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    The Truth About Love

    Love is not an emotion. Love is a state of vibrational harmonization.

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    5th Dimensional Relationships

    5th dimensional relationships are based on vibrational harmonization and not emotional/chemical “love”.

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    Frequency Resonance

    When you accrete 5th dimensional frequencies into your auric field you will MATCH the frequency of your twin flame.

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    What Are Twin Flames?

    Twin flames are a manifestation of the same soul that is currently residing in dimensions 4, 5 and 6. There are multiple twin flames (usually one male and one female) in each of the different time cycles (harmonic universes/incarnations).

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    Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose

    Twin flames have a soul contract, often to assist in humanity’s ascension. Attracting your twin flame is extremely important when it comes to fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose.

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    The Birth of Ascended Masters

    Twin flames can consciously choose to give birth to ascended masters. Every time an ascended master incarnates on Earth it raises the frequency of the planet exponentially.

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    Tantric Energies

    The tantric energies created by twin flames during the act of making love are the most powerful energies to heal the Earth’s grids.

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    Energetic Blockages

    There are energetic blockages that prevent people attracting their twin flame or soul mate. And if by any chance they do meet, these energetic blockages can sabotage the relationship and prevent them from being together and fulfilling their soul’s purpose.

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