Manifest Higher Love in 2018

How To Manifest The Ultimate Relationship

Attracting a relationship is the easiest part. However, keeping that relationship thriving with love, passion, intimacy, connection and trust year after year...that is the most challenging part.

But you have to start somewhere, right? If you haven't found the love of your life then you need to attract that person into your life. How can you achieve this after doing visualizations, affirmations and other countless of techniques that haven't worked?

The answer is...change your relationship frequency.

Everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub-atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50-150 Ghz.

Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that depending on the frequency you have you will resonate with people, places, times, things and events that have similar frequency if not identical frequency.

Two people do not get together and stay together unless they have the same or very similar frequency. That means that the relationships you have attracted so far (or failed to attract) are a direct reflection of your frequency.

What Determines Your Relationship Frequency?

There are many factors that determine your frequency at any given moment. For example your thoughts, feelings and environment can positively or negatively influence your frequency.

However, the previously mentioned frequency factors constantly change and their impact on your vibration can be less enduring.

On the other hand you have frequency factors like soul-fragments, karma and distortions in the DNA that affect your frequency 24/7 regardless of your thoughts or environment. These are soul level energy disturbances that have a strong magnetic charge and thus can be more challenging to change.

In my 10 years as a energy healing practitioner and relationship strategist I have identified the top frequency factors that sabotage the frequency relationship of any person.


Top Frequency Factors That Sabotage Your Relationships


The Male-Female Rift is the culprit behind feelings of unworthiness, anger towards men, unconscious guilt and sadness. The presence of this rift manifests at the DNA level causing an imbalance of the inner divine masculine and feminine energies. Its effects are detrimental to relationships by causing a lot of drama, useless competition and the need to control. This ancient imprint even diminishes your brain function. Healing the Male-Female Rift from your soul memory brings about a more profound state of inner balance, wholeness and surrender.


The emotional pain body is a semi-autonomous energy field made up from old pain. This accumulated pain is like an invisible entity that takes over your body and mind, making you re-act with anger, destructiveness, hatred, grief, fear, depression, emotional drama and sometimes even violence. People who are in a relationship have a nearly identical pain body, in fact most people attract each other due to the frequency of their own pain. Transcending the pain body is one of the most important things you can do to attract and maintain a higher vibrational relationship.


—Co-dependency is energy “vampiring” or pulling energy from people in various ways. Trying to get from someone else what YOU think you don’t have. It stems from lack of self-love, from failing to grant glory and worth to the Self. Hence needing the approval of someone else, needing their love to prove self-worth becomes DRAMATIC games of extracting love, approval and appreciation from them. —On another level, it is dominance and control issues. When you make the other person responsible for your happiness, then the subconscious feels that as a LOSS OF PERSONAL POWER. —So controlling the person who is responsible for your happiness generates quite naturally a LOT OF DRAMA.


During intense and painful experiences like betrayal, abandonment, heartbreak, rejection or abuse you can unconsciously fragment your soul by identifying with the emotions and thought-forms you experienced in that past event. When you identify with this discordant emotions and thought-forms you create identities or the personalities that make up your shadow self. The unresolved emotions contained within these soul fragments and identities are what cause you to re-act, projecting the past onto your present reality. During this training we will be performing energy clearings and soul retrieval so that you can finally close the chapter and move on to manifest the most brilliant relationship you can imagine.


Cords of attachments are energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue. Cords of attachments are the main reason why people feel stuck in a relationship karmic loop. They distort your thinking and feelings, causing you to have unconscious re-actions and dramatize your past over and over again. Cords of attachments are what energy vampires use to suck your life force energy. Clearing cords of attachments is the first step to clarity and freedom.


Karmic contracts are decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, contracts, oaths, vows, agreements, unresolved emotions and attitudes, held consciously and unconsciously that we live by and have made with other people. For example, if you were once betrayed or experience a heartbreak, ou might have made a vow like "I"ll never trust men again" or "I'll never open my heart again." These karmic contracts create, influence or magnetize events and experiences in your current reality, thus attracting you to relationships that resonate with the same energy of betrayal, heartbreak, abandonment, etc. Karmic contracts are what keep you in a relationship karmic loop.


Most people enter relationships wanting to extract the love they feel they don't have (co-dependency). The type of love that results from this scenario is a chemical love rather than true higher giving love. Once the chemical love wears off then the relationship will experience the polar opposite emotion, this is reason why most relationships end up in bitterness and resentment. During this training we will remove the top priority blockages that are preventing you from opening your heart chakra and embodying a state of unconditional self love. Only then will you be able to feel like you are the source of love, feeling whole and complete you will be finally able to give and receive true love.



Did you know that the relationships your parents had will greatly influence the type of relationship you will have? Your inner child deeply loves your parents and to honor this love your inner child will blindly follow their steps. What this means is that you are very likely to experience the same type of issues and challenges one or both of your parents experienced during their own relationships. If you were to be happier than your parent then your inner child would subconsciously feel guilty for betraying them by being better than them. This is why most people end up walking their parents karma in relationships and in other areas of their lives.

Are You Stuck In A Relationship Karmic Loop?

A karmic loop is defined when something keeps happening over and over again despite your attempts to change it.

If you have ever tried to attract the love of your life and manifest a higher loving relationship but no matter what you do you continue to end up in an unfulfilling relationship, then you are stuck in a relationship karmic loop.


How To Raise Your Frequency and Manifest
The Ultimate Relationship?

Your ideal partner is already out there. If you haven’t met him/her then this simply means that you are not in the same frequency. Even worse is when you meet him/her but your energetic blockages and karma prevent you from staying together.

99% of the population are in relationships that are based on the frequency determined by their karmic imprints, auric attachments and emotional pain body. These types of relationships are based on personalities of the Ego and thrive on codependency, pain and drama.

Only 1% of humanity are in relationships based on the frequency of their Soul’s Purpose. Very few people get to experience this type of higher vibrational relationship because they have too many energetic blockages within their morphogenetic field.

During the Harmonic Resonance Relationship Manifestation Live Training we will  transmute the energetic blockages that are keeping you in a low frequency fence. Next we will activate your chakras and DNA to their highest energy holding potential and original divine function so that you can vibrate at a higher relationship frequency.

This methodology changes your frequency at the quantum level so that you can manifest a relationship that is aligned with your Higher Self or Soul Identity.

The only way that you can transcend your relationship karmic loops is by energetically disengaging the relationship blockages that are encoded in your auric field and unwinding the unresolved emotions related to them. This is exactly what we are going to do in all your training sessions, we are going to clear your relationship slate.

Harmonic Resonance Relationship
Manifestation Live Training

  • 1

    Relationship Milestones

    I will walk you through all the steps and milestones for you to clear your relationship slate, raise your frequency and manifest the ultimate relationship.

  • 2


    You'll get 1 year access to the training so that you can study the material and also re-experience the energy work in order clear deeper layers of relationship baggage.

  • 3

    Relationship Mastery Harmonic Resonance Codes

    The Harmonic Resonance Codes will be the main tools we will use to clear your relationship slate and raise your relationship frequency to its highest potential.

  • 4

    Manifestation Techniques

    This training would not be complete without an effective manifestation technique to attract your ideal partner (or anything you can imagine). In this training I will teach you various manifestation techniques, including one I have never taught before that will allow you to connect to the soul of your ideal partner even if you have never met him/her.

  • 5

    Transcendental Relationships Principles

    In this training you will learn the principles that will transform your relationship into an outstanding one. These principles are tools that will help you navigate through the toughest challenges, make your partner feel divinely loved, create a brilliant soul connection and an unbreakable trust.

What Other People Are Saying

Hello Gustavo,

I just would like you to say thank you again and let you know about my progress! I had a private session on Tuesday with you to work on my "relationship". Soon after I went a French restaurant, which is close to my flat but I never had dinner there before because it's usually super crowded.

Next to my table there was a retired American couple from San Francisco and around dessert time we started chatting. They were to my left and I was concentrated in the conversation so I didn't notice but there was a cute guy to my right. And suddenly the American lady started talking to the guy and was asking him questions. He said he was a mathematician at a university from Spain (one of the places I have been thinking to go on summer holiday this year).

She told me and that guy, "The life is short, you two are single so why don't you exchange our contacts! We Americans normally do."

So we did 🙂

I know no one knows what will happen next but this kind of things had never happened to me in my life before the session with you. I feel something changing and am able to be more confident with myself. I will keep working on myself with your membership clearings. 

I would like to be like that American lady! Inspiring!

Thanks you very much. And thanks for reading.

Best regards,

Hiroko from Japan

Update 3 months later!

I have spent a lovely holiday with THE boyfriend in Menorca, Spain. It is such a beautiful place and the food is so good!  He is a very active and fit person (he likes climbing mountains and hiking apart from swimming etc.) so it's sometimes a little hard to follow him. Actually now we are in Hokkaido for ten days holidays for hiking!

- Hiroko


I had been meaning to get around to completing the Karmic Imprint clearing for myself and today I did. Since beginning this work,  I have had lots of relationship stuff surface for me..( great learning 🙂  but this past one was the icing on the cake so to speak.   An issue came up with my former husband where I asked at the last minute to keep my daughter, another night because she had just gotten her period for the first time. He said no… as you can imagine lot’s of old stuff around control surfaced for me. 

I sat down today to complete the Karmic work for myself with the intention of clearing this stuff… well the code went into my heart, then went into Matt's heart  (huge)  It got BIG, then to my daughter's heart a lot smaller.  There was a direct line linking us all with the code.  It was a powerful clearing with good cleansing tears… WOW!

Again Thank You!

Much Love,


- Lynne

Thank you so much Gustavo...your work has assisted me so much with my own awakening. Even though I've always had the knowing and remembrance of who I am as a Soul and my work on this planet. It wasn't until i began your webinars and sessions with you that I moved from a place of struggling onward...into a space of freedom and expansion.

Rapidly moving forward and finally embracing accepting and approving of myself on all levels, especially spiritually. The joy of actually feeling and embodying what I've always known to be Universal Truth and becoming one with all aspects of myself.

It's surreal!

I AM so very grateful and thank both you and Jennifer for being a part of my life. And for all the dedication and passion you infuse into your life's work.

I AM so honored and excited to be a part of the new collective consciousness of this beautiful planet of ours..LOVE..and to meet with such endearing Souls such as yourselves.

I wish you love, peace and joy.

Gratefully, Veronica xoxo 

- Veronika K.

Hi Gustavo,

Twice this week I was able to use the codes to clear situations that I was involved in at the moment. The shift was so incredible and so noticeable that it really impressed me with how powerful this work is! It totally changed an emotional loop that I was caught up in for almost a year now. I can’t believe it’s totally gone. It also shifted my relationship with someone I’m very close to and I wanted desperately to help her, I tried to fix her and suddenly the relationship is working perfectly.

Thank you so much,

- S.

I AM Ready, How Do I Sign Up?

Normally all these clearings, activations and studying material is only provided in my Ultimate Relationship Manifestation Certification Program which costs $3,997.

You can get 1 year access to this 2+ hour training that includes all the activations and clearings from the Ultimate Relationship Manifestation Certification for only $397.

yes let me in

If you are a member of In-Light-Ment please access the members area to get your discount link and another bonus surprise.


  • 1

    Family Karma Transmutation Training (valued at $297)

    Clear the top priority karmic imprints and energy blockages related to your family constellation. In this 2 hour training you will free yourself from the negative energy dynamics that keep you stuck in a family karmic loop.

  • 2

    Chakra Mastery Webinar (valued at $297)

    Master your 15 chakras and clear the top priority chakra blockages that prevent you from embodying your Higher Self. This is one of the most comprehensive trainings that will give you insight into how each chakra and their frequency are related to specific issues. Clear auric attachments, karmic imprints, unnatural implants, shadow self archetypes and more!

  • 3

    How To Bend The Matrix (valued at $297)

    Two and half hours of clearings, activations and strategies on how to bend the matrix and design your own reality. Learn how to manifest from your Higher Self instead of the Ego and take full control over your destiny.

  • 4

    Soul Retrieval Training (valued at $297)

    Learn the energy directing techniques and commands to effectively transmute the SOURCE of any negative emotional/mental reaction. Clear discarnates from your field and recover lost soul fragments. This invaluable tool will help you clear discordant soul fragments and unresolved emotions for the rest of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What clearings and activations are included in the Harmonic Resonance Relationship Manifestation Training?

A:  In this trainig you'll be working on the following intents:

  1. Cutting cords of attachments
  2. Healing the Male-Female Rift
  3. Clearing karmic relationship loops (i.e. attracting unavailable men)
  4. Clearing Co-dependency
  5. Activating Self-Love
  6. Transcendental relationship frequencies activation
  7. Relationship mastery awareness
  8. Emotional pain body transcendence
  9. Blind love disentanglement

Q: For how long can I access these trainings?

A: You'll get access for a full year. During this time you are encouraged to watch the training and do all the clearings and activations again.

The great thing about the recording is that you can skip directly to the clearings and activations so you don't have to watch the entire training each time. This way you can continue to clear deeper levels of blockages, unresolved emotions, cords of attachments, karma and more in 30-45 minutes.

Q: When does this offer expire?

A: This offer will only be available until November 12, 2017.

Q: What are the Harmonic Resonance Codes and how did they come into manifesation?

A:  The Harmonic Resonance Codes are sacred geometric energy mandalas that have been encrypted with light and sound mathematical programs from higher dimensional realities.

They emit or vibrate a harmonious light frequency, that depending on the intent of the code, will transmute blockages or activate energy centers (pineal gland, DNA, chakras) within your multidimensional anatomy to their highest frequency holding potential and original divine function.

To learn more about how the Harmonic Resonance Codes came into manifestation please click here.