Analogical Moments Release

Have you ever wondered why you react with fear, anxiety, self-doubt, sadness and worry to different life situations or people? Sometimes it seems like we have certain “buttons” on our emotional and mental bodies that when they are pressed on we become activated with specific emotions and thoughts. Usually these emotions and thoughts are stressful and we react either with sadness, fear or aggression. Whether it is that you are thinking about the future or past, you can’t sleep because you are extremely worried about a loved one or your job, maybe you had a situation where you said something you didn’t mean while having an argument with your partner or family member or you simply feel overwhelmed by the fear of not having enough money, all these situations can leave you in angst. When these things occur, usually is because there is an activation of a past analogical moment. Any recurring issue you have in your life is the result of a past analogical experience that keeps activating.

panic attack1An analogical moment is when we are so involved in an experience (usually stressful, painful and/or traumatic) that we lose track of time, we’re in no time. Whatever emotional state we are in “goes analogical”. When we do this we are creating potentials on the quantum level. Mostly we do this unconsciously (during reactions) because only a mind trained to go to the analogical state at the quantum level of awareness can consciously create and un-create quantum potentials. In analogical states, we have created Ids (Identities) and neuroses. We’ve gone analogical in each chakra, fragmenting a part of our soul that is charged with the mental and emotional energy of that moment thus creating an identity at the subconscious level that stays with us and affects how we perceive, interpret and react to people, places, times, things and events.

When a past analogical moment activates this causes your emotional and mental bodies to re-act the past analogical experience, only this time you are projecting the past into your present reality.Whatever thought you had in that past experience, like for example “he rejected me”, becomes activated and the Ids. get more solidified and have a heavier “charge”.

One very common analogical experience among many people is the fear of not having enough money or loosing their money. This could be something that was inherited from their families, learn in childhood and/or an intense experience where they lost money or material possessions. What happened in those situations was that they freaked out  and energized the thought “I have no money” with the emotion of fear and they created a Id (identity or personality) that is constantly saying in their subconscious “I have no money, I have no money, I have no money”. This creates a low frequency vibration, colors their reality and now they are worried every time they spend money or afraid when making a financial decision. People have gone through hundreds and sometimes even thousands of analogical moments during this and past life times. And when they go through life these analogical experiences from the past start re-activating, they start re-acting these past experiences and projecting them to another situation or person.  Analogical moments are what keep people in cycles.

It’s extremely common for people to go analogical during relationships with experiences of betrayal, abandonment, rejection, heartbreak, survival, abuse, etc. Unless these past analogical relationship moments are transmuted at the quantum level you will attract the same type of experiences and partners. These soul fragments, past Identities and analogical experiences can’t be talked away through psychotherapy or counseling sessions because these methodologies do not remove the source of it. As well during analogical moments you can unconsciously create cords of attachments with other people and the painful event.

In the Analogical Moments Release sessions we clear the energy frequency of the highest priority past analogical experiences so your soul can finally close the chapter and move on. These sessions are extremely powerful because these codes allow us to set timelines, which means that in one session I can facilitate a clearing for you regarding past analogical experiences that occurred during many years while in a relationship. This is a huge clearing that covers all levels of your awareness and the best part is that like in all of the healing sessions I facilitate we can bypass the conscious mind so you don’t have to re-experience these traumatic and stressful events nor go through catharsis, providing you with a harmonic healing experience.

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