Love and Relationships with Byron Katie


Have you ever had the thought “I need your love”?

Listen to this 8 minute video and watch how Byron Katie explains what are the underlying unquestioned beliefs that spawn this stressful thought. If you are in a relationship and you believe you “need” the other person’s love then that signals co-dependency. When you need to get love outside of yourself this reflects that you are not fully loving yourself. The problem with getting your love or happiness from someone else as your main source of feeling loved or happy is that your subconscious will interpret this as a loss of personal power because you have made that person responsible for your happiness. This dynamic will often result in the need to control that person so that he or she behaves in the way that you think will make you happy thus creating a lot of drama.

What can you do to love yourself even more than that which you already do? How can you let go of the need to seek love, approval and appreciation outside of yourself?
Please share your stories, challenges and wisdom or advice below.