Has This Ever Happened To You?

A couple of days ago you had a heated argument or experienced a painful event with a family member, spouse, co-worker or client? Today you are alone, but you can’t stop thinking about the other person; what they said, what you said, what you would like have said, etc.

And you re-play this scenario over and over again. There is a dark cloud of negative thoughts filled with anger, hatred, bitterness, resentment or sadness. No matter what you are doing you constantly go back to this train of thought, you even go to sleep thinking about this and wake up with an awful knot inside your chest.

You want this feeling to go away and you try to distract or numb yourself by watching TV., browsing the internet, eating or sleeping. But none of it works.

You notice how exhausted and energy depleted you feel. This is the ultimate energy vampire at work.

This Is Not Your Typical Energy Vampire

You have probably heard of the classic energy vampire, that person that sucks your energy by constantly demanding your attention and being extremely needy. The classic energy vampire lives in perpetual drama and suffers from extreme victimization, blaming everyone for their own unhappiness and never taking responsibility. This energy vampire thrives on guilt and pity.

The ultimate energy vampire is far worse than any person that uses these types energy vampiring strategies.  The classic energy vampire is easy to identify and it can be easily avoided. You can even choose to bring closure to the relationship and prevent that person from depleting your life force energy.

The ultimate energy vampire however is always with you, even when you are alone. It's not a person and even though it acts like an independent entity, it's not. The ultimate energy vampire it is a semi-autonomous entity that is made up from your own pain and it's invisible to most people. It is part of who you are; in fact you created this energy vampire in analogical moments of pain and suffering.

Because this soul-sucking vampire was spawned from pain it can only survive and grow with more pain. The ultimate energy vampire is always waiting for the perfect opportunity to suck the energy out of your auric field. But it only can feed from one type of energy, and that energy is pain. Whether is your own self created pain or the pain experienced by other people, this psychic vampire doesn't care where it gets its next fix.

And in order to do so, it must hi-jack your emotional and mental bodies to seek out more pain. It thrives when you are not fully present, when you are unconscious of the here and now, that is when it takes over you.

If you have ever read The Power of Now or The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle then you know what I am talking about. The ultimate energy vampire is known as the emotional pain-body.

Eckhart Tolle and The Pain-Body

Eckhart Tolle coined the term the pain-body and brought to light its existence and energy vampiring strategies.

What Is The Pain Body?

The emotional pain body is a semi-autonomous energy field made up from old pain. This accumulated pain is like an invisible entity that takes over your body and mind, making you re-act with anger, destructiveness, hatred, grief, fear, depression, emotional drama and sometimes even violence. Whatever way the pain body manifests it is painful, yet you are not always conscious of it.

Sometimes the pain body can be dormant or active, it will become active when it needs to feed on further experiences of pain because this is the only way it can survive. You will know when the pain body is active when something irrelevant and insignificant produces an outburst reaction of pain. This is when we “get our buttons pushed” by situations, thoughts or other people.

The pain body can only feed from pain and it finds this pain from two primary sources: your thoughts and the reactions of other people when they are in pain. When the pain body is feeding from your thoughts it controls your thinking and your mind will become aligned with the pain body.

When this happens the pain body has taken over, its devouring your thoughts and satisfying its addictive love to painful negative thinking, at this moment the last thing you want is to be free of pain. The other scenario previously mentioned is when the pain body feeds on the feedback of emotional pain from other people. The pain body loves drama and it will push other people buttons causing them to react so it can feed itself.

How Is The Pain-Body Created?

When we go through life we experience pain and trauma. Sometimes our nervous system can experience this pain and trauma and digest it. It goes in, we can integrate it and move on.

When it is too intense, our nervous system locks this pain in another part of our body and push it away.It becomes a repressed memory that it’s supposed to be stored and brought up ONLY when you have the resources and safety to deal with it.

If you don’t have the resources to deal with it and it gets triggered then you will:

- Pacify it through addictions
- Re-experience the pain and add more energy

These repressed painful memories creates the pain body. IT IS THE WEIGHT OF YOUR UNDIGESTED STUFF and it will come out when you are in a relationship. These traumas that are stored in your body REQUIRE ENERGY.

In order to keep this memory alive will cost us energy to keep it there. Pain body trigger, karmic loop when on pain body triggers the other person’s pain body and vice versa.

What Are The Consequences of The Pain Body In Your Life?

The consequences of the pain-body are detrimental. The frequency of the pain body will attract you to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with this pain.

For example people in relationships have very similar pain bodies that were created from similar painful experiences (abuse, betrayal, abandonment, heartbreaks, rejection) thus the pain-body will have a bonanza to feed from all the emotional drama that will result from this relationship.

Another example is a pain-body that keeps you in a karmic loop where you struggle with money and manifesting abundance. Your thought-forms of fear, lack and scarcity are a great source of food for you pain-body.

Yet the ultimate consequence of the pain body is that it depletes you from your own psychic energy. Think about it, how do you feel when you have been worrying non stop for days or when you are having an imaginary heated argument with another person? You feel drained, exhausted and depressed.

When the pain-body is active you will feel a sense of restlessness and inability to live in the now. You will be more likely to lash out at other people (including your loved ones) because the pain-body wants MORE pain. Once the pain-body has feasted on your negative thoughts and reactions from other people it will become dormant, but until it gets hungry again.

Sabotaging Your Attempts

Many people experience a great deal of frustration when their attempts to meditate and become more present are sabotaged by the pain-body. As long as the pain body is attached to your field, you can't transcend it.

The Big Problem

Eckhart Tolle mentions that the way to transcend the pain body is to become conscious of it and remain in a state of presence when it becomes active. Unfortunately this is extremely difficult since the very nature of the pain body is to put you into a state of unconsciousness so that you can identify with the pain. Once you have identified with the painful and negative thought-forms the pain-body will take over your emotional and mental bodies.

Most people try to repress their negative emotions but this is counterproductive. The pain-body if not expressed will eventually come out in full force and cause massive chaos. Repressing emotions only aggravates the problem by keeping the pain-body energy stuck, unable to be release or transmuted.

Failure to transcend your pain-body will keep you in a low frequency fence where you will attract people, places, times, things and events that resonate with the frequency of the pain-body. This is the pain-body karmic loop.

The pain body can prevent you from fulfilling your Soul's purpose, embodying your Higher Self, it can sabotage your relationships, prevents you from experiencing deep states of meditation, manifesting financial abundance or being able to live in the now.

The Solution

If you wait until the pain-body becomes activated in order to shine your awareness and stay present so that you can transcend it, it will probably take you an entire lifetime to do this. Plus, depending on how heavily charged is your pain-body you might be fighting a soul sucking monster that will do anything in it's power to make you fall into it's next trap.

Years ago I found myself with this predicament. I read Eckhart Tolle's books, gained a plethora of awareness about the pain-body and I began to transcend it. Yet I discovered that the pain-body had multiple layers. What I mean by this is that even though I could successfully bring awareness to the pain-body once it became active, remain in a state of presence and transcend some of the pain, I could still experience similar re-actions to people and events.

However my intuition was telling me that there was a faster way to transcend the pain body. I went into a deep state of meditation, connected to my Higher Self and asked my Higher Self "Is there a more effective and faster way to transcend the pain-body? And if so, how can I do this?"

Instantly I received a download of information on how to clear the SOURCE of the pain-body. My Higher Self made it clear that the fastest and most effective way to transcend the pain body is to transmute the past analogical experiences (moments where you lost track of time and unconsciously identified with a discordant belief or thought-form) and soul fragments that gave birth to the pain body in the first place.

These energetic blockages must be cleared PERMANENTLY on ALL levels of your multidimensional awareness. When an energetic blockage is cleared only on the physical, emotional and mental levels of your multidimensional anatomy but it is not cleared on the etheric and spiritual levels of your awareness, the discordant energies will re-generate.

That is why it is of extremely important to clear all energetic blockages from this and past lifetimes, incarnations and even parallel universes at the quantum level of you awareness in order to obtain a permanent release.

Past Lifetime Baggage

The truth is that more than 90% of your pain-body was created in previous lifetimes and these issues are buried deep within your subconscious mind.

Two Missing Elements To Transcend The Pain-Body

With the assistance of my Higher Self I had discovered a way to clear the layers of the pain-body and transcend it without having to wait for the pain-body to become active. I could consciously sit quietly in a state of meditation, connect to my Higher Self and ask my Higher Self to show me the past analogical experiences, soul fragments and thought-forms that spawned the pain-body.

The using energy directing techniques and a specific Sacred Geometry Code I could transmute and clear countless of layers from my pain-body. In 20-30 minutes I could clear a lifetime worth of pain-body baggage.

And if for any reason I the pain body became activate during my day to day life I could use my presence and energy clearing techniques to dis-engage the pain-body and come back to a state of equanimity and clarity. In my process of transcending the pain-body I also discovered two key elements or state of being besides presence that are required to effectively allow the stuck energies of the pain-body to flow throughout my auric field and body until released.

This often felt like an energy vortex being turned on inside my body and then moving, sometimes I would have very strong physical sensations and even feel a great deal of heat.

Are You Ready To Transcend Your Pain Body?

If you don't want to spend an entire lifetime (possibly multiple lifetimes) transcending your pain-body then join me in the Transcending The Ultimate Energy Vampire: The Pain-Body live webinar on September 25, 2014 at 6pm Eastern Time (US and Canada).

In this live webinar you will learn:

  • 1

    The Top Pain-Body Layers

    You'll learn what are the top pain-body layers that affect your spiritual evolution and prevent you from living a life filled with peace and equanimity. This knowledge is of vital importance to be able to recognize your pain-body and learn its energy vampire strategies.

  • 2

    How To Energetically Clear the Source of the Pain-Body

    More importantly you will learn how to energetically clear the SOURCE of the pain body by connecting to your Higher Self and using specific energy directing techniques. These techniques are extremely simple to use and you can use them anytime and anywhere. This way you can continue to clear your pain-body.

  • 3

    The Two Missing Elements to Transcend the Pain-Body

    Presence and awareness are only the beginning. You require to shine onto the pain-body these two key elements or states of being. This simple technique will get you into deep states of meditation and reach incredibly pleasurable states of awareness (including feeling connected to everything and merging with the ONE).

  • 4

    Webinar Replay

    This webinar is going to be packed with life changing information and self-mastery techniques. You will definitely want to watch this webinar multiple times to fully digest the information, integrate the energetic healing and master the energy clearing techniques.

How To Sign Up?

The webinar will be limited to only 12 people as I will be working with each individual to clear the pain-body manifestation that are causing the biggest pain and hindering their evolution.

The investment for this webinar is only $297 (normally $997). This will be an advanced training webinar, not only will you receive clearings but you will learn how to do the clearings yourself to completely transcend your pain-body.


As a bonus you will receive lifetime access to the Advanced Energy Healing Techniques Membership where you will learn:

1) How to connect to your Higher Self

2) Read energy signatures

3) Clear auric attachments and karmic imprints

4) Clear the shadow self

5) 15 dimensional manifestation technique to manifest with your Higher Self

A value of $694

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the live webinar?

The live webinar will be on Thursday September 25, 2014 at 6pm Eastern Time (US and Canada). Please check your time difference for Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

I cannot attend the webinar live, when will the replay be available?

Those who register for the webinar will receive the replay within 24 hours.

When will I receive the bonus "Advanced Energy Healing Techniques"?

You will receive lifetime access to the Advanced Energy Healing Techniques membership after the live webinar.

What happens if I have any questions after the webinar?

You can always send me an email with your question(s) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

 Is this webinar included in the Soul Mission Fulfilled Membership?

No, the live webinar on Tuesday September 23 was included in the membership but this webinar isn't. The webinars that are included in the membership are webinars that are offered for $197 or less.