Manifesting Financial and Material Abundance

Finances is often one of the biggest sources of stress, suffering and unnecessary drama in relationships. In fact studies have shown that financial problems are the number one cause of divorces. When a couple is struggling with finances and constantly worrying about money this issue will corrode the relationship and often kill the intimacy. Many couples fail to openly discuss financial situations like debt, spending habits, income, etc. but instead treat the topic of money like a taboo. Even people who are single and want to manifest a relationship, but are struggling financially will limit themselves by excluding, avoiding or rejecting potential partners because they equate how much money they have or they make with their self worth. The very same feelings of unworthiness, undeservedness, shame, lack and limitation is responsible for preventing the person from achieving the state of financial and material abundance.

Ask yourself the following, do you have a similar financial situation as your parents? Unconsciously you might be following the same financial footsteps as one or both of your parents to the degree that you worry about money in the same fashion or you spend it the same way (overspending or being extremely frugal). This is what in family constellations is called a hidden loyalty or blind love, where you do as they did in order to show how much you honor and love them. Obviously most people do this unconsciously and no matter how much conscious effort they put to get out of debt or financial struggle, their shadow self persona will find a way to self-sabotage all progress and keep them stuck in a karmic loop.

Imagine if you could release all entanglements like hidden loyalties, blind love or transgenerational effects that are negatively affecting your finances, plus be able to clear energetically all the past painful/traumatic analogical experiences, soul fragments and karmic imprints that are related to finances that keep activating and causing you to react with fear and worry. You would be able to raise your frequency and attract a new grid of people, places, times, things, events and opportunities that are aligned with financial and material abundance. But most importantly you would be able to cultivate the state of INNER ABUNDANCE which will then be reflected and projected onto your outer reality.

To activate your DNA with the frequencies of abundance, open clear channels to manifest wealth and prosperity and learn advanced manifestation techniques please click on the link below to schedule your Financial and Material Abundance Manifestation Session where we will work on:

– Clearing poverty consciousness
– Clearing lack, limitation and fear
– Clearing shame and guilt
– Clearing subconscious beliefs and imprints that money is bad
– Low self worth and low self valuation
– Clearing the emotional pain body that feeds from financial struggles
– Clearing entanglements and transgenerational effects
– Activate your chakras and DNA with the frequencies of wealth and financial abundance
– Manifesting with your Higher Self

The investment for this session is $197. To schedule your session please visit our Services page.