The Law of Deservedness

The Law of Deservendess states that you only get what you SUBCONSCIOUSLY feel you deserve and nothing more. If you do manifest more you will either sabotage it, push it away or simply won’t enjoy it. It’s very easy to know what you subconsciously feel you deserve by taking a look at your life right now. Have you manifested your soulmate or a conscious committed relationship? Have you manifested the abundance and wealth you desire? Do you have your dream job and the lifestyle you want? You might consciously feel you deserve all these things and do visualizations and affirmations to attract this, yet if this is not working is because you subconsciously feel you don’t deserve it. The reason for this is that you can feel ashamed or guilty for something you did in the past. Often is the thought “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy enough” that is the culprit for your subconscious feelings of underservedness. The key to get what you truly deserve is by transmuting the deep subconscious beliefs and past painful experiences regarding unworthiness.

If the Law of Deservedness is not aligned with the Law of Attraction then on matter how much you do manifestations, visualizations, affirmations or write down your goals, you will simply won’t be able to attract and keep that which you desire. In this session we will clear the energetic blockages related to the source of the subconscious feeling of undeservedness which can include: unworthiness, shame and guilt. We will also inquire the belief “I am not good enough” and do energetic clearings for this as well so you can finally let go of that belief.

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