Manifest From Your Higher Self

In this webinar you will learn a simple yet extremely powerful manifestation technique that will program and encode on all your chakras and your DNA the desire you wish to see manifested. Imagine walking around with your desire encrypted in your auric field until it “pops out” and is projected onto your holographic reality. This is the very same manifestation technique he used to manifest his soulmate, allowing him to know where and when to meet her…you will be amazed by this story.
You will also learn:

1) The details of your multidimensional anatomy.

2) The difference between manifesting from your egoic self and your Higher Self.

3) How to calibrate your field after you perform your manifestation to remove any energy blockages.

4) How you can use this manifestation to create more abundance, receive higher guidance, know your soul’s purpose, keep your loved ones safe and protected plus anything you can imagine.

5) Why affirmations rarely work and how you need to speak the “language” your Higher Self understand.

The manifestation technique that you will learn in this FREE webinar can literally change your life by aligning your manifestations with your Higher Self. This technique is so powerful and has such a high frequency that whenever you do a manifestation you will be receiving a healing session.