Meditation Benefits for Relationships

Watch this 2 minute video by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer of scientific research on meditation, as he lists and explains the plethora of benefits that result from meditation. When it comes to relationships, meditation can produce outstanding positive results mainly because meditation profoundly changes our brain’s activity and how it functions under stress, difficult situations and how we regulate emotions. Scientific research has shown that frequent meditation balances and synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain and produces what is known “whole brain thinking”. In terms of relationships and life in general people who meditate regularly will develop their Pre-Frontal Cortex, the part of the brain responsible for conscious thought and regulating our impulses. If you are impulsive and say every single thought that crosses your mind or engage in other negative impulsive behaviors (being unfaithful, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling) then you will certainly experience unnecessary and excessive relationship struggles that will often lead to a dysfunctional relationship or no relationship at all.

meditation-relationshipsFurthermore, meditation lowers our stress levels by lowering our cortisol (the “stress and aging” hormone) and allows us to be more present. In relationships this translates as being a better listener and avoiding projecting the past onto our present moment, so when an argument occurs you are able to think before you say something (Pre-Frontal Cortex) and avoid having a fight and flight response (Deep Limbic System). Meditation also increases the hormone DHEA which allows the body to be at its peak – vibrant, healthy and combat disease effectively. Meditation can also increase melatonin levels allowing you to sleep better and feel rested. When we constantly feel exhausted, sick and stressed out we are unable to take full advantage of the joys and experiences a relationship has to offer.

Jon Kabat also mentions how meditation can enhance our brain’s neuro-plasticity and allow us to consciously decide how we live our lives and how we keep our minds. Scientific research done by the Amens Clinic has shown that meditation can balance the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus, known as the brain’s gear shifter. What this means is that meditation can help us become more flexible and avoid getting stuck on negative thoughts or behaviors like worries, holding grudges, obsessions, compulsiveness, being oppositional/argumentative or disliking change. Being flexible and being open to new ideas is key for great listening skills and a healthy relationship.

If you want to enjoy and manifest an epic relationship then meditation is a one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. There are many ways to meditate like focusing on your breathing or repeating a mantra. But if you have tried traditional meditation techniques before but weren’t able to develop a consistent practice because of intense mental chatter, physical discomfort or getting easily distracted there is no longer an excuse to not meditate. Advances in technology now allow people to enter deep states of meditation effortlessly and experience brain synchronization just by listening to binaural beats with meditation programs like OmHarmonics. The meditation benefits for relationships and pretty much any area of your life are too great to ignore, so go ahead and start meditating today…your brain, your body and your partner will thank you for it.

What are your favorite meditation benefits? Share your wisdom, challenges or stories below.