Being Present In Relationships

Do you tend to re-act differently when you are around people whom you share a lot of history?

In this 7 minute video Eckhart Tolle sheds some light on how challenging it can be to remain present when we meet humans with whom we share a lot of past (family members, wife, husband, ex-spouses). I find this video very enlightening because Eckhart Tolle reminds us that letting go of the past doesn’t mean we don’t remember what happen, instead it means that we don’t project that past onto the present moment. We are able then to remain present and avoid projections, patterns and beliefs that were created based on past experiences to surface once again.

Cords of attachments are one type of energetic blockage that will often prevent us from being present in our relationship by constantly projecting our past unresolved issues to the present moment. Click on this link to Cut All Cords of Attachment NOW!

Have you ever been able to really MEET someone with whom you shared a lot of history and be completely present even when the other person is still caught up in the his-story? How did you manage to remain in this state of presence?
Please share your stories, challenges and wisdom or advice below.