How To Experience a Relationship Breakthrough

What does it take to experience a relationship breakthrough?

Watch this 7 minute video where Tony Robbins explains how the real challenge in relationships and every other area of life is emotional fitness. Contrary to popular belief your biography (were you came from, your environment, how you were raised, etc.) are not the most influential or determining factors.tony-robbins

What are the patterns that make people emotionally unfit (depressed, angry, frustrated) and patterns that make people emotionally fit (passionate, playful, exuberant)? Is there a recipe to being emotionally fit? I love when Tony Robbins says that discipline never works long term, what works is when you get addicted to something new and you trade one bad addiction for another uplifting addiction.

“It takes no courage to be a pessimist, to believe it’s not going to work.”

In order to experience a relationship breakthrough you must master your emotions. Mastering your emotions is easy and it doesn’t mean you have to fake, repress or hide your emotions, not even practicing positive thinking. See things as they are, not worse than they are. Then see it as better than it is, create vision. When there is no vision of your relationship being better than it is or having to potential to be so, this is when relationships go downhill. Once you have the vision you have to MAKE IT THE WAY YOU SEE IT! Take inspired action and give it your all.

Do you tend to see things worse than they are in your relationship or any other area of your life? Is there a vision in your relationship or if you are single and want a relationship, is there a vision of this possibility? What can you do to make this vision a reality?