Familial Harmony Manifestation Webinar

Releasing Transgenerational Systemic Effects and Clearing Your Familial Slate

Join us on January 16, 2014 at 12pm Pacific Time on this auspicious event to clear, disentangle and set yourself free from:

1- Inherited Karmic Imprints:

At the time of conception our parents DNA are combined to form your DNA. Through the DNA your parents not only pass down their physical traits but you also inherit any unresolved karmic imprints they have. This is why you see children from age 0-4 in a state of exuberance and bliss. Then from age 4-7 their parents karmic imprints begin to activate along with their own past life karmic imprints and this is when children begin to embrace fear, guilt, shame, unworthiness and other karmic imprints that are not in line with the Higher Self.

2- Past Heavily Charged Emotional Events and Analogical Moments:

Ubiquitous to every family are traumatic, painful, stressful and emotionally charged events that can scar any individual for life and prevent them from being able to forgive and instead live a life full of grudges, resentment and bitterness. Past unresolved emotional events with family members can hinder our evolutionary process and impede the resolution of past life karmic ties.

A past analogical experience is any kind of traumatic, painful, stressful or fearful experience where you are so emotionally involved in what is happening that you lose track of time. During this altered state of consciousness you unconsciously create soul fragments and energized them with whatever emotion and thought-forms you are experiencing in that moment. These soul fragments become past identities of yourself and hold the energy of that past event, in this case fear. Because these soul fragments haven't been completely absolved, their frequency keeps attracting you to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with fear, so you continue to re-act and project your unresolved fears onto the present moment or a non-existent future.

3- Transgenerational Systemic Effects:

Be free from transgenerational systemic effects like blind love, entanglements and hidden loyalties that cause you to carry familial baggage that doesn't belong to you. Stop walking your parents and/or ancestors karma, take back what is yours and give them back what belongs to them. Being a martyr and trying to solve everyone's problems doesn't work for anyone. It is time for everyone to step up and take responsibility for their own creations and evolutionary process. It is time for you to WALK YOUR OWN PATH without anything that holds you back.

4- Emotional Addictions

Some people choose to identify with their traumas and past painful experiences. Then as they go through life they let those past experiences DEFINE THEM and through this identification process they become addicted to the pain and the pity they get from other people when they share this pain. During the webinar we will clear the source of these emotional addictions to pain and self-pity.

5- The Familial Emotional Pain Body:

No one can trigger your pain body like your family. Let's clear all layers of the emotional pain body that get activated in the presence of your family so that you can remain in a state of equanimity, peace, clarity and personal power.

This webinar will be like no other and we will incorporate family constellations techniques as well as Sacred Geometry Codes to clear soul fragments, past identities, discordant beliefs, emotional addictions and more. It is time to walk your own path and completely let go of the past. The result will be a radical shift in perception about yourself and your loved ones that will transform your relationships and skyrocket your spiritual evolution towards enlightenment.

Click on the link below to reserve your spot:

  • q-iconWhat is the investment for this webinar?

    The investment for this webinar is $197. And as an added bonus I am letting every person that signs up invite one person free of charge. For members of the Soul Mission Fulfilled Portal the webinar is FREE (the link to register can be found inside the members area).

  • q-iconHow can you perform clearings on multiple people at the same time?

    Our Higher Self is not bound by time nor space. Just like I can connect to the Higher Self of any person no matter where they are in the world, my (yours too) Higher Self can connect to multiple people at the same time. Once I am connected to each person’s Higher Self I will be guiding everyone using advanced energy healing directing techniques and specific Sacred Geometry Codes (we will be using many codes for this webinar) to transmute the SOURCE of the top priority fears.

  • q-iconHow can I access the webinar?

    Once you reserve your space you will receive a link to register for the webinar.

  • q-iconHow long will the webinar be?

    The webinar is expected to last around 2 hours.

Clear your familial slate and get out of the never ending karmic loops that cause pain and suffering between you and your loved ones. Be one of the few people on Earth who can spend time with their family and remain in a state of exuberance and self mastery!

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