1. Can't Stop Thinking About The Other Person

No matter what you try, you can't stop thinking about the other person. You are rarely present in your life and you can't enjoy what is happening in front of you, instead you keep thinking about him/her. Even if months or even years have passed since you last saw or spoke with this person, he/she constantly appears in your thoughts.

2. Imaginary Arguments

Not only can't you stop thinking about this person, but you also have imaginary arguments with him/her. You constantly revisit past events that you shared with this person and imagine saying things you never actually said but now you wish you had. These imagined scenarios cause painful or stressful emotional reactions.

3. Relationship Karmic Loop

Maybe you feel like you have moved on because you no longer think of that person. However, you keep finding yourself stuck in the same relationship dynamics (betrayal, heartbreak, abandonment, abuse, co-dependency, etc.) that you once experienced with this person. Cords of attachments can keep you stuck in a relationship karmic loop where the same thing keeps happening over and over again even when you meet new people.

4. They Appear In Your Dreams

Cords of attachments can span multiple dimensions of consciousness. When you dream you visit the astral realm or the 4th dimension and if you have cords of attachment with someone then you will most likely see this person in your dreams. While dreaming you can reenact old dramas that leave you rattled or you can dream about fulfilling unconscious desires like getting back together.

5. You Feel Drained

The connection you have through cords of attachments is not a pleasant one. Cords of attachment contain the energy from unresolved issues and the negative emotions associated with these dramatic events. The negative energy from the cords of attachments disrupt the natural and harmonious flow of your auric field. And because you have an opening in your aura via the cord of attachment, your precious life force energy can be spilled and sometimes even siphoned by the person on the other end of that cord.

6. You Can't Forgive

Feelings of resentment or bitterness towards someone else is a strong indicator that you have cords of attachment with that person. When you hold a grudge with someone and you find it almost impossible to forgive them, you are drinking poison and expecting them to die. Although you might intuitively know that forgiveness is the right thing to do, cords of attachment are what prevent you from truly forgiving yourself and the other person for what happened.

7. Can't Get Them Out of Your Life

When you cut cords of attachments, it doesn't necessarily mean that a person will disappear from your life. Actually cutting cords of attachment is the best thing that you can do for ANY relationship. However, there are relationships that deep down in your Soul you know that are not for your highest good. Yet, despite all your attempts to remove that person from your life he/she keeps finding a way back in. This is a clear sign that you have cords of attachment with that person.


Cords of attachment are energy structures between two people that cause patterns from the past to continue into the present moment. Cords of attachments can:

1) Distort your thinking and feelings

2) Cause unconscious re-actions

3) Keep you stuck in old patterns

4) Serve as a mechanism through which other people can syphon your energy

Clearing cords of attachment is the first step to clarity and freedom. They are the most significant and treatable cause of problems in your life.

If you would like to know more about:

  • What cords of attachment are
  • How they affect you
  • The difference between cords of attachment and spiritual ties
  • How to clear them

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About The Author

Gustavo Castaner is the founder of Ascended Relationships and has been a leading authority in the fields of relationship mastery, energy medicine, distance healing and DNA Activation for over 10 years. Gustavo specializes in helping people change their frequency at the quantum level so they can attract a higher vibrational grid of people, places, times, things and events. His work is done mainly through the awareness of the Higher Self and the use of the Harmonic Resonance Codes.

How many of these signs are you experiencing? Don't worry if you have cords of attachment, the truth is that they are very common and can easily be cleared.

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