No Spiritual Men Belief Syndrome

Have you noticed that there are a lot of women who are interested in spirituality and self-development that are looking for a committed relationship but believe that spiritual and conscious men are nearly extinct? For over a decade I have been traveling the world participating in self-development and spiritual trainings, retreats and certifications. I have met many women who have shared with me their frustration of not finding their soulmate or life partner despite attending every spiritual workshop they can possibly go to in hopes of meeting the right man. With a very understandable belief that they will not find this man in a bar or night club, the options of where to meet this ideal evolved, spiritually oriented and conscious man seem very limited. Even more so when in these self-development and spiritual retreats or workshops 80% of the attendees are women. From the remaining 20% most are men who are already in a relationship and the one or two guys who are single, charming, attractive, sensitive, conscious and spiritually oriented… turns out they are not really interested in women 🙂

find-the-right-manWhat I call the “no spiritual men belief syndrome” becomes a major blockage for women to attract and find the right man. Unconsciously they continue to energize and identify with this belief until it completely colors their reality. First of all when someone becomes attached to labels like “spiritual” or “evolved” they can fall into the expectation-disappointment karmic loop and disregard someone based on first impressions or false assumptions. After becoming friends and working through my coaching practice with many women who have struggled with this “syndrome” I have noticed that what follows is an underlying sense of desperation. The source of this comes from the Male-Female Rift and the fact that in ancient times women needed to secure a man in order to survive. In those times women were not allowed to have an education or profession and this meant that if a woman could not secure a man she would most likely die of starvation or cold. This is encoded in the soul memory of billions of women and passed down as a karmic imprint through the DNA at conception and fetal integration from mothers to daughters.

The reason why women who reach their 30’s and all of a sudden begin to worry about not getting married or ending up being alone, stems from what is known as the Female Image Complex which says that women must be sexually attractive in order to secure a man. Through magazines, television and the media women have been led to believe that after their 30’s their body will rapidly deteriorate and will no longer be that attractive to men. This is why you can see women who seem to have it all: the husband, the children, a successful career, great beauty…but still worry about their image and have plastic surgeries because they unconsciously fear their husbands might leave them for a 20 year old.

Now going back to the sense of desperation that women who suffer from the “no spiritual men belief syndrome” have. This sense of desperation sabotages any relationship they might actually manifest even when they’ve found the right man. I have witnessed this many times, a woman with the NSMB syndrome will start dating a man and quickly tell themselves that this is their soulmate or twin flame, they are meant to be together or they will get married. Men can feel this energy and most men don’t like this dynamic so early on in a relationship, it scares them away. Then what happens is that women will start having sexual relationships right away because they are so sure this is the ONE. Unfortunately as men we are programmed to be hunters and if we easily catch a “prey” it doesn’t become a challenge for us and we are more than likely to lose interest. I know this is not pretty but unfortunately this is how most men are wired. The key is for a man to transition from being a “hunter” to being a “creator” because when men hunt and get what they want they rarely are happy, yet when men create and attract the entire dynamic changes and they feel fulfilled.

Men love challenges and when women reserve themselves that is when men decide take out all their arsenal of tools and resources to earn and win her over. Men will engage in deep and meaningful conversations, humor women, be romantic and really get to know their date. Now instead of the man being in hunting mode, he is in an attracting mode and embodying the best aspects of himself so that he can attract this woman. During this process is when men truly fall in love and build a strong connection and healthy attachment with the woman they simply can’t stop thinking about and are so interested in. Finally the time comes to physically express this built up energy of passion, desire and love…and these men are now hooked and drunk in love. Of course there is more when it comes to finding and keeping the right man but this is an essential and crucial step.

Through my energy healing and relationship consulting practice I’ve had the privilege to assist women energetically clear the source of the NSMB Syndrome and helped them cultivate the ideal mindset to manifest a committed relationship. Once the source of this belief is cleared as well as any past experiences and karmic imprints that spawned the NSMB Syndrome, their frequency changes and they are able to meet and keep the right man effortlessly. So if you believe spiritual, conscious and evolved men are extinct, think again. Right now somewhere on this planet there is a right man waiting for you and he will do whatever it takes and go wherever he needs to go to be with you. You only need to ask yourself: Are you vibrating in the frequency that will attract you to him? Will you know what to do to keep him?