Energy Cord Cutting – Reclaim Your Personal Power

Energy cord cutting is by far one of the most powerful and effective spiritual tools available for relationship mastery. Without a doubt when it comes to familial, professional, romantic relationships or even a relationship with a friend it is pretty easy to sense that we create energy cords just by becoming aware of how depleted of our own energy we can feel after an argument or heated discussion. Have you ever found yourself having an endless and constant MENTAL CONVERSATION with someone where you continued to imagine what you could have said or what you will say next time you speak with that person? This is an example of an unresolved energy cord that you and/or the other person unconsciously created and now that invisible energy cord is connecting both of your energetic fields and keeping that unresolved issue

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On another level we all have come across at some point in our lives with what is known as an “energy vampire”, a person who sucks your psychic energy. Energy vampires usually tend to be heavily identified with the victim persona and they use guilt strategies to manipulate you and they love for other people to feel pity for them (this is how they get their energy). Victims often look for very compassionate people who desire to help others usually because they have a bulk of unconscious guilt for something they did in the past (even a past lifetime) and are now trying to relieve this guilt by helping others. It turns out that victims can smell guilt like a shark can smell blood and they use it to their advantage to manipulate, control and extract energy from others. When you are with energy vampires you will feel exhausted and drained with a stream of negative and low frequency thoughts. These are the most toxic and devastating relationships for your overall health and well being. Victims require a dose of higher compassion which basically means being extremely honest with them and saying “Enough! I will no longer participate or engage in your guilt strategies.”

Your sense of personal power is a vital and essential energy to live a passionate, healthy and inspiring life. If the integrity of your energetic field is compromised with negative attachments and cords from other people you will lose your precious life force energy and it’s power. Having other people’s energy in our fields means that we get to feel emotions and identify with thoughts that DO NOT BELONG TO US. Energy cord cutting is the most important step you can take to reclaim what is yours and re-member what it feels like to be YOU. Remember that although sometimes we might physically distance ourselves from these unhealthy and negative relationships, if the energy cords are not cleared the relationship will continue to take place at an energetic level.

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