Do You Love Money?


How do you feel or react when you read the words above? Have you ever uttered or even had the thought “I love money”? Do you feel like it’s wrong to love money? If you feel that loving money or loving having more money is wrong or bad, have you ever stopped yourself to question why? Let’s take a look at money and define what money really is. When we look at money from a perspective of our everyday lives, money is just a piece of colored paper with some numbers and other symbols that we as a society have agreed to give a specific value in order to exchange goods. From a spiritual perspective money is made up of the same substance that makes everything else in the universe: consciousness. So money is as spiritual as your soul yet it is the beliefs we as a collective have about money that have caused us to often contradict how we feel about money.tumblr_lx7w352FBk1qh38xoo1_400

Think about it, if I asked your right now “Would you like to have $10,000,000 with no strings attached?” Would you say yes or no? What would you do with $10 million dollars? Now notice how you feel when you imagine all the things you would do with $10,000,000. Do you feel free, secure, excited, joyful, extravagant, powerful or limitless? The feeling(s) you experience when you imagine yourself having 1 or 10 million dollars is what you are actually going after. Deep down you are not after the money but the feeling and state of mind that money will bring you. This is true for whatever goal, desire or dream you wish to accomplish, it is not the actual thing that you want but the state that the experience of having or accomplishing that very same thing will ignite within you.

So why even though 99.9% of the population (yes I just made up that statistic) love having more money or the idea of having more money, yet less than 1% would actually feel comfortable saying to themselves and other people “I LOVE MONEY”? We have been taught mainly by religions and its followers that money is bad, money is the root of all evil and that being poor somehow is holier than being rich. Yet the religious institutions that created and spread the belief that money is the root of all evil turn out to be one of the wealthiest corporations on the planet. You must ask yourself what is their agenda and what benefit do they get from making money something bad? It all comes down to power and control. The way money operates in our current society is that those who have money have more options and freedom (access to better food, water, healthcare, housing and other experiences) that those who don’t. When you don’t have to worry about money, how to pay your bills or have your basic needs met you have a HUGE advantage over those who are constantly struggling with money. The act of worrying corrodes your soul, it keeps you in fear and makes you operate from the back part of your brain (the deep lymbic system which triggers the fight and flight response). On the other hand if you have all your basic needs met, enjoy financial and material abundance you can more easily operate from the front part of your brain (Pre Frontal Cortex) which is responsible for forethought, making conscious decisions and properly evaluating all your options and the consequences of your choices.

Money has become such a taboo topic that rarely will someone grow up in a family where money is openly discussed. Few people are born into families where their parents teach them how to make money, save money and invest it, mainly because the parents are still trying to figure out this for themselves. In most families is taboo to know how much your parents make, is not something you talk about or openly discuss. Neither are we taught how to manage money in schools unless we study business in college. Money is such an important tool in our lives, don’t you think it would be wise to teach our children how to manage money from an early age? This could be one of the greatest gifts we give our future generations so they don’t have to spend half of their lives struggling and worrying about money.

No wonder why money is the #1 cause of divorce. Imagine being in relationship where you are stressed out about money everyday and thinking you don’t have enough. Do you think being stressed out, in fear, worrying and struggling because of money is going to cause tension in the relationship? Do you think this will affect your mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical well being? Do you think you will be in an optimal state to love and connect with your beloved if you are burned out and exhausted from all the worrying about finances? Plus many couples are not open about money or how much they make. In relationships where one partner is the sole provider sometimes money will be used to control or manipulate the other, it becomes a game of “you owe me”.

And no wonder why so many people who label themselves as spiritual struggle with manifesting financial abundance. Even after learning about the Law of Attraction many people become disappointed when their affirmations and visualizations to manifest financial abundance don’t work. Of course they don’t work, if someone has the sponsoring subconscious thought that money is bad then this will be the determining factor that will decide what is projected onto their holographic reality and what they will attract. People who believe that so called “spiritual services” should be free is because deep down inside they believe money is bad and not “spiritual” will often tend to struggle with money. It’s ironic because many people who label themselves as spiritual have rebelled against religions and their teachings, but are still carrying the religious imprint in regards to money.

If you can’t say with absolute joy “I LOVE MONEY” then you know you still have unresolved karmic imprints and past analogical experiences stored in your auric field about money. Whether you inherited this from your parents or learned it from society, the reality is that having an inner conflict with money can have devastating consequences in many areas of your life. If you have tried many times to manifest financial and material abundance but you are stuck in a karmic loop where you can’t manifest more money or if you do sooner or later you find yourself back in scarcity, lack and limitation then it is time to energetically clear the source of this karmic loop and activate your chakras, DNA template and auric field with the frequencies of unlimited abundance.

We all have a relationship with money and it is time to make this relationship a harmonious one filled with clarity and congruency. Enough of this love and hate relationship karmic loop with money. Do you love money or do you hate it? Which perception and feeling serves you the most?