Golden DNA Activation

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The Golden DNA Activations consist of activating the 144,000 Golden DNA Strands from the Golden Liquid Realms (the higher universal self of our universe). These golden strands are found within our 12 strand DNA Template. Our intent is

Golden DNA Activationto activate these strands so people can start embodying the frequencies of the Golden Liquid Realms here on Earth. There are already 144,000 beings that have chosen in their soul contracts to activate the Golden DNA and when this happens we will create a bridge for our entire multidimensional universe to merge with the Golden Liquid Realms.

These sessions are intended to assist you in the process of ascension, self-actualization, self-mastery and the embodiment of your Higher Self for the fulfillment of your divine purpose within the Great Work. This is a call for committed individuals who desire to be the frequency holders for the ascension of Earth and humanity by activating the Golden DNA of the ONE.

It is my intent that the people who work with me get the most DNA Activation possible so they can experience a breakthrough in awareness while manifesting health, prosperity and most important of all the fulfillment of their soul contracts. The time has come for humanity to awaken into its own Christ Avatar consciousness (the identity that resides in dimensions 10-12) and to rebirth into a new world based on unity, integrity, interdependence and harmony.

I’m on a mission to assist humanity and the Earth’s ascension through the facilitation of DNA Activation, which has always been the key for true evolution and immortality. My desire is to assist people who have forgotten how to activate their own DNA to experience both the 12 Strand DNA Activations and the Golden DNA Activations which have been given once again to humanity in this very important time of ascension. This way people can start to embody their Higher Self, start right now their ascension process in preparation  and re-awaken into their true Ascended Master identity.

Are you ready to tap into your most uplifting inner wisdom and spiritual insight? Are you ready to create a brilliant path and leave golden steps for others to follow?

In Lak’ech~

Gustavo Castañer

Swami Arjunananda

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been doing Golden DNA Activations?

A: I’ve been facilitating Golden DNA Activations since 2009. I was one of the first practitioners to ever facilitate Golden DNA Activations.

Q: Why do you offer a free Golden DNA Activation?

A: My intent is make this session available to as many people as possible. A thousand words won’t do the Golden DNA Activations any justice, but once you have the experience you will fully understand how the Golden DNA Activations can raise your frequency, expand your consciousness and assist you in your evolutionary process of ascension. Click here to experience the frequencies of the Golden DNA.

Q: How many Golden DNA sessions are required for the complete activation process?

A: There are 3 sessions required for the Golden DNA to be activated.

Q: How exactly is the Golden DNA activated?

A: There are 12 different Sacred Geometry Codes to complete a Golden DNA Activation. 4 Sacred Golden DNA Codes will be activated in you in each session.

Q: What is the complete price for the Golden DNA Activations?

A:You can also enjoy UNLIMITED GOLDEN DNA ACTIVATIONS for only $397 by joining our Membership Portal. This also includes the activation of a Sacred Code for protection at the beginning of every session and another Sacred Code for optimal integration for the completion of each session. You will also receive a very powerful mantra for meditation and integration of the Golden DNA plus specific instructions to enhance your Golden DNA Activations and the integration process.

If you desire to do the DNA Activations via Skype, each session is $197

Q: How are the Golden DNA Activations done?

A: When you purchase the Golden DNA Activation these will be done via Skype.So you require to use your computer’s speakers to listen to the activation and you will view the presentation and activation codes as well. Once you register for the sessions, you will be sent the GoToMeeting invitation to login.

If you purchased the DNA Activation Lifetime Membership Portal you will get instant access to the Auric Clearing, Karma Removal, J-Seal Removal, 12 Strand DNA Activations and Golden DNA Activations.



As technician I am trying to measure as much as possible. Before activation my energy according to Bovis was approx. 24.000 Bovis. After activation my energy stabilized around 35.000Bovis. My spiritual energy measured according to Angstrom was approx 50.000 Angstrom. After activation get stabilized out of the scale. Find enclosed both pendulum chart for measure in Bovis and Angstrom.

Best regards


Right After 1st session:

I definitely felt energy flowing through my inner eye throughout the session, but the energy became the most intense when the violet energy and golden energy merged at the hara point. The light was quite intense.

After the session, I fell asleep for about 1.5 hours. I had a dream in that nap — I was with somebody ). We knocked on the door of somebody’s house, but we playfully hid, like we were playing pranks. We knocked again, but somehow we snuck into the house before the resident came to open the door. The person eventually went somewhere in the house, but I decided to reveal myself to the resident. The resident turned out to be my close friend here in NY. I game him some black object, he smiled, and took it with him.

Week 1:

I noticed that my dreams were much more lucid — there were times when I couldn’t distinguish whether the experience was real or a dream. It was that clear. Energy-wise, I felt very calm. I noticed that it was easier not to engage but rather stay away from conversations/arguments/conflicts that I didn’t agree on. In other words, I didn’t get sucked into these situations very easily — I was more aware of it and be able to disengage myself much easily.

I also noticed this sensation in my head area. It feels like constant energy that was moving around all the time. As soon as I calm down or it is quiet, I feel that sensation. It intensifies a little more when I am meditating. Quite pleasant and interesting… :o)

Right After 2nd session:

I felt a lot of energy this session as well, although not as much as the 1st. I didn’t feel very tired after the session, too. Overall, I felt pretty good and calm.

Week 2:

The same sensations are still in my head area. One thing I noticed different is that there is not so much fight anymore in me in regards to getting things done in my life. In other words, the feelings such as overwhelm, laziness, self-conflict, and emotional fatigue aren’t there. There is just “DO”. I feel like I am in a very ideal and balanced state of mind. I have been doing manifestations every morning and night, and there is no fight against even this.

Dreams are still continuing to be clear and vivid. I have been also experiencing slight dryness and mucus in my throat at night, which feels like the effects from clearing.

After 3rd session:

This session was probably the most intense in terms of energy out of all three. You were correct in suggesting to drink some water during and after the session because I did have a slight headache, which went away after a short period of time. The energy was pretty intense throughout this session, but intensified after the last strand activation, and then again when the golden liquid energy and violet energy merged at the hara point. Pretty amazing!

Week 3:

I have been feeling pretty good overall. The dryness and mucus in my throat continued for several nights, but it seems to be gone now. The sensation of energy I was feeling in my head area has shifted from just the left side to now both sides. Pretty interesting. 🙂

I look forward to further integration in the coming weeks and months. If this is the experience with just the Golden DNA Activation, I can’t wait until the 12 Strands Activation and the 12 Sacred Codes Sessions!

Thank you very much, Gustavo, for your being and existence and for who you are. You are a pure soul, and my gratitude is beyond words… :o)



Dear Gustavo,

Thank you for activating the first 4 golden dna codes in me!

I am writing to tell you how I’ve been feeling, so I’m feeling good 🙂

I’ve been integrating quite well this first session and drinking a lot of water has been helping a lot the physical clearing I’m having.

Just after the session I started feeling very calm, that I wouldn’t be upsed by anything.

The first day I was still feeling calm and I could feel some tinglings in some parts of the body mainly in the hara and crown chakra. I had more physical cleanse. The 2nd day was a major physical detox day. I had also a more sound and deep sleep. I was feeling a bit tired. I had what you call divine fever.

I started also realizing things about me and shifting in consciousness. I started having more the sense of my presence and being more centered. The 3rd day the physical discharge was less and I had more energy. I also felt I had a clearer vision and also made more easily decisions and was less in procrastination mode. I can even say that I started a couple of hours ago feeling impatient and hyperactive! 🙂 but this is probably just energy adjusting.

As to baby he/she started the night after the session to be more active and even kicked me for the 1st time yesterday!

Thank you and looking forward for the following sessions..



Hi Gustavo,

My experience in my first golden dna activation was very profound and intense. By the time i was visualizing the last code i reached high temperature in my body and was sweating a lot! When i finished the session i felt so relaxed and my body and my mind was considerably more sensible and aware of my surroundings. I felt a joy which i couldn’t explain. After a while i was by the kitchen and my mother told me that i had light golden hair on the top of my head. I laughed and said: Mom, you know my hair is dark. But then i noticed about the activation and i asked her to watch more carefully and she said that it looked like i had little golden rays emanating from the top of my hair. She had no idea of me going through the golden activations, and this came has more of a surprise to me and i felt more joy then i tried to explain part of it to her.

The next two days i have felt more joyful and have found myself flowing with everything going around everyday. Doing the meditation and mantra of integration i can see a golden cloud of colour in my visualizations with my eyes closed. I’ve had many dreams involving my unconscious mind releasing old fears. When i get up in the morning i feel different in some way, like more cheerful and feeling more happy about starting a new day. Thank you for your wonderful work Gustavo, for raising the frequency of our divine mother earth and uniting us closer to source starting with our divine father sun, looking forward to the next sessions.

In Lak’ech


Hola Gustavo,

the second session felt much much smoother, I truly enjoyed seeing codes bigger, I felt much more relaxed. I again experienced stronger sensations during the visualizations, where I felt physically pressure in my solar plexus and also I saw-felt all of my cell filled with golden light. It was very beautiful! I felt really tranquile and filled with peace. I woke up in the morning feeling tired and I think it was partly because I was up from midnight till 4am for the session and webinar.

I rested all day, I had a headache and felt fatique. I went out for a walk in nature and after that i felt better.

Emotionally and mentally I felt very neutral and tranquile, i found it very easy to be present in my mind and watching my thoughts. Any time I caught myself thinking about past events which were distressing I would release it and choose some positive affirmation. I feel great discernment. I also felt less judgemental and felt different around my mother which I used to have the most difficult realtionship with. I felt for the first time that I didn’t need to protect myself and wasn’t in defense mode with her.

I keep using the mantra you gave me and meditation. Again I have been getting more information for my mental body and integrating it. The webinar after the session was great and it helped me with consciously choosing words and thoughts which are empowering and positive. it feels more natural.

I have been feeling also differently about time and how i percieve it. I had someone saying to me today that this year is almost gone and that means we are again older and my reaction to this was laughter, it suddenly sounded silly to me, like a joke.

Another thing came to my mind and that was about alchemy. I read books about alchemy and was fascinated by it. Alchemists are looking to create Gold and to become immortal, could that be that they are working on their DNA to active the Golden print? I have been writting journals for many years and i remember one journal in particular. I wrote on the first page :”I am on the path of Golden Quest”. It is wonderful to be fullfiling this and it is wonderful to have you assisting me and facilitating the activations!

Thank you so much!

Much Love



Dear Arjunananda,

Here is the feedforward for the 3rd session of the Golden DNA activation.

I experienced it as the strongest one of all three. I felt energy running through my body, especially in my palms. I also felt tingling in my fingers.

During the visualization and repetition of commands my whole body was pulsating and the strongest sensation I felt was in my heart chakra. I felt dizzy when taking 12 deep breaths. I could feel the frequency of joy within my body already and when repeating and and reading the commands I felt very happy and joyful within.

The next day I felt increased joy and happiness within. I also remembered an aura-soma reading I had many years ago. The reading consisted of picking up 4 bottles of different colours, oils and crystals. The first bottle indicated the Soul. I chose the Golden one called Gold on Gold and the reader told me that it signifies great wisdom within which I will be aplying in my life and helping others.

I love the way everything makes sense to me now and I feel so greatful for this to be happening.

And I am greatful for us to meet at this evolutionary point and receiving this great gift. I feel very relaxed and safe working with you Gustavo, trusting your presence emanating unconditional love all the time.

I thank you

Much love to you

in Lak’ech


Dear Gustavo,

Thank you for our last golden dna session. I am very happy I’m doing those sessions with you and I’m looking forward for the 3rd one.

The code that you showed me during the session (the golden one that is the “sum” of all 12 codes) has been helping me integrate pretty well this session.

On the physical level I didn’t notice major things except mainly feeling a little bit more tired and sleeping a little bit more. But what is interesting is that I’ve been feeling more energetic and doing things that I was meaning to do for a while. So despite feeling tired I’m being more active!

I’ve been feeling also this urge to clean everything at home 🙂 put some order in my stuff etc…

On an emotional level, I released the 1st day a sort of resistance to receiving love and care (while focusing in my mind on the golden code) and I felt very nurtured and loved after that.

This session also allowed some ids to surface so that I clear them (remaining fears like of poverty, of not fulfilling my mission etc..)

It also let me refocus and think and state what it is that I feel like creating in my life.

To sum it up I feel that this activation is helping me get clearer, calmer, more serene, more focused (I felt also during meditation that I could access deeper levels), and feeling more my inner power.

That’s it for today 🙂

With all my love and thanks,


Dear Gustavo,

this is my feedback to my first session of Golden DNA activation. It was very interesting during the session, as you said the frequency was very high and we experienced it as technological difficulties. I have heard some noise in backround similar to when you are tuning into some radio station and all you can hear is high frequency noise.

As we went through activation I now and then sensed in my body light tingling. It got strongest during the visualization of Golden and Violet light. My eyes were closed and I saw the Golden light and I felt like my whole body and my posture changed shape, my spine also, and I felt a pressure on my head, but it was like the pressure came from outside surrounded my whole head. I also felt at one point tingling in my crown chakra.

I woke up feeling good and I went out early in the morning for run. I felt energized which felt good but my rational mind was thinking: SHouldn’t I feel rather tired as everyone else did after their activations? After reading peoples testimonals I was expecting the same happening to myself. I have experienced extreem tiredness after the TR webinar and I expect the same would happen after my Golden DNA activation. But it didn’t. I have been feeling physiclly very well, I only experienced shivers passing through my body, like a light freeze inside. I know this sensation from when I was participating on Cranio Sacral therapy training. I felt this quite often during and after the treatment and it was a sign of releasing an energy which was somewhere in the body stuck. I had these shivers in the evening and also a mild headache which I don’t normaly get.

Emotionally I felt self counsciouss, shy, lonely, suddenly I felt desire to have a friend in my life who I could share this with and at that time I rather focused on lack of such person in my life and thinking if I tell some of my friends they will judge me being at least very strange. So there was probably fear being released, fear of not being accepted as I am, fear of being excluded and separated, not being able to BE who I truly am at all times with anyone. So as I was aware of this happening I focused on forgiveness of these. I also had dreams but I can’t recall them now.

I didn’t feel very hungry and ate less than normally but I drunk enough. I always drink a lot anyway and I was guided to take a special supplement which is based on crystaltherapy, fytotherapy, psychotronics, homeopathy and bioresonance and supports bio spiritual development.

I am thinking about doing an extra session with you as you offer after the activations to know more about what I can do and to find out more about the Golden DNA as I feel at this point that I don’t have enough knowledge about this amazing gift and what is actually happening to my bodies.

I thank you Gustavo from the bottom of my heart for facilitating Golden DNA actiovation for me and assisting me with this and I am looking forward to our next session.

With much love and gratitute