Attract a Conscious Man

Every woman who desires to be in a relationship would love to attract and manifest a relationship with a conscious man. Despite this ubiquitous desire among women very few of them actually get to attract a conscious man into their reality let alone create a passionate, committed and loving relationship with him. But what really makes a conscious man? Here are some of the characteristics that a conscious man embodies:

Is not looking for a trophy wife rather he looks for a natural, genuine and authentic woman

Can make you feel safe and provides a safe space for you to express yourself

Allows healthy emotional expression (including anger) and doesn’t expect you to be a robot

Listens to you and praises your intellectdivine-masculine-divine-feminine

Extremely passionate about you and constantly reminds you how beautiful you are

Makes you his number one priority without being codependent

Is fully committed to you and the relationship

Is honest and trustworthy

Makes you feel unique and significant

Makes you feel extremely loved and connected

Knows that romanticism and chivalry go a long way

Surprises you often and fulfills your need of variety

Has great sex and lovemaking skills that satisfies your sexual needs

Grows and learns with you

Contributes to your evolution

Let’s go of self-righteousness and the need to control everything

Has a warrior spirit, strong masculine energy and can step up as a man.

Doesn’t avoid conflicts and knows that tension creates passion

Has health, evolution and growth as top priorities

Is open to change, says “I’m wrong” and makes up for his mistakes

Honors the divine feminine with you and himself, and does not fear a woman embodying her full power

Conscious men are indeed a rare breed but they do exist. I’ve had the privilege to work with many conscious men who are looking for a committed relationship with a conscious woman and vice versa. What then keeps a woman from attracting and being in a relationship with a conscious man? After 6 years of working with women from all over the world I have noticed certain patterns that prevent women from attracting a conscious man and having the best relationship they could ever have. These patterns or energy dynamics keep them in a low frequency fence where they get stuck in a relationship karmic loop where they keep attracting the same type of men (dishonest, non-committed, unavailable, immature, etc.) or not attract any men at all. Once the SOURCE of these energy dynamics and discordant patterns are cleared, released and transmuted from all levels of their awareness the possibility of attracting a conscious man and manifesting the most epic relationship becomes an INEVITABLE OUTCOME.

Here is the list of the top discordant energy dynamics and patterns that prevent women from attracting a conscious man:

Cutting Energy Cords – when you are still connected to previous relationships (ex-spouses, lovers, partners) through etheric cords this will deplete your life force energy by keeping the unresolved issues alive. Energy cords prevent you from completing the relationship at the soul level and keep you projecting your past relationship baggage onto the new relationship.

Letting go of the Past – the Emotional Pain Body is a field made up of old pain that we have accumulated from our past. The pain body acts like an energy vampire that takes over your mental and emotional bodies in order to feed from your negative thoughts and the dramatic reactions of other people. People in relationships have very similar pain bodies because the frequency of their own pain body attracts them to each other. By clearing your pain body you can dramatically raise your frequency and attract a man with a higher frequency.

Healing Past Painful Experiences – any unresolved or unhealed painful or traumatic events like betrayal, abandonment, rejection, heartbreak or abuse (physical, emotional or psychological) that is still encoded in your field will attract you to people, places, times, things and events that resonate with that frequency. Have you ever wondered why women who have been in a abusive or unfaithful relationship will often end the relationship only to get into another relationship where the same pattern occurs? This is because even though they might have done the mental and emotional work they still haven’t permanently healed those past painful experiences at the soul level of their awareness.

Self-Esteem –  in a world were women’s self-esteem, sense of worthiness and level of deservedness has been greatly influenced by the media and magazines, women often have low self esteem and feel very insecure. When a woman feels absolutely confident, worthy and deserving of attracting a conscious man then she will inevitably manifest this into her reality. Clearing the source of that inner critic will eradicate any self-diminishment and self doubt.

Belief Systems – unquestioned and uncleared beliefs like “I am not pretty enough”, “I am not skinny enough”, “I am not worthy enough”, “I am not young enough” or “I am not attractive enough” can completely sabotage your chances of attracting and manifesting a relationship with a conscious man. It is imperative to raise your standards beyond old and outdated beliefs so that your subconscious mind can project this new beliefs onto your reality.

Radiant Physiology – conscious men are not looking for a trophy wife or an imaginary Photoshopped partner. Yet your physiology must be in alignment with your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to transmit an unequivocal frequency to the universe that will attract a conscious man. This is where we remove fake beauty implants and projections from society and the media, work on balancing your hormones for greater energy, higher libido, emotional mastery and enhanced overall health.  If you desire to lose weight and increase your level of fitness we can work on that as well from an energetic perspective so you will never have to “diet” again.

Sacred Sensuality, Passion and Intimacy Activation – men love a woman who feels confident in her body and will fully express themselves sexually. Many women have energetic blockages the prevent them from truly accessing their tantric powers. Activate the frequencies of sacred sensuality that conscious men find irresistible.

Self-Love – looking for love outside of yourself can only lead to a co-dependent relationship. Clearing all energetic blockages to unconditional self love and activating your heart chakra to its highest energetic potential is the best way to manifest a higher giving love relationship. This is a relationship where both partners love themselves and can therefor give and receive true love.

Relationship Mastery – once you attract a conscious man now its time to understand what keeps a relationship fresh and new despite the years that will pass. It’s all about learning and mastering the best relationship tools and resources that will keep the relationship growing and evolving in greater love, passion, commitment, trust and joy.

The Attract a Conscious Man is an 8 online session program where I will guide you and support you through the healing of each one of the previously mentioned milestones and anything else that you require to work on. The result will be the embodiment of your Divine Feminine energy connected to your heart and womb space. This frequency is what creates a powerful magnetic field that acts like a loud and clear call for the right conscious man to approach you in a respectful and higher loving way. Each interactive online session has a duration of 60 mins. and will be recorded.

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Dear Gustavo,

I just wanted to share with you some of my incredible experiences since taking your Ascended Relationship Program this summer. First I new it would ‘work’ but I was very (pleasantly) surprised at how fast it worked :-)

The clearings that you performed were deep and very comprehensive and cleared away a lot of energetic blockages, not only to relationships with others, but to my relationship with myself. You worked on the male/female rift too. The other day I was looking through some papers and found the notes I took and had an ‘AHA!’ moment that made me smile!

Shortly after the sessions my life started to change. Your clearings helped me align with my mission and I ended up in a certification program that has now become my career. When I took your sessions I was already in a relationship. I figured the sessions would help strengthen my relationship with this person (since I truly believed he was my soulmate). This relationship fell away about a month later (much to my dismay). Although I was a bit disappointed, something even bigger happened: During my interactions with my practice partner in class (during the certification program I had signed up for) , we realized we were soulmates. We’ve been together since and are getting married. Totally amazing!

I have had people, places and things that weren’t in alignment with those old frequencies fall away and new situations came into my life that have brought so much, love, progression and growth into my life. I am also grateful that you shared the wonderful manifesting tool which I use all the time now.

This was the first time I had ever had sessions with you. You are an excellent practitioner and you make the process fun (and more importantly, safe). Thank you for offering the Ascended Relationship Program and for all the clearings your did. It totally changed my life.
Monica R.

Hello Gustavo!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course. I think it’s amazing because I could really see progress, I really don’t know how to fully verbalize it but I could feel it in my life. Previously I was still holding on to something and I could not let go of it, and now I feel like it is possible for me to manifest the relationship I believe is there for me! And also I could see other changes in my life, so many changes that are still going on…the universe is preparing me for “something” and removing things that are no longer helpful to me. I am attracting new situations and people whose vibration is similar to mine and I enjoy this very much. I will keep you updated with my manifestation progress because I am sure it will happen, although I can’ t know exactly how it will happen…I am open to surprises.

The most interesting thing is that before I signed up for your program I used to have recurring dreams of being alone and feeling extremely lonely, abandoned and left out. But last week I had a dream and I was with someone, it felt like my soulmate! I don’t remember what we were doing because it did not even feel like we were in our human forms. I had never had a dream like this before. I never told you this but before I did the sessions with you I had a dream where I was walking through a path and a voice told me “You are not going to have any relationship unless you work on yourself.” I woke up feeling kind of sad but later on I found you and now I am having new dreams. To me this is an indication that this work and my new perspective on life is changing how I feel subconsciously about myself and what its possible, and this is being reflected in my dreams.
Thank you so much!

Many healers promise many things. Many have talent and many are successful. I know because I have worked with them. And I have had some good results. But……..the experience of working with Gustavo has completely changed how I see healing, clearing and transformation.

A superlative coach with profound listening skills and a talent for reaching the heart of any issue, he is a master at guiding and facilitating his clients through the maze of their stories. When in conversation with him you feel that you are interacting with an ancient, wise and loving soul with spiritual knowledge sourced from other dimensions. His unique ability is to safely communicate directly between his own Higher Self and yours. This, in and of itself, is remarkable.

Then there are the “codes”. Beautiful, mysterious visuals that have the uncanny ability to interact with you, entirely in line with your higher good and under the wise direction of your Higher Self. When you are working with them under Gustavo’s expert guidance you feel immediate and palpable shifts. The result is that your energetic field is cleared so that you are able to enact and receive your heart’s desires.

Work with him. Cultivate non-attachment. Wait awhile. And then watch the changes. Because they will come, so be ready.

MG, (BA; BAPA; MPhil)
Certified Professional Life Coach, Teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence™, Life Activation Practitioner, Initiated Kabbalist and Wiccan Priestess, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher