DNA Activation

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Have you ever imagined yourself experiencing higher states of consciousness? Imagine constantly receiving guidance and knowledge from your Higher Self to rise above daily mental and emotional dramas. Plus activating your intuition to DNA Activationknow exactly what your life’s purpose is. Imagine enjoying excellent health and experiencing a life full of vitality and energy. The truth is you already have all these abilities within you, they are just in a dormant state. DNA Activation is the process that allows you to activate these abilities and many more.

The key to humanity’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution lies within our DNA. The potential encoded into our DNA Template is that of the 12 strand DNA Template, which allows 12 dimensions of consciousness. In addition to our 2 double helix DNA strands we have 10 additional DNA strands that belong to the multidimensional subtle energy spectrum. These additional 10 strands presently lie dormant within the 2 chemical strands in most of Earth’s people. Humanity’s evolutionary goal on Earth was to assemble and activate this 12 strand DNA Template for progressive transmutational ascension. Transmutational progression means going from a dense state of matter into a lighter state of matter. As you would evolve up to higher dimensions your body would transform from a carbon based matter, to a silica-based matter and eventually into crystalline liquid-light pre-matter. Your body would literally turn into golden light and you could once again consciously reach the state of At-ONE-ment with Source. This has always been and continues to be the true evolutionary path of human consciousness.

Your DNA is the blueprint of life and its inside all the cells that make up your body. Each DNA strand corresponds to a dimensional frequency band of consciousness. In pre-ancient history the process of cellular transmutation took place in one lifetime, over a period of about 44 years. The whole idea of evolution is to progressively activate your DNA so you can bring in and embody 12 dimensional levels of consciousness and merge with the ONE Source consciousness once again. This means activating our complete 12 strand DNA blueprint and thus being able to change the angular rotation of particle spin within every particle and sub-atomic particle that makes up our bodies to be able to ascend to another dimension. Yet right now most of humanity has only 3 to 3.5 of DNA strands activated allowing a maximum of 3 dimensions of consciousness.

The reason for limited DNA activation is due to the fact that since pre-ancient history humanity has been exposed to excessive genetic manipulation and the energy fragmentations of the Earth’s grids have caused the remaining higher DNA strands to remain dormant. This has kept humanity locked in dimensions 1-3 for thousands of years. Most humans have forgotten that they are co-creators of reality, God-like beings with unlimited creative potential and multidimensional awareness.

We are removing ancient blockages via energy healing techniques. These blockages are the main reason why people can’t embody and have access to their Higher Self, those levels of our consciousness that exist in higher dimensions. DNA Activation also restores any distortions in the DNA fire letters (scalar wave programming) in your chemical DNA. These distortions sometimes cause your DNA sequences to run in reverse causing chaos in your mental and emotional bodies. Most people have distortions in strand 2 (which relates to the emotional body), and strand 3 (controls the mental body), so these do not communicate in a harmonious way anymore. So when people remove these distortions they allow their mental body to interpret life with much more clarity and prevent the emotional body to run wild and create chaos in their holographic reality.

There are 2 DNA Activation sessions. In the first session we will remove DNA blockages on all your 12 DNA Strands and activate the the 1st 6 strands of DNA. During the 2nd session we will work on strands 7-12.

DNA Ascension Activation Strands 1-3: restoring the first strands of DNA to their original divine function and highest energetic holding potential. This strands correspond to your Incarnate identity (physical, emotional and mental bodies).

DNA Ascension Activation Strands 4-6: accessing your Superconscious Mind and embodying your Soul Identity. This is the identity of your-Self that holds access to your life’s mission.

DNA Ascension Activation Strands 7-9: embodying your Oversoul Identity.

DNA Ascension Activation Strands 10-12: embodying your Avatar Identity.

Progressively activating your higher dormant strands of DNA we are re-establishing your original divine potential for full 12 Strand DNA Activation. The DNA Ascension Activations Strands 4-12 will allow you to re-wire your energy conduits for expansive light accretion into your morphogenetic field so you can start having access to your Over-Soul and Avatar Identities and start embodying your Soul Identity.  Not only will you be able to embody more of your Higher Self, experience higher states of consciousness and ascend, you will also be a frequency holder to assist in humanity’s ascension to a higher harmonic universe.

Q: How do I have my DNA Activated?

A: At the schedule time of your session Gustavo Castañer will connect to your Higher Self by entering a deep meditative state of awareness. As I scan your entire multidimensional body I will be activating the Sacred DNA Ascension Codes. The activations are all done through GoToMeeting where you will be able to hear my voice, chat and see the Sacred Geometry Codes used for DNA Activation on your screen. Gustavo will work with your Higher self  to activate as many strands as is possible for you at this point in your evolution.