life is waiting for you, that person is walking on Earth right now and the only thing you require to do is match their frequency and make space for them energetically to arrive into your life.

On the other hand if you are already in a relationship and you know it can evolve, grow and experience a re-birth with more love, joy, passion and connection, yet no matter how much you try you simply remain stuck in a karmic loop where the same emotional and mental patterns of drama, dissatisfaction and unhappiness continue to happen over and over again…there is something you need to heal and clear within yourself. A relationship breakthrough can easily occur when one person clears the source of the discordant energy dynamics that are being projected onto the relationship, the she/he no longer engages, re-acts or responds to the old patterns and ways of being. Her/his presence becomes a modeling for the other person to drop the past strategies as they are no longer working and a new higher frequency relationship is born.

If you resonate with this information and you are tired of the same thing happening over and over again (drama, attracting unavailable or non committed partners, pain, suffering, living in the past, etc.) I can help you clear the energetic blockages that are keeping you in a relationship karmic loop. When you are ready to take massive action, to declare to the universe with absolute clarity what you desire and match that frequency…your intent will become an inevitable outcome.

I have helped many people manifest higher frequency relationships, even when they thought it was impossible. A higher loving and conscious relationship is simply the BEST experience one can have in life as it offers the ultimate fulfillment of feeling loved and connected, growing, contributing and sharing everything in life (even the challenging experiences). No financial abundance or material wealth can compare to the feeling of knowing that you are completely supported, that there is someone that makes you feel safe and unconditionally loved.

As an energy healer and relationship strategist I can help you identify and most importantly clear the blind spots, karmic loops, past painful experiences and beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting the relationship you desire through the Ascended Relationship Mastery Manifestation Program.

To schedule your the Ascended Relationship Mastery Manifestation Program please visit our Services page.

What We Can Work On:

1. Complete a past relationship(s) energetically – cut all energy cords and karmic ties that bind you to previous lovers, spouses or partners

2. Permanently clear past relationship baggage- unresolved emotional issues and painful events that prevent you from moving forward

3. Transcend the Emotional Pain Body- main source of drama in relationships

4. Save a marriage

5. Manifest a conscious and committed relationship (soulmate)

6. Renew the sense of passion, enthusiasm and sense of aliveness in a relationship

7. Heal a broken heart and move on

8. Clear analogical experiences like betrayal, abandonment or rejection

9. Clear all 22 traits of co-dependency

10. Getting out of relationship karmic loops where you keep manifesting the same type of men/women that is not for your highest good

11. Clear emotional addictions to drama, self pity, hatred and redemption (love and hate relationships)

12. Clear the fears of not being good enough and not being loved

13. Clear feelings of undeservedness, unworthiness, low self esteem, low self confidence and low self valuation

14. Family entanglements – blind love and hidden loyalties to parents and/or ancestors that keep you walking their karma

15. Guilt and shame

16. Victimization

17. Blockages to inner marriage of masculine and feminine energies

18. Power struggles between men and women

19. The need to be right and control

20. Advanced communication skills

21. Clearing all shadow self personas and archetypes related to perfectionism, self-sabotage, martyr, rescuer, etc.

22. Identifying and clearing any blind spots

23. Anything else that is manifesting in your life and that your Higher Self guides us to work on.

If you have any questions please send me an email.

Looking forward to assist you with this,
Gustavo Castañer