The belief that you are not your body is a spiritual bypass.

Yes, you ARE much more than your body but if your body is not functioning to its highest energetic holding potential and Original Divine Function then your spiritual experience here on Earth and the ability to EMBODY your Higher Self will be greatly diminished.

What Are You?

There has been a huge mis-interpretation of the spiritual teaching that says "You are not the body." The truth is you have a 15 multidimensional anatomy, your physical body resides in dimensions 1-3 and your Higher Self is the part of YOU that resides in dimensions 4-15. When ancient teachings said "You are not the body", what they meant was that the body was not the TOTALITY of who you are. Yet the body is part of who you are and right now it serves as the vehicle for your spirit to experience reality in the first 3 dimensions.

This spiritual teaching was purposely distorted and inserted as an implant into the New Age teachings so that people would disregard and not take care of their bodies. Those who desire to control Earth and humanity don't want you to have a healthy body because they know this will affect your DNA and your ability to access higher states of consciousness. No wonder why they are purposely poising our foods by genetically modifying them, spraying chemicals and pesticides, using artificial ingredients and heavily processing foods. There have been countless studies that show how nutrition can affect your brain function, your immune system, your hormones and every single vital organ in your body.

Your brain is pivotal when it comes to your perception, interpretation and experience of reality. If your pineal gland is calcified then you will have great difficulties activating your 3rd eye and using your higher sense of clairvoyance. If you have hormonal imbalances this could mean that you are releasing more stress hormones (cortisol and epinephrine) than good feel hormones like serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and phenylethamine. Hormones are a BIG DEAL when it comes to your mental, emotional and spiritual state. Take serotonin for example, also known as the happiness hormone, which regulates your mood and prevents depression. Or the love hormone phenylethamine that when released makes us feel like we are in love. Do you think you can experience nirvana or bliss during your meditation if your body is being bombarded with the stress hormones? I think not. A brain that is not functioning properly is a brain without clarity of thought.

Your Body Is a Hologram

If you have studied quantum physics you know that the body is a hologram created by thought. Therefore it can be affected and CHANGED by thought. Whenever you choose to exercise, eat certain foods, balance your hormones and live a healthy lifestyle it is the intent and thought behind these activities that determines your success to achieve optimal body health. But if there are conflicting thoughts like: "This will never work...I will never lose weight...this is painful..." then these thoughts will sabotage your physiological well being.

Another spiritual bypass is that physical weight doesn't matter and losing weight is superficial, a desire from the ego. But did you know that stressful thoughts can make you gain weight? That's right, when you are stressed out your body produces elevated levels of cortisol and this in turn can cause fat deposition in the abdominal area of your body. This toxic fat is strongly correlated with the development of cardiovascular diseases. So some or all of your physical weight could be solidified thoughtforms and their accumulated etheric mass. For many people the state of their physical body is a reflection of their mental and emotional processes.

Merkaba Connection

The personal merkaba of most people here on Earth is off. The top electrical portion of the merkaba is spinning at 21 and the bottom magnetic portion is spinning at 34. Too many particles and not enough anti-particles is what this manifest as, along with excessive physical weight around the waist area. When the energy doesn't circulate in your body correctly, or you have heavy imprints from past traumatic events and DNA blockages, this will manifest as physical weight. Most people that have gone through physical abuse as children end up extremely overweight because they are carrying these imprints. The unresolved emotional energy of pain accumulates as etheric mass in the auric field and then manifest as physical weight in the body.

The top electrical portion of your merkaba is supposed to draw in the Life Force currents from Source and your Higher Self. The bottom magnetic portion of your merkaba is supposed to draw in the Life Force currents from Earth. When your merkaba is spinning correctly you can accrete more light into your body and DNA. So having your merkaba off can not only make you gain weight but it can also impede your process of ascension. The merkaba is the light vehicle that allows you inter-dimensional travel and the ability to go "up" the multidimensional scale. If your physical body cannot hold the frequency of your Higher Self, then you cannot fully activate your DNA and thus ascend.

Mer - light that rotates within itself

Ka- spirit

Ba- body

Restoring The Original Divine Blueprint

There are 3 main factors that determine your state at any given moment: your physiology, your focus and your language. If your physiology is out of balance this will have massive repercussions on your mental and emotional states. If you are feeling tired, drained and exhausted all the time do you think this will affect your cognition and will to go out have live an amazing life? What about your relationships? Do you think that if you feel unhealthy and lethargic you will have the same enthusiasm to be more loving and have a wonderful time with your beloved?

And if by any chance you are healing facilitator (reiki, theta healing, massage therapist, etc.) then you must certainly know through experience how tired and drained you can feel after giving a session to someone else. Your body consumes a lot of energy when you are doing energy work on someone else. We require healthy, strong and fit bodies to perform the Great Work here on Earth.

For this reason I have designed a program that will RESET your physiological health at the quantum level of your awareness by working on your entire multidimensional anatomy and DNA template.


In This Program We Will Work On:

  • Calibrating Your Auric Field & Merkaba

  • Balancing Your Hormones

  • Clearing Past Abuse & Pain

  • Delcalcifying The Pineal Gland

  • Toxic Clearing Waste Removal

  • Clearing of Meridians & Axiatonal Lines

  • Activating Optimal Metabolism

  • Perfect Weight Calibration


  • Clearing Disharmonic Thoughtforms

How The Session Will Be Done

The Ultimate Body Health and Merkaba Calibration Session will be done via Skype. The investment for the session is $377. Throughout the session we will be doing massive clearings and activations on your morphogenetic field, merkaba, chakras, meridians, brain centers and DNA to clear the Source of the energetic blockages and toxic energies that impeded the optimal mind, body and spirit function.

We will be using advanced energy healing techniques as well as specific Sacred Geometry Codes for this.  Furthermore I will be sharing some of the best bi0-hacks for optimal health, nutrition and losing weight. Think about how different you and your life would be if you significantly increased your level of vitality, strength, endurance, energy and focus.

After this session you will be able to accrete so much more light into your morphogenetic field, DNA and body that you will feel incredibly lighter and revitalized.

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When I was three years old, I witnessed the tragic death of my toddler sister. I collapsed into severe hypoarousal. I have come to understand that what my mind/body was experiencing was serve shock and immobilization. Although I survived, I did so not without cost. I couldn’t speak for a year, had heart irregularities, fainted quite frequently, and could not regulate my emotional states. My nervous system was completely dysregulated.

That was fifty-seven years ago. I have been spending many of them since then trying to understand what happened to me and how to get myself back to being me. Although many of the modalities I have utilized have been helpful in an area or two, until I met Gustavo I still lived in fight/flight and my heart felt an unceasing grief for what I had lost from my chaotic childhood. I could never think of my sister without experiencing the original loss and grief. I have had three sessions with Gustavo and am experiencing a remarkable new quality of life. In my heart there is now a sense of connection and peace about my sister. I am also seeing an amazing shift in my emotional reactions to minor and major stressors. I am much more responsive, not reactive.

Before these sessions, I saw myself as someone who would never live outside of pain. I was willing to do all I could to mitigate it, but I believed it could be managed, not healed. Now I feel differently. My life quest has been to move from “freeze” to “flow” and Gustavo enabled me to do this.

Gustavo is truly a healer. One who possesses the latest understanding of neurobiology, but also the wisdom of the ancients. I wholeheartedly recommend him!
Constance C. Jones, M.A., L.P.C.

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