How To Find and Keep The Right Man

Finding love can at times feel as if you were aboard a ship lost at sea. Dating can be so overwhelming that sometimes you may feel like giving up completely. Furthermore, if you have been in the dating game for a while by now you know that the fairy tales got it all wrong. For instance, not a single one of the frogs I have ever kissed turned into a prince. If anything, my experience has been the opposite having had more than one “prince” turn into frog after we kissed. And to make matters even more confusing, you have all this companies and websites telling you how to act, what to say, how to dress and even to date three guys at the same time as the right way to find love. Now, even though dating tips can be helpful, they might get in the way of allowing the real you to shine through and the most important thing to find and keep the right man is that you have to be yourself.

Attraction has little to do with what you do and even what you look like; attraction is based on FREQUENCY and everything else is just the cherry on top. I remember before I met my beloved, I would attract into my life great guys that I would have to let go off simply because we did not want the same things. I had been attracting men who did not share my passion for self-growth and spirituality therefore, as my frequency changed overtime they inevitably disappeared from my holographic reality. Even though, my relationships up to that point had been good, I got to a point where I was just tired of games and I wanted to find the man with whom I could spend the rest of my life.

After years of being a serial monogamist, I decided to stay single for a year to work on myself and figure out what was it about me that kept attracting men with whom I couldn’t build the life I had envisioned. I realized that I had been repeating unconscious patterns that had been going on in my family for generations and I could see clearly that I had inherited discordant beliefs about men such as “there are no good men out there,” “men don’t want commitment” and “men can’t be trusted.” I could see how these believes were blocking my capacity to manifest a quality man.
By the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deservedness, I was attracting into my life relationships that were congruent with my beliefs about men and my sense of self-worth. Therefore, I decided to be single for a year to work on re-patterning my thinking, healing my heart and working on my self-esteem. I also knew that I needed to start choosing differently when it came to the type of men I was attracted to, just like changing the channel on T.V., I had to tune into a different frequency. This time I used powerful manifestation techniques to effortlessly attract someone who could function as catalyst for me to get to a higher level of consciousness. Within a couple of weeks of doing the manifestations, I met the man who is now my beloved, my life partner and my teacher.

Over the years, I have been the go to girl for my friends when it comes to romantic advice. One night, one of them called me and asked me “how do you do it? How is it that you manifest relationships like that? You guys seem so happy!” And as I shared with her the realizations that got me to this point and explained to her the manifestation and energy healing techniques I had used to find and keep my beloved, she had one “aha” moment after the other. By the end of the conversation she had entered a different kind of awareness and there was no turning back. After our little talk her love life began to truly blossom and as she spread the word, more of our friends were coming to me with to ask the same questions. And as more of my friends started to get great results in the love department, I knew that I had something truly special to share with women who are ready to find true love effortlessly.

The intention of this seven week program is to help clear out of your field any blockages that are in the way of manifesting the relationship you desire and deserve. This program will work at all levels of you being to assist you in opening your heart to receive the love that awaits you. Together we will bust open the channels to self-love and we will clear the legacy we inherited from our female ancestors which includes, heart break, victimization, feeling objectified, and martyrdom with the intention of allowing your frequency to go to the next level. I will also teach you the same manifestation techniques I used to find the right man.

In this individual 7 week program we will work on:

1. Male/Female Rift
2. Pain Body
3. Self -Love
4. Relationship Fears
5. Self-image
6. Balancing Hormones and the Brain
7. Manifestation Techniques.

Investment: $1997.00

Much love to you!

Jenniffer Cruz

Jenniffer Cruz

Jenniffer Cruz’s mission is to assist women to return to the self-love that emerges from the remembrance of our divine nature and to help them to find and keep an impeccable man. When Jenniffer works with clients, lives change. Through her ability to sense energy fields and her talent to ask the right questions, she is able to guide clients to life transforming realizations.

At the age of twenty eight, after years of unfulfilled relationships, struggling with weight and recurrent waves of sadness and low self-esteem, Jenniffer concluded that she was the only person responsible and capable of changing her life, therefore she would have to start doing things differently. She began by asking key questions such as: why did she keep attracting the same “type” of men? And she also questioned if those extra pounds which had manifested on her body, were there to teach her something. Within a year, via using powerful manifestation techniques Jenniffer manifested the relationship of her dreams; and she ended a life long battle with weight by allowing it to be a source of guidance on the road towards absolute spiritual and physical health.

Since then, through the use of energy healing practices, Jenniffer focused on healing at all levels of her being, on re-programing her mind and on the development of her spirit. Today she dedicates her time to the facilitation of energy healing programs like How To Find and Keep The Right Man, through which she is able to use her experience and unique insights to assist others to heal in holistic ways. Jenniffer, who was already certified as a Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy instructor, became certified as a Transcendental Rebirthing Practitioner as well as an Energy Healer and an Advance Spiritual Conception Facilitator.

She also has created and continues to create programs such as, How to Find and Keep the Right Man and the 21 Day Body and Self-Image Transformation Intensive Program. Moreover, she enjoys inspiring her fans to embrace higher self-love through her Facebook Fan page, What’s Not to Love? Awakening to Higher Self-Love.