Can A Relationship Make You Happy?

If you aren’t happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship. To think otherwise would mean that someone else can make you happy and although people can contribute to some degree to your sense of happiness, in no way can someone else be completely responsible for your own happiness. When you enter a relationship thinking that the other person can make you happy or can give you the love that you think you don’t have you will manifest a codependent relationship. Codependency is energy vampiring, or sucking energy from other people in various ways.

happy_woman_squareCodependency happens when you try to extract from someone else what you think you don’t have. Ultimately being codependent stems from lack of self-love, from failing to grant glory and worth to your-Self, hence needing the approval of someone else, needing their love to prove your self-worth becomes a DRAMATIC game of extracting love, approval and appreciation from other people.  On another level, it is dominance and control issues because when you make the other person responsible for YOUR happiness, then the subconscious feels that as a loss of personal power, so controlling the person who is responsible for your happiness generates quite naturally a lot of drama.

The majority of people believe that they’d be happy if only they were in a relationship. This could not be further from the truth. A relationship is not the answer to your happiness. Other people cannot “make you happy”, only YOU are responsible for your happiness. The moment that you realize happiness comes from within and that you can be happy being single is the moment that you’re truly ready for manifesting a healthy, functional and fun relationship.

Happiness is a choice, so avoid looking outside yourself for it.  Choose to be happy right now and then you’ll vibrate at such a high frequency that will lead you to attract an epic relationship. If you aren’t happy right now and you don’t know how to become authentically happy then check out the 5 Steps to Authentic Happiness and The Happiness Blueprint.