Relationship Frequency Matchmaker

People often ask me: “Are you a matchmaker?”

Yes, I am. But I am not your typical matchmaker. Instead what I do is help you change your frequency so that you can resonate and match the frequency of your ideal partner.

relationship frequency matchmakerYou see, your twinflame/soulmate is already out there. If you haven’t met him/her then this simply means that you are not in the same frequency. Even worse is when you meet them but your energetic blockages and karma prevent you from staying together.

99% of the population are in relationships that are based on the frequency determined by their karmic imprints, auric attachments and emotional pain body. These types of relationships are based on personalities of the Ego and thrive on codependency, pain and drama.

Only 1% of humanity are in relationships based on the frequency of their Soul’s Purpose. Very few people get to experience this type of higher vibrational relationship because they have too many energetic blockages within their morphogenetic field.

What I do, with the assistance of your Higher Self, is transmute the energetic blockages that are keeping you in a low frequency fence. Next we activate your chakras and DNA to their highest energy holding potential and original divine function so that you can vibrate at a higher frequency.

This methodology changes your frequency at the quantum level so that you can manifest a relationship that is aligned with your Higher Self or Soul Identity.


The Relationship Frequency Matchmaker and founder of Ascended Relationships