Unleash The Master Energy Healer

Yes...inside you there is a master energy healer waiting to be unleashed.

This part of you can clear any energetic blockage, transmute any dis-ease, sense subtle energies and transcend time and space.

How Can I Unleash The Master Energy Healer?

In order to embody your Master Energy Healer Self you require to connect to the part of you that is residing in dimensions 4-15. As long as you only operate  from the first 3 dimensions of consciousness (physical body, emotions and rational mind) you won't be able to access the gestalt of consciousness that you are and the infinite wisdom that resides within you.

Connecting to your Higher Self is easier than you think, I have taught tens of thousands of people how to connect to their Higher Self. In fact I can teach you how to connect to your Higher Self, read energy signatures and receive a download of new cords, new templates and new soul programming in less than 7 minutes.

Connecting To Your Higher Self Is Only The Beginning

What if you could permanently and completely clear the SOURCE of any emotional reaction and the negative thought-form that is causing distress for you or your clients? Imagine if you could facilitate an energy clearing that would bring you instant relief and shut down the negative voices in your head. Imagine that you could not only clear the soul fragments that become active within you and that you keep emotionally energizing, but you could also receive a wisdom download that contained the necessary information to transcend this experience and attract new higher frequency people, places, times, things and events.

Every time you clear an energetic blockage and receive a download from your Higher Self you accrete more light into your body, your field expands and your frequency gets higher. The clearer you are, the more light you can accrete and the more of your Higher Self you can embody.

Did You Know...?

Did you know that ascended masters have an auric field that expands 144 miles in diameter? They are pillars of light, frequency holders for the rest of humanity. And YOU have an Ascended Master Identity which you can EMBODY by clearing all the energetic blockages preventing you from this. Your Soul Purpose is to become a frequency holder to assist in Earth's and humanity's ascension.

Clear Energetic Blockages From This Lifetime,

Past Lifetimes and Parallel Universes

The truth is that sometimes the struggles and challenges we face in life originate from a past lifetime event or parallel universe incarnation (also known as karma bleed-through). That's right, another version of yourself might be going against Source-will and creating karmic imprint after karmic imprint. And here you are trying to make things right and this karma-bleed through is slowing you down. What if you could clear your karmic slate on ALL levels of your awareness and not only align this lifetime with your Higher Self but other incarnations as well?

When we try to solve these challenges by only using our conscious mind we will more often than not be unable to go directly to the source and clear the issues on ALL levels of the awareness.

This is why despite uncovering unconscious patterns through years of traditional therapy and gaining awareness of what the problem or situation is, talking doesn't clear soul fragments, past lifetime karma or the unresolved emotional energy that is stored in your auric field.

By connecting directly to your Higher Self and performing an auric clearing you can become a healing facilitator that connects to the wisest and most enlightened part of your-Self, your witness consciousness who knows exactly what you require to clear, heal, let go of and most importantly how you can evolve and transcend the current reality you are manifesting.

Anyone can learn how to connect to their own Higher Self and the Higher Self of other people, read energy signatures, scan the light body/chakras, identify the highest priority energy blockages and soul fragments and most importantly energetically disengage these energetic blockages permanently from all levels of their awareness.

Are You Ready?

If you resonate with this information and you feel a higher call to unleash your Master Energy Healer Self then join me in a live webinar where I will teach you the EXACT steps on how to perform a full energy healing session for yourself and other people. During this webinar I will show you exactly:

1) How to connect to your Higher Self or anyone's Higher Self and read energy signatures
2) How to create a field of absolute protection, safety and non-entanglements for yourself and your clients
3) How to set the proper intent for the session

4) How to scan the auric field and develop your higher senses
5) How to clear discordant energies that can block an energy healing session
6) How to send discarnates through the plane of bliss (one of the biggest problems on the planet right now)

7) The energetic blockages that are located in each chakra
8) How to know what energy blockages to clear on yourself and your clients
9) How to clear auric attachments, energy cords, archetypes, thought-forms, karmic imprints and more

10) How to make sure nothing is activated when you close the session
11) How to receive a download from your Higher Self (or make your client receive one from their Higher Self)
12) How to properly close a session and keep the integrity of your auric field

What You Will Receive Before The Live Webinar

Because I desire you to learn EVERYTHING I know about how to perform an energy healing session I am including the following bonuses:

For a limited time you can purchase The Advanced Higher Self Energy Healing Techniques where you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know on how to perform complete Auric Clearing and Karma Removal sessions. This advanced coaching program includes:

+ 4 recorded webinars (video and audio) with:
- Detailed description of how energetic blockages are created
- Minute details about the different types of energy blockages and how they affect you
- How to connect to your Higher Self and the Higher Self of others
- How to connect to the Great White Brotherhood for assistance
- How to scan the light body/chakras and identify energy blockages
- How to read energy signatures: blockages, releases, YES and NO answers, downloads
- How to clear ANY energy blockage from all levels of your awareness for a permanent release
- How to perform full Auric Clearing and Karma Removal sessions
- How to open and close a healing session
- How to receive a download from your Higher Self
- A 10 page PDF file with all the definitions, protocols and types of energy blockages.

You will have a week to study all the materials before the live webinar. This way you will be ready to take full advantage of the live training session where we will put all of this information to practice and I will guide you through each step I take when I perform a healing session.

Even if you can't watch all the recorded webinars before the live webinar, you will have a the Advanced Energy Healing Techniques PDF which you can study from and learn everything you need to know. All the four videos and the PDF will be available inside a membership portal.

Imagine if you could work on yourself every day and clear the SOURCE of the highest priority negative thoughtforms, toxic cords, karmic loops and emotional reactions that prevent you from living your life to its fullest potential. Once you master these techniques you will be able to facilitate an energy healing session for others or yourself wherever you are. You can even use these energy healing techniques to remove blockages to manifestations that for some reason haven’t come to fruition. You don’t even require knowing what the energy blockages are, your Higher Self knows and with this technique you can clear those blockages.

How The Training Will Be Done

The Master Energy Healer Training will be done via a 2 hour LIVE WEBINAR on Thursday June 12 at 6:30pm Eastern Time.

The investment for this life changing training and the Master Energy Healer Membership is only $197 (regular price $497).

Think about how different your life would be if you could clear the energetic blockages that are hindering your emotional, mental and spiritual evolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment for the live webinar and membership?

The investment for the 2 hour live webinar and the lifetime membership is only $197 (normally $497). For the members of the Soul Mission Fulfilled Portal it is included in the membership and you can find the link inside the members portal.

Will I be able to work on other people?

Yes. First you will learn how to work on yourself and clear your own energetic blockages. This will be the ultimate training and will give you first hand experience and full mastery on many different life issues/challenges. Once you clear these on yourself you will effortlessly recognize these on others and know exactly how to clear them.

You can apply this healing methodology to work on your clients, family members and friends. In one or two sessions you can recoup your investment.

I can't see or perceive energy, will I be able to do this?

Yes. You don't really need to see energy to perform this healing methodology. There are other ways to sense subtle energies and that is exactly what you will learn. However the more you practice the more you will notice your higher senses being turned on.

I can't attend the live webinar, will it be recorded?

Yes, within 24 hours the webinar will be uploaded to the Master Energy Healer Membership where you will be able to watch it at your own convenience along with the other webinars.


Will this energy healing methodology work in sync with other healing methodologies?

Yes, in fact it will enhance the benefits of many other healing modalities like hands on healing, reiki, inquiry, etc. You will be able to clear blockages on ALL levels of your awareness and go beyond where other healing methodologies fail to go.

What is the main benefit of the Master Energy Healer training?

Imagine if you could clear the source of any stressful emotional/mental re-action you experience throughout your day, how different your life would be? Life will suddenly become the ultimate mirror showing you what you require to work on and with this healing methodology you will be able to tackle the source of any energetic blockage. With every session you will become clearer, accrete more light and embody more of your Higher Self.