Transcending Codepedent Relationships


Watch the video above to take the codependency quiz and see if you have any codependency symptoms in your marriage or any other type of relationship.
Codependency is energy vampiring, or sucking energy from other people in various ways.  Codependency happens when you try to extract from someone else what you think you don’t have. Ultimately being codependent stems from lack of self-love, from failing to grant glory and worth to your-Self, hence needing the approval of someone else, needing their love to prove your self-worth becomes a DRAMATIC game of extracting love, approval and appreciation from other people.  On another level, it is dominance and control issues because when you make the other person responsible for YOUR happiness, then the subconscious feels that as a loss of personal power, so controlling the person who is responsible for your happiness generates quite naturally a lot of drama.

Codependency is the main issue for people in relationships, 95% of all relationships are codependent and based on need rather than true higher giving love. Codependency will often manifest as a “love addiction”. You really don’t desire to be in a codependent relationship with your partner nor anyone else. Trying to control how other people behave or think in order for you to be happy is HOPELESS, it never works!

To master all 22 traits of codependency on all levels of your awareness it is required to energetically disengage all Ids. (Identities), karmic imprints and soul fragments related to codependency. As well it is necessary to cut all toxic and parasitic cords with the other person to keep the integrity and individuation of your field. In order to manifest the higher giving love relationship your Soul longs for you must transmute at the quantum level of your awareness the source of co-dependency and re-activate your personal power.

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