Resources for Life and Relationship Mastery

Clear Your Slate and Embody Your Higher Self

  • Start Here!

    Do you feel like you have a lot of healing work to do but you don’t know where to begin? Then let your Higher Self guide you to clear the highest priority issues that are hindering your your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. During this 60 min. interactive healing session I will connect to your Higher Self, scan your auric field and transmute the SOURCE of all energetic blockages. You will also receive guidance on how to keep moving forward and manifest your desired reality.

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  • Ultimate Relationship Manifestation Training

    This is a certification training that will assist you in getting as clear as possible and raising your frequency to manifest the ultimate relationship. You will learn how to work on yourself and others using the Ascended Relationship Harmonic Resonance Codes. Experience the profound clearings on cords of attachments, past life karma, the emotional pain body, co-dependency, the male-female rift and much more. Plus activate the frequencies and principles of what makes a transcendental relationship.

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  • DNA Activation Certification

    Become a Harmonic Resonance DNA Activation Practitioner, Coach or Instructor. Learn how to activate you own DNA and help others do the same. DNA Activation is the key to embodying your Higher Self, ascending to higher levels of consciousness and fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose.

    CLICK HERE for more detailed information about this life changing certification.

  • In-Light-Ment 2.0

    Experience 11 of the most powerful energy clearings and activations in just ONE session! In-Light-Ment is the ultimate session to RAISE and CHANGE your frequency. Every time you do In-Light-Ment you peel away layers and layers of karmic imprints, auric attachments, unnatural implants, shadow self archetypes, the emotional pain-body and other DNA blockages so you can become as clear as possible and embody your Higher Self.

    CLICK HERE for more detailed information about the benefits of In-Light-Ment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat happens when I purchase an interactive healing session or advanced coaching program?

    You will receive an email within 24hrs. with a list of times and dates to schedule your session(s). Once you choose the best time and date for your session I will send you the login details for the session.

  • q-iconWhat happens when I purchase In-Light-Ment 2.0?

    As soon as you make the purchase you should receive an automatic email with the subject “Congratulations! (Your membership has been approved)”. Inside this email there is a link to setup your unique username and password for the membership site. If you don’t receive this email please send me an email and I will create your membership account for you.

  • q-iconAre the recorded sessions equally effective as live sessions?

    Yes, remember that your Higher Self isn’t limited by time nor space. The frequency is encoded in the recording (visually through the Harmonic Resonance Sacred Geometry Mandalas and auditory through my voice). All you need to do is find a quite place where you will have no distractions and you can relax for about an hour. Some of the sessions contain binaural beats technology that will further assist you in getting to a deep state of awareness, however this will happen automatically once you focus on the Harmonic Resonance Codes and your Higher Self starts working on you.

  • q-iconHow long is the waiting list for interactive sessions?

    Normally I have a two week waiting list for all interactive healing sessions and advanced coaching programs. To schedule a session you must first purchase your desired session(s) and I will contact you to schedule the time and date(s) of your appointment(s). I work with people from all over the world and most of the times I can accommodate a wide range of times and dates that will fit your schedule. If for any reason we are not able to find a time and date that suits you or the waiting period is more than 4 weeks and you don’t desire to wait that long I will refund your entire purchase immediately.