How To Schedule Your Session

Q: “How do I schedule my session?”

A: Please go ahead and click on the Schedule Appointment Tab you see below. Select the Any Intent Session and then choose the time and date of your preference.

IMPORTANT: the system will automatically ask you for a payment. Since you’ve already paid for your session please ignore this request. Once I confirm your session you are good to go.

Q: “How will the session be conducted?”

A: We will do the session via Skype. Please go ahead and add me to your Skype contacts, my username is tavo_09

I will call you at the time of our appointment.

Q: “Is there something I need to do before our session?”

A: Please write down your intent. What is it that you would like to work on, manifest or heal?

You can also meditate 10-15 minutes prior to our session. And if you would like to monitor the energy using the connecting with your Higher Self you can practice how to connect to your Higher Self and read energy signatures by watching this video: