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You feel the sense of urgency to contribute to the world and help others in their evolutionary path towards healing, ascension and unity consciousness. You are ready to experience the freedom of doing what you love EVERYDAY!

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The Key To Financial Success Is Learning How To Market Yourself

You can be the best healer or coach in the world, yet if no one can find you then they will never know WHO YOU ARE and what you have to offer. The truth is that when you create a website it is more like an island, isolated from your clients, not even on the map. You must build bridges, airports and railroads for your potential clients to arrive at your destination.

But unfortunately many coaches and healing facilitators believe that if they just get one more certification, they create one more brilliant program and put more benefits and facts about how great their services are, THEN they will have clients galore.  Getting another certification or adding new services will not solve your problems!

You must learn the secret to get ULTRA TARGETED traffic from people who resonate with what you have to offer and how to provide the ULTIMATE value to conscious and heart centered people. The spiritual and healing industry is like no other and the top marketing gurus out there don't really understand our "business" of actually helping other people not just selling something to make money. Using traditional marketing methods will not work.

You might be thinking "I despise marketing and selling." I know exactly how you feel because I used to feel the same way. Yet in today's world it is IMPERATIVE to your online success. You need to take advantage of Google, YouTube and Facebook to funnel traffic to your website. I have YouTube videos with thousands of organic views and both of my websites are ranked #1, #2 or in the top 10 searches of Google for ultra targeted keywords. And all of this traffic doesn't cost me a dime.

There is a science to all of this. I have learned the highest converting marketing strategies from the top marketing gurus for nearly a decade and customized them specifically for the spiritual and alternative healing industry. I know what works and what doesn't, and I can help you triple or quadruple YOUR alternative healing or coaching business with my Spiritual Marketing Affluent Consulting.

The Bottom Line Is

If you are an entrepreneur who depends on selling yourself to make a living and you are struggling with the sales process, then you are going to struggle financially and most likely have to quit your dream job at some point.  I can show you how to market yourself in a conscious, heart centered and non-salesy way so you don't have to compromise your integrity in order to make more sales.

In This Training You Will Learn:

  • How To Get Clients

    Learn exactly what spiritual oriented people want to have and how to GIVE IT TO THEM. Know how to make irresistible offers that provide massive value and make your potential client buy from you.

  • Make The Entire World Your Market

    Learn how you can work with people from all over the world and never have to worry about where your clients are going to come from. I will teach you how to get hundreds of people sign up for your webinars and how to structure these.

  • Massive E-mail List

    Most people will visit your website only ONCE. If you don’t convert that visitor into a lead by getting their email they will probably never hear from you again. Learn I how get thousands of new leads every month and convert them into clients.

  • Facebook Raving Fans

    How to get thousands of REAL Facebook raving fans and how to drive them to your sales funnel. Learn how to make your posts go viral and provide social proof. Learn how to get fans for free and to effectively use Facebook Ads no matter what your budget is.

  • YouTube Sensation

    How to get thousands of REAL views on YouTube, set yourself as an expert and create a sales funnel that will work for you 24hrs a day and 365 days a year. I will teach you how to get your videos ranked on the top 10 for ultra targeted keywords that your potential clients are typing.

  • Market To The Affluent

    Tired of getting emails of people trying to get your services for free? Focus on AFFLUENT clients and learn how to attract them. You have spent a lot of time, effort and money on your certifications and personal experience, you deserve to get paid. Become a magnet for people who value your expertise and will take full advantage of your services.

  • Leverage Your Past Work

    I will show you how to leverage your past work and webinars to create new PRODUCTS that keep manifesting abundance for you.

  • Membership Sites

    Learn how to set up and manage student membership sites and provide MASSIVE value through them. This is a great way to earn passive income and keep your clients ecstatic about your services.

  • Ultra Targeted Traffic

    How to get ranked first on Google and YouTube. Make it easy for your clients to find you by learning what are they looking for and how to give it to them. Get free unlimited traffic and make your online business thrive.

  • Use The Latest Technology

    This is what scares people the most, technology. Learn the easy way to create the highest converting opt-in pages, webinar registration forms and landing pages. Once I teach you how to create these you will not believe how simple and easy it can be, and most of all profitable!

  • Raise Your Wealth Consciousness

    How poverty consciousness and spiritual beliefs about money are preventing you from asking for payment and charging top price for your services. In this training we will clear all energetic blockages related to poverty consciousness, unworthiness and underservedness. Plus we will activate your DNA with the frequency of material and financial abundance.

  • High Conversion Website

    Learn why standard websites are pretty much obsolete and design a website that turns visitors into leads and works 24hrs a day for you. I will teach you how to structure the wording and images on your website for maximum conversion.

Endless Possibilities

Imagine what making 3 or 4 times what you are making now will do for you and your life. Will you have more freedom to spend time doing what you love and being with your family? This and much more is possible when you create a consistent system that generates income while you are sleeping and you have raving fans that will buy everything you create simply because YOU ARE HELPING THEM!

That is the purpose of this training, to create an affluent business model that allows you to fulfill your Soul's Mission, have more time and manifest financial freedom.

How The Training Will Be Done

The training will be done once a week via video conference for 7 weeks. I will personally REVIEW your business and advise you on recommended changes. If you haven't even launched a website I will guide you through the entire process by giving you the BLUEPRINT. Regardless of what stage your business is, this training will be customized to your specific and unique needs.

I will also perform energy clearings for you and your business to clear the top energetic blockages that are preventing you from manifesting more clients and financial abundance. We will eradicate any conflicting beliefs you have about money and sales that are holding you back and implement a bullet proof strategy that will get you results.

With this training you will learn the best and easiest tools to make membership sites, get Facebook Fans, collect emails and deliver immense value to your clients without overwhelm.

The requirements for signing up are that you must HARD-WORKING and WILLING to implement every recommended change. And because you will have a recording of each session you can apply what you have learned at your own pace. When you implement your changes you will ensure that you obtain measurable results for your specific outcome.

This training is by application only.

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