Did You Miss Our Live Webinar?

Last Thursday I shared with participants from all over the world the minute details on how I perform energy healing sessions for individuals and groups alike.

Fortunately I recorded the webinar and added to the Energy Healing Mastery Portal along with 4 other webinars on advanced energy healing techniques (over 5 hours of video).

First you have the readiness session to get you into a deep relaxed state where you can surrender to your Higher Self.

Next you have access to the Advanced Energy Clearing Techniques where you will learn exactly how energy blockages are created, the mechanics of how they can be transmuted and how to clear the source of any stressful, painful or discordant emotional reactions.

Then you will learn how to facilitate a full Auric Clearing session by clearing the top auric attachments that can be found on your 7 embodied chakras including: occupants, portals and wormholes.

After you have learned to clear auric attachments you will learn how to perform a full karma removal session and clear the highest priority Shadow Self archetypes like the Professional Victim, The Martyr, The Rescuer, The Perfectionist and many more.

Finally, to add even more value I decided to add the following bonuses:

- White Brotherhood Calibration Protocol

- 15 Dimensional Frequency Manifestation Technique

Unleash The Master Energy Healer Within

Are you ready to be able to clear ANY energetic blockage, the source of discordant reactions, clear auric attachments, karmic imprints and shadow self archetypes?

Imagine being able to connect to the ascended master of the Great White Brotherhood to receive assistance and protection during all your healing sessions.

Imagine how much clear you can become, how much more of your Higher Self you can embody and how many people you could assist performing all these clearings.

I have decided to keep the registration to the lifetime membership open at discount price of $197 (regular price $497) until Friday June 20th at 12pm Eastern Daylight Time.


So go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity and take your energy healing abilities to a whole new level!

Omni love,

Gustavo Castañer
The Frequency Relationship Matchmake
Founder of Ascended Relationships