The Happiness Blueprint

According to scientific research 40% of your happiness is derived from your day-to-day behavior and the way you think about yourself and others. If you have read my article on 5 Steps to Authentic Happiness you know the exact proven techniques that when applied consistently will significantly amplify your level of happiness. You would think that when people find the recipe for happiness they would immediately implement all the steps and take massive action to become happier. After all isn’t happiness what all humans ultimately strive for?

Well the truth is that most of us get stuck in endless cycles of bad habits and bad outcomes even when we have all the information and tools we need to breakthrough them. I’ll give you an example: does anyone smoke cigarettes because they have never heard of how cigarettes cause lung cancer? You have probably heard someone else telling a smoker about all the scientific data and research on cigarettes and lung cancer but I bet you didn’t see that person immediately throw away their cigarettes and say “I’ll never smoke another cigarette again!”happiness blueprint

The problem isn’t really knowing “what” to do, it is actually doing it. But despite having access to the exact proven techniques that are guaranteed to raise the level of happiness of any person, some people have unconscious patterns that sabotage all attempts to become authentically happy and they procrastinate when it comes to doing what needs to be done in order to become a happier person.

There are 3 main reasons why people won’t implement the recipe to happiness even when given to them for free:

1) There are people that when you ask them about their joys it bring them straight to sadness. There is nothing wrong with this, yet it is a pattern. Most of us have learned to connect with others through pain and we create pain even when it is not there or necessary. This is because problems are the biggest addiction in humanity. We have created subconscious patterns that keeps us in an endless state of pain and suffering because deep inside we fear that we will lose that connection with others if we become authentically happy and truly heal our pain.

2) Others have become very attached and identified with their stories. Stories that have been made responsible or become the reason of why they are unhappy: “nobody loves me”, “I am alone”, “I don’t have enough money”, “I was abused”, etc. And even though some of these stories are true most of them happened in the past and are now sabotaging their present moment. Even a story like “I don’t have enough money” can be true but that hasn’t prevented thousands of people from manifesting vast amounts of wealth when previously they had nothing. The reason why it is so difficult for people to drop their stories and actually do what it takes to become happy is that if they do so they would have to accept that they can no longer have an excuse or use their stories of pain to connect with others. It would mean that they are entirely responsible for their own happiness and they would have to own this knowledge and act accordingly, for many this is way too out of their comfort zones.

3) Then there are people who have energetic blockages and energy dynamics like the inner critic, auric attachments, energetic cords with other people, blockages to self love, etc. that prevent them from taking action and choosing to be happy HERE and NOW. Some people have all 3 patterns.

Ultimately no one can’t stop you from being happy but yourself. You are the one who must diligently, patiently and persistently practice the steps, rituals or habits that will lead you to happiness. What then stops you from taking massive action and manifesting authentic happiness? Common blockages that keep people in a karmic loop and prevent them from manifesting lasting happiness are:

– The inner critic and its diminishing/limiting thoughts

– The shadow self (self-sabotage)

– Past painful experiences and the emotional pain body

– Subconscious beliefs and stories that we hold on to

– Entanglements with other members of their family constellation

So what else can determine our level of happiness? Scientists say your genetics are responsible for 50% of your happiness and what this means is that your level of happiness will be greatly determined by what you inherited through the DNA from your parents. This makes a lot of sense since many people will often walk their parents karma and end up having a similar level of happiness to that of their parents. Through blind love and hidden loyalties individuals can even feel guilty if they turn out to be happier than their parents, ultimately sabotaging their happiness in order to honor their parents by subconsciously saying “I’ll be as happy or as sad as you are/were to honor you.” We know that we can actually clear inherited karmic imprints in the DNA with the assistance of our Higher Self. This means that by following the 5 Steps to Authentic Happiness, clearing the source of discordant thoughts about ourselves and other and by clearing DNA blockages that prevent us from being happy we can leverage up to 90% of our happiness.

Unfortunately we have erroneously learned from society that the source and wealth of happiness is dependent on general circumstances. For this reason most people try to leverage their happiness based on general circumstances like their education, level of income and their relationship status. The problem with making general circumstances the determining factor of your level of happiness is that according to scientific research this area only accounts for 10% of your happiness. Another problem is that as humans we quickly get accustomed to outward manifestations like more money, so once we manifest a certain amount of money we immediately raise the bar and want to manifest more. If we experience a sudden increase in joy because we have manifested a relationship, after a couple of months we will go back to our “normal” level of happiness or sadness. That is why it is so important to make happiness your #1 goal and then project this onto your business and relationships.

The Happiness Blueprint Program has the intent to REVERSE the broken formula of happiness by focusing on the core and foundations of authentic happiness. When we become genuinely happy our general circumstances like our relationships, businesses and learning abilities will improve and grow massively. The Happiness Blueprint Program will assist you to clear the top energy blockages to happiness and activate your DNA and other energy centers with the frequency of joy:

1) Clearing inherited imprints of sadness and unworthiness

2) Clearing the source of the inner critic and procrastination

3) Clearing low self-ssteem

4) Clearing DNA Blockages to happiness

5) Activating the dormant DNA for joy

6) Clearing hatred, grudges, judgment, resentment and activating your heart chakra to unconditional self love

7) Clearing the Pain Body

8) Clearing energy cords to toxic relationships

9) Clearing victimization and other blockages to personal power

10) Clearing family entanglements and transgenerational systemic effects related to happiness

11) Balancing the Pre-Frontal Cortex

12) Clearing Auric Attachments from people, places, times, things and events that are preventing you from accessing and listening to the voice of your Higher Self.

13) Clearing co-dependency (making others responsible for your own happiness).

14) Clearing any blockages you have to embody a state of unconditional self love.

The Happiness Blueprint consists of 4 sixty minutes interactive sessions where we will clear the top energy blockages, past painful experiences, subconscious beliefs, self sabotaging patterns and other energy dynamics that prevent you from being authentically happy and fulfilled. Because I have already gone through this process myself I can share with you exactly what you need to do to manifest your outcome. I will offer you support and hold you accountable for the entire 21 days it will take you to develop new happiness and success habits. My intent is that by the 22nd day you are ferociously happy and that you can project this intense state of happiness onto your health, business, relationships or any other area of your life for a true sense of fulfillment.


By raising someone’s  level of positiveness in the present the brain will experience what researchers call the Happiness Advantage: when your brain is positive it performs significantly better than it does in negative stress. When you have the Happiness Advantage your intelligence, creativity and energy levels rise. In fact every single business outcome improves because your brain in a positive state is 30% more productive, allowing you to work better, faster and more intelligently. When you are positive dopamine floods your brain making you happier and turns on all the learning centers in your brain. When you are happy you relationship blossoms because you are constantly in a peak state and open to novel experiences, attentively listening to your partner and truly engaged with them.