Clear Your Relationship Slate

At Ascended Relationships we clear the energetic source of relationship problems and drama in order to manifest healthy relationships that are based on higher giving love. We go beyond couple counseling and relationship advice by assisting committed individuals transcend their emotional pain body, cut energy cords, mend a broken heart, save a marriage or move on after a break up or divorce. We are focused in providing you with the strategies and tools required to cultivate a relationship with abounding love, connection, passion, intimacy and self-growth.

Enter your contact information above to register for our free webinar. In this webinar you will permanently clear some of the heaviest relationship energetic blockages, heal deep emotional wounds and raise your frequency to begin the healing process that will transform your relationships.

It’s your time to manifest a loving, harmonious and healthy relationship.

We can help you make it happen.

Success Stories:

“Hello Gustavo,

I did your free cut all cords session this morning and I felt the
energies etc and a few things came up, thoughts, feelings but what was
really surprising for me was that I felt a shift from how I was
feeling before to after the session.

The day before my husband and I had, had an argument which was leading
me to question many things and I was very upset cried a lot the night
before. I woke up feeling quite depressed but after the session
this shifted.

Many thanks for the free session and taking you time to read my

I will definitely be back for more!!


“Dear Gustavo

Thank You very very much for the clearing and healing webinar.

It was an amazingly powerful experience of release especially in my Heart chakra. My heart felt extremely heavy and tears flowed but eventually it subsided.  I felt an interesting delicate tingling sensation in my first and second chakra similar to energy wheels turning. I am immensely grateful to have been ready and able to participate in your life altering webinar. Thank you for your generosity to offer it for free.

May you be blessed with endless love, perfect health and financial abundance to support you on your endeavors of healing, empowering and enlightening for the greater good of man/womankind and mother earth.

In love, light & peace,
Lisa Flores Gut”