Cleaning the Aura from Auric Attachments

Cleaning the aura of auric attachments is extremely important to maintain peace of mind, emotional health and overall state of well being. As humans we strive to embody a state of fulfillment and to be fulfilled literally means that your energy field is full of light and doesn’t have any openings that could cause energy loss. Auric attachments prevent us from being fulfilled by impeding our life force energy from flowing harmoniously through our field of awareness and instead being lost through openings. The energetic blockage created by an auric attachment will also cause a state of dis-ease when our life force becomes stuck or is pushing against the stagnated etheric mass created by the auric attachments itself. Auric attachments are seen by clairvoyants as holes or dark areas in the auric field.

When it comes to relationships auric attachments can have a devastating effect on how people interact with each other. Whether it is an intimate, familial or any type of social relationship, when auric attachments become activated they can take over the person and cause them to react with fear, stress, worry, anger, sadness and many other conflicting emotions. In order to understand this let us define the top 3 auric attachments:

auric-attachments-auric-clearing1) PortalsPortals are vertical openings in people’s chakras that act like vacuums, sucking other people’s negative emotions and energy. These can leave the person depleted from their own life force energy and feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained, causing low energy levels and fatigue. We often find open portals on people who unconsciously desire to heal other people by taking on their pain, suffering and adverse thoughtforms. If you have ever felt drained when you were in the presence of someone then you have open portals.


2) Occupants are soul fragments that have been emotionally energized so many times, often for hundreds of lifetimes, that they have become like a soulless autonomous identity which thinks it owns the body. When an occupant activates it takes over the person thoughts and emotions projecting all the past-accumulated energy (pain, anger, fear, betrayal, shame, guilt, etc.). When the occupant becomes active the person has a re-action and this is when we say or do things we later regret. Occupants are the reason why millions of people often fail to achieve their goals and highest desires even after they read tons of self help books, attend different trainings and seminars. No affirmation, visualization or mental/emotional technique can clear an occupant. Only by entering deep states of mind, the Observer awareness and working with your Higher Self using energy directing techniques can occupants be cleared. During auric clearings these are the first auric attachments we clear.

3) Discarnates -if you have read the book Far Journeys by Dr. Robert A. Monroe then you know that there are beings who have died, left their bodies but who are still attached to emotional addictions and other people here on Earth. Discarnates are entities who have died but have not passed through the light tunnel. It is quite common to remove a couple or even dozens of discarnates from a person’s field during an auric clearing session. Discarnates are earthbound entities that project discordant thoughtforms (anger, hatred, fear) into your field to feed of from your emotions. So we require to clear all the karmic ties you have with them and then take them to the plane of bliss so that they can leave your field. Most people are unaware that discarnates exist and when they listen to these voices, which appear to be their own thoughts, they identify with what the voice of the discarnate is saying. When people identify with the low frequency thoughtforms the discarnates are projecting this will result in lowering their self-worth, self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence.

It is not unusual that when two people get into a heated argument or discussion they will both have one or more auric attachments activated. When this happens they will simply re-act the past painful or traumatic event (where the auric attachment was first created) but now they are projecting it to the present moment. The discordant emotional and mental energy that is being generated by the person will now accumulate in the auric attachment, making its magnetic frequency even stronger which will then attract us to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with that frequency, keeping us in a karmic loop.

A person’s health and experience of life (a person’s reality) has its basis in holographically-recorded attitudes, beliefs, and emotions and these are the magnetic forces that underlie illness or health, attract and repel potential experiences, relationships to others, and shape our world view. Cleaning your aura from auric attachments will help keep the integrity and essence of your field. By removing energetic blockages and unwanted auric attachments from the “unseen” or “subtle” bodies and unplugging them from the neural networks of the brain at a quantum level, a person’s life starts to change and bloom.