Male Female Rift Healing

Today there is an illusory rift between men and women that is having devastating effects on relationships. Although in the last decades we have made great attempts to diminish the societal differences between the roles of men and women, these outward differences between genders continue to spawn feelings of superiority and inferiority, attitudes of dominance and subordination, and a false sense of competition for control and power. This is due to the fact that we have tried unsuccessfully to solve this apparent rift from an outside perspective, yet the source or cause of this rift and power struggle lies within men and women. Until we resolve this rift within ourselves, the illusory male female fragmentation will continue to be deeply ingrained in our souls, thus causing great suffering in both men and women.

So how, when and why this male female rift originated? The root of this particular rift lies in ancient history, where male dominated religions created a distorted belief system about women saying they were soulless and bad. Women were treated as weak and inferior beings that were not allowed to have a voice, opinion, profession and since they did not have a soul that meant they couldn’t possibly establish a direct connection with “God”.

Saying that women were soulless was the first judgment ever created by these male dominated religions and it had a devastating ripple effect throughout the entire human race. This distorted belief about women is one of the prime reasons why humanity has fallen into unworthiness, which is the original neuroses that has given birth to all the rest. As this evolved over thousands of years, we began embracing fear, worry and anxiety rather than joy, bliss and love. Only love and joy in complete absence of fear can keep the brain fully operational.

Many say that the fall of women is what shut down our brain usage to less than 10%. Before this belief we were all fully operational Christed beings. We are all born in a Christed state of consciousness. As we approach puberty the soul memories of our past lifetimes start activating along with karmic imprints inherited at fetal integration from our parents and ancestors, slowly diminishing our brain function.

Now, being soulless the women were raped, heavily abused, persecuted, bought and sold and not allowed an education or freedom from prostituting themselves in order to survive. Since women weren’t allowed to have jobs, if a woman did not have a husband that provided food and a house, it was highly probable that this woman would die because she simply couldn’t survive. This is what gave birth to the Female-Image Complex which says that women must be sexually attractive to secure a man in order for them to survive. And so they started charging men for their form and men went along with this, and actually created a whole industry – a fake beauty system that promotes this.  Selling images of bulimia and distorted sexual interactions that appeal to the reptilian brain of men. The female image complex is ubiquitous in women till this day and is the main reason why women fear being unattractive. Even if they are in a solid relationship with a man, have a successful career and a family, the fear of not surviving because of not being attractive is still in their soul memory and gets triggered often after turning 30.

Women have a lot of suppressed anger towards men because they were expected to be quite and long suffering through all of these past abuses from male dominated religions and the collective men believing in these. Many of today’s women continue to have imprinted in their soul, thousands of years of anger and resentment, this is why many women are so resistant to trust men. All this abuse and disrespect created a feeling of anger that is often directed or projected towards men and this anger accumulates in the light body (red energy in the heart chakra). Very strong emotions like these attract discarnates and entities that resonate with these emotions of anger, hatred, frustration, failure and the guilt. This women’s wrath for being treated as a soulless and insignificant being along with the Female-Image Complex is in the soul memory of most women to this day. Many women also went to the extreme, made the choice to shut down their Inner Divine Feminine Energy and instead they focused on competition, control and success in order to overcome the “failure” of being a women and because few men have really stepped up.

From the man’s perspective there is something called the Male-Image Complex, this imprinting says “men are ashamed to cry or show emotion, forbidden to show love or fear and women are inferior beings without credibility as to their opinions or intellect.” The male image of toughness means that love is vulnerability hence love is weakness. The Male-Image Complex is imprinted in the soul of most men to this day. For men there is lot of unhappiness and unresolved emotions from this because a person who has been forbidden to cry, to show love, to show fear, his emotions becomes so suppressed for so long that he often becomes violent and embraces attitudes of male dominance. Some of these attitudes are “men naturally know more than women or women are incompetent.” Men began creating wars and killing for the stupidest reasons to prove that they had no emotions. Because if a man showed any so called female emotions such as love, caring or crying, he was rendered soulless as well and this meant punishment and sometimes even death for him. Men have only recently begun to show emotion and that’s why Earth’s society is so primitive.

We have given away a tremendous amount of our life’s force energy to this religious indoctrination. Both sexes are in judgment and content of each other because of these prodigious opinions ingrained in us. Throughout history this has caused humanity to manifest a painful powerful struggle between the sexes, which created the Male Female Rift. And now the time has come to heal this rift and witness the sacred union between men and women. A true rebirth can only happen through surrender. The key to heal this rift is the surrender of the feminine to the masculine and vice versa. When the surrender of the feminine to the masculine happens, then the male can finally relax and not feel he has to prove himself through money, looks, achievements and can surrender to the Divine Feminine and experience a rebirth.

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