1. Higher Giving Love

You see yourself as a SOURCE of love and therefor you don't need to extract love from your beloved. You have realized that love is not an emotion but a state of vibrational harmonization. You consciously embody a state of love and project these frequencies towards your soulmate. You have transcended the belief that you lack love and that you need another person to love you in order to feel worthy.

2. Your Clearest Mirror

Your soulmate is your clearest mirror and reflects back to you EVERYTHING you need to work on yourself. Instead of believing that there is something wrong with the relationship (like most people do) you consciously see this as an opportunity to grow, heal and evolve. Your soulmate can reveal to you hidden blind spots and unconscious patterns that have been holding you back in your spiritual evolution.

3. No More Blame Game

You and your soulmate both recognize that each of you is responsible for your own happiness. Putting guilt trips on each other and using manipulating strategies is a thing of the past. Instead you address each other with a sense of personal power and deep respect. You are transcending the expectation -> disappointment ->blame karmic loop.

4. Co-creating Each Other

You have realized that as a co-creator of reality you also get to co-create your relationship. Your projections, beliefs and expectations towards your soulmate can have a profound influence on his/her state of being. For this reason you constantly envision them in their highest state of being.

5. Seeing The Essence

As you journey through the inevitable challenges that a relationship brings about, you are always reminded of your beloved's essence. You don't confuse your soulmate's personalities, archetypes or past identities with who he/she is. This is a sign that your third eye is functioning properly.

6. Beauty In Vulnerability

There is great power in vulnerability and you know it. You create a safe space where your soulmate can show his/her vulnerabilities and still feel unconditionally loved. This is one of the ways you help your soulmate transcend the past pain and the shadow self. You have transcended the spiritual bypass that says you have to have it all figured out and be "perfect", instead you embrace what makes you and your beloved human.

7. Embracing All Emotions

You have finally transcended the spiritual bypass that some emotions are 'bad' or 'negative'. Instead you embrace all e-motions and instead of repressing them you allow them to flow through you. The same goes for your soulmate, when he/she is experiencing any of the so called "negative" emotions, you don' t try to rescue him/her or deny their experience. You can use anger for passion or motivation. You can easily empathize with your soulmate while maintaining the integrity of your field.

8. Cutting Cords of Attachments

Yes, even with your soulmate you have come to the realization that you must cut cords of attachment and karmic ties from this and previous lifetimes. Once the cords are cut, the spiritual ties can blossom and what connects you at a Soul level begins to shine. As well, you have consciously chosen to cut all cords of attachments to previous relationships (spouses, partners and lovers) from this and past lifetimes. The unresolved issues from previous relationships, kept alive by cords of attachments, have come to the surface in your current soulmate relationship. It was imperative to cut these cords of attachments so you don't keep projecting the past to your beloved.

9. Tantric Love

The tantric energies created by soulmates during the act of making love are the most powerful energies to experience higher states of consciousness and heal the Earth’s grids. Your ability to move sexual energies up your spine and into your higher chakras is increasing. Lovemaking has become a meditation that brings you back to the now and heightens your inner and outer senses.  You literally become one with your soulmate as your heart chakras open and both of you melt in love.

10. Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose

Your soulmate fulfills your needs of self-growth and contribution. Thanks to your soulmate you are evolving at a much faster pace. As you integrate your shadow self, heal the past pain and embody a state of vibrational harmonization you continue to accrete more light into your morphogenetic field. Because you are on the same journey, you get to share all your realizations and insights with each other. Your access to higher wisdom is amplified and because of this you can be of greater service to humanity.

11. Telepathic Resonance

You can read each other thoughts and you constantly tell each other "I was just thinking that!" You are extremely comfortable being in silence with each other and can have deep conversations just by looking into each others eyes. You can easily know how your soulmate feels and the emotional state they are in. Even when you are physically apart you feel a very strong connection and it's not surprising to hear your cellphone ring just as you were thinking about calling your beloved.

12. Two as ONE

Even though your relationship is based on interdependence, your soul connection is so strong that leaving each other is not an option. You'll do anything and everything to make this relationship work. Although there is karma to be cleared, this is not a karmic relationship. This relationship is not based on personality compatibility but rather soul compatibility. You are ONE.

Depending on how long you have been together, how many tools and resources for self-growth and healing you have at your disposal will determine how many of these signs you have embodied.

This is the mission of Ascended Relationships, to help other people attract and keep their soulmates/twinflames by assisting them clear the energetic blockages that prevent them from ascending into a 5D relationship. 

Do you know any other signs? Please share them in the comments below...

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