How To Heal A Broken Heart

Having a broken heart is one of the most painful experiences in life and when it happens it seems that you will never get over it. How to heal a broken heart seems even more challenging than the actual heartbreak experience because it is prolonged and re-lived over and over again. The knot in your chest, the unending stream of painful thoughts, the tears and sadness can literally consume your life force energy and leave you scarred for the rest of your life. It can take weeks, months and sometimes what seems an entire lifetime to get over that heartbreak. Yet even when you decide to move on, you haven’t fully healed your broken heart, there is a scar that has closed your heart partially or even worst completely. It is quite common for anyone who is experiencing a heartbreak to have thoughts like: “I will never fully love again”, “I will never trust anyone else with my heart”, “I don’t deserve love” or “love hurts, love is pain.” Then from that moment these thoughts are ingrained in your subconscious mind and color your reality, never allowing a true healing from a broken heart.

When we experience a heartbreak what actually happens at the quantum level of your awareness is that you fragment your soul with the frequency of the experience of heartbreak and this etheric mass will allocate on your heart chakra which corresponds to issues related to give and receive love, hatred, grudges, trust and betrayal. The frequency of this soul fragment and the thought you had in that moment will then attract you to other relationships where you are very likely to experience another heartbreak and thus keep energizing that soul fragment. And even if you do manifest a loving partner, the fear of experiencing another heartbreak and the pain that comes with it will be projected onto your new relationship. You won’t be able to fully open your heart, give and receive love and most certainly you won’t be able to fully trust that other person. Eventually your partner could get frustrated by your incapacity to fully accept his/her love and trust him/her and will break up the relationship, leaving you once again experiencing a heartbreak, abandonment and rejection.

The big question is: how to heal a broken heart? The only way you can fully mend and heal a broken heart, bring absolute closure and prevent from projecting the painful past onto your current or future relationships is to energetically clear all past analogical experiences related to heartbreak (including past lifetimes), clear all soul fragments and past identities and activate your heart chakra to the frequencies of love. By working with your Higher Self and transmuting energy blockages in your heart at the quantum level of your awareness you can experience a permanent healing and raise your frequency to manifest a relationship with a clean slate. As well we can clear any energetic blockages related to betrayal, rejection, abandonment, grudges, hatred and/or resentment which can also block your heart chakra. This will allow you to open your heart again to receive and give love and to trust, key elements for a healthy, harmonious, loving and joyful relationship.

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