There Is Nothing Wrong With YOU

How do you feel when you read the sentence above? Can you truly believe there is nothing wrong with you?

Until you are completely able to let go of the belief "there is something wrong with me" you will sabotage all attempts to heal yourself to the core and embody your essence.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You have spent thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on workshops, retreats, certifications and sessions in hopes to heal whatever is "wrong" with you. During the workshop or retreat and shortly after your experienced a high where everything seemed to make sense and you felt whole.

But then shortly after the thought "there is something wrong with me" sneaked in again and soon enough you were once again attempting to fix whatever you thought was broken within you.

The belief "there is something wrong with me" is rampant among coaches, healing facilitators and their clients. In the beginning this thought can lead you to great wisdom but if it's not transcended it can turn into an endless void.

"And so enlightenment, fulfillment and lasting joy will continue to elude you because the thought "There is something wrong with me." will still be ingrained in your subconscious mind."

This thought is the NUMBER ONE blockage for you to experience true healing and transformation. As long as you believe there is something wrong with you, all attempts to heal yourself will be futile because it doesn't matter how much progress you make, once you identify with the thought you will go back to that place where you feel you haven't done enough or you haven't got "there" yet.

The Ultimate Blockage

The thought "There is something wrong with me" is the greatest limiting thought for those on the path of self realization. If you believe there is something wrong with you then you will certainly believe there is something wrong with everyone else and this will keep you in a judgment karmic loop, blocking you from embodying unconditional love towards yourself and others.

It is extremely draining to constantly be scrutinizing yourself and others in attempts to find what is "wrong" with you or them. And as long as you have this belief you will ALWAYS find something wrong within you or other people even if there is nothing wrong. This is just the nature of your mind, if you ask the mind "what is wrong with me" or "what is wrong with him" it will always give you an answer.

"Nothing else represents a greater obstacle for you to see the essence in yourself and others than this thought, it is the ultimate blockage to self love and joy."

What usually ends up happening is that people who strongly believe there is something wrong with other people become rescuers and problem fixers. They always try to solve other people's problems, give them unsolicited advice and try to rescue them.

Then they wonder why other people don't want to be around them. They think they are good listeners but all they are doing is trying to find what is wrong and how to fix it, while the other person simply wants them to listen. This scenario is very common in all kinds of relationships, especially intimate relationships and client/coach relationships.

What you focus on grows, and so you end up finding more faults in others and yourself. Needless to say the belief that there is something wrong with you and other people destroys relationships. Nothing can kill an intimacy between two people than this thought.


Your Brain Is A Computer

Every time you ask yourself 'What is wrong with me?' or 'What am I doing wrong?' your brain MUST give you an answer and show it to you. It is pretty much like typing a question on Google and hitting the 'Search' button. And even if there is really nothing wrong with you, your brain will still come up with an answer. So be careful what questions you feed your brain.

What Is The Purpose of Healing If
There Is Nothing Wrong With Me?

You don't require to believe or think there is something wrong with you to change or heal. The word "wrong" is a label and you can choose to change something simply because is no longer serving you in order to become that version of yourself you wish to embody.

The main reason why people do workshop after workshop, certification after certification is because they believe this thought. And so the cycle of healing, repairing and fixing never ends because there is ALWAYS something else "wrong" with them.

Now don't get me wrong (no pun intended), working on yourself is phenomenal but when you approach a healing session, a workshop or certification coming from the "There is something wrong with me" mindset, you are going to decrease the amount of healing you can experience. You simply won't be able to get to the core of it and heal whatever you are trying to heal permanently.

I know this because I invested over $100,000 in sessions, workshops and certifications. I certainly learned a lot and healed a great deal of issues, but when I cleared the source of the belief "There is something wrong with me." I was able to get to the core and experience the most profound transformation that lead me to:

- Embrace life and my humanity. Take myself less seriously.

- See my own pure essence and the essence of others

- Take off the mentor/coach/healer/problem solving hat and truly listen and connect with others instead of constantly looking for what I could fix, heal or resolve.

- Have a higher discernment when it comes to choosing what workshop, seminar, retreat or webinar to attend instead of feeling like I "needed" to do every single workshop out there.

- Embodying a state of wholeness

Over the years I have seen this same dilemma with more than 90% of all the people I have worked with. People who's main intent when buying a product, session, webinar is to fix themselves because they identify with the thought "There is something wrong with me and I have to fix myself, because I am broken." There are many spiritual "gurus" out there who don't want you to know this so that you sign up for everything they have to sell you.

Feeling Unholy?

Have you ever felt unholy? Have you ever felt like you are not spiritual enough or you are not as evolved as you "should" be? This is absolute madness! When you feel unholy you are actually denying the divine nature within yourself. As long as you believe there is something wrong with you, you will continue to block the divine life force currents from Source from flowing through your bio-energetic system.

It's Time To Be The Light

Imagine the following, there is a stain glass and a light that comes through it. Most people think they are the stain glass and so they spend their entire life trying to clean and fix the stain glass so the light can shine brighter through it. But what if you realized that you are not the stain glass but the light itself.

As long as you think you are the stain glass you won't be able to fully experience the light that you are. When you have the thought "There is something wrong with me." you are seeing yourself as a stained glass that needs to be fixed and cleaned endlessly.

However if you are the light then you are brilliant, pure, flowing and that which vanishes darkness. When you are the light you have a clear vision of yourself and everything else. And so the stained glass becomes perfection, a one experience or version of the infinite possibilities contained within the totality of who you really are.

It is then that you can simply choose to change or clean the stained glass in order to experience a new frequency of colors and patterns that are more aligned with your desires for this unique reality.

How To Free Yourself From The Thought There Is Something Wrong With Me

The thought "There is something wrong with me." is a very polarized thought-form with many layers of unresolved emotions (like shame, guilt, unworthiness) and energetic blockages.

In order for you to free yourself from the identification with this thought you must transmute all the blockages that constantly supply energy to this thought. Fortunately I have cleared this on myself and other people. These are some of the energetic blockages that are connected to this thought-form:

  • The First Analogical Experience

    With the assistance of your Higher Self we will identify the first analogical moment where you identified with the thought “There is something wrong with me” and energetically clear that event and all the analogical experiences that resulted from this.

  • Projections From Other People

    We will transmute all negative projections from other people who throughout your lifetime projected the thought “What is wrong with you?” People will often keep hearing their parents voices inside their head, telling them “What is wrong with you?”

  • Unplug Neural Net Connections

    Not only we will clear the past analogical experiences and soul fragments related to the thought “There is something wrong with me/others” but we will also unplug all neural net connections related to this thought. This is the only way permanent healing can occur.

  • Shadow Self Archetypes

    The rescuer archetype is characterized by the need to fix and heal everything. People who have this archetype are always looking for what is wrong and how they can fix it. The perfectionist archetype is never content with the current state of being or reality and often manifest as a “self-improvement junkie” personality.

  • Activate Unconditional Self-Love

    It is very important to clear all the soul fragments related to the SOURCE of judgment towards yourself and others. Then activate your heart chakra with the frequencies of unconditional self love so that you can see and embody your true essence.

  • Lack and Limitation

    We will clear all soul fragments and karmic imprints related to lack and limitation consciousness. Those who are on a healing journey and identify with the though that there is something wrong with them will often feel like they haven’t done “enough” and need to do “more” healing, getting stuck in an endless self-healing karmic loop.

Ready To Unplug Your Mind From This Thought?

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Think about how you would feel and how different your life and healing journey would be if you were free from the thought "There is something wrong with me."

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